What awaits us after death?

Oblivion — that the worst thing in death. Comes bony, grabs his throat and … everything. What's next? Void, the unknown. In this sense, the ancient people were protected by us. Even the average Hellene clearly knew that after his death his soul to stand trial, then pass through a corridor of hell Erebus. And, if it is considered unworthy, will go straight into the Tartarus. If zarekomenduet heroic — will find immortality in the Elysian Fields of joy and bliss. Because he lived Hellene — not grieved, not knowing pangs of fear and uncertainty. What we are waiting for

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23 minutes in hell. Story of a man who visited the underworld

Real video testimony of a man to whom God revealed and hell that awaits the man who did not repent of their sins after death. At 23 minutes, he was immersed in the lower parts of the earth where experienced sensations that people feel trapped in hell, was tortured demon underworld, thankfully this torment lasted only 23 minutes. Today he said that he felt and how to avoid falling after bodily death, and to be with God.

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Paradise is actually

Following the first view, the human soul is among men, and is the usual earthly affairs, and then sent to the realm of shadows — the land of their ancestors, which is also engaged in earthly affairs. Following the second presentation, further life after death takes place in another world, which is located under the earth or in heaven. In this particular world, no one works, but depending on the behavior of the earth, or enjoy, or betray their eternal torment. In more developed religions the world shared by heaven and hell.

The third direction of future life

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On the other side of mortality. True Stories

Our life would be pointless if it ended in death. But man was created for immortality, and his resurrection, Christ has opened the gates of Heaven and eternal bliss for those who believe in Him and live righteously. A person's soul lives on, never ceasing its existence for a single moment.

Modern "post-mortem" experiences have made people aware of the tremendous awareness of the soul after death. But by itself this awareness is not enough to protect in this state from the manifestations of an out of body areas, should possess the whole Christian teaching on the subject.


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Americans heard the voice of his daughter 8 years after her death

May 7, 2012 13:18

Electrician Gary Galka of the U.S. state of Connecticut, claims that he was able to record the voice of his dead daughter Melissa, 8 years after her death.

According to Day.Az, He said this on the air transfer «Ghost Adventures» («The Adventures of ghosts") on TV «Travel Channel».

According to Gary, his daughter died in a car accident at age 17, in 2004. However, after her death in the house checked, where in addition to the head of the family lives and his wife Cindy, and two daughters, Jennifer and Heather began to occur unexplained

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