After the war

Postwar production of Yak-9, as well as the presence of a sufficiently large number of Yak-1, Yak-3 and Yak-7 enables up to 1950 to ensure the Air Force of the socialist countries a sufficient number of fighters.

B-end of World War II Yak actively delivers some Allied USSR. Training aircraft Yak-7B were put Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia and Poland. Albania also received a number of Yak-7. After the war continued mass production of Yak-9 — until 1948 it was produced about 2190 copies. The main goal was the Yak-9P (cannon) that came into production in 1946 and who had

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So Hadron Collider, duty horror story «yellow» media, fulfilled its mission — the Higgs boson caught!

However, the vast majority of this event is «a damn.» It is a majority, it is reasonable to ask: «And? What is this change? «

Not today, not tomorrow’s range of phones or Samsung Arrle this event will have no effect. And hardly questions about the Higgs boson candidates immediately enter into a minimum-physics graduate student and, especially, in the exam. And there is a reason: the discovery of the Higgs boson — almost tangible achievement of the horizon of knowledge. Or threshold,

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Vladimir Nosov, «I like to change the system»

Yvlskogo graduate and graduate student at UCLA after studying in the United States and worked for eight years, having achieved recognition and best practice in a clinic in Los Angeles, he suddenly moved to Moscow. Dr. Vladimir Nosov, head of the gynecology clinic and cancers of the European Medical Center, told why he came back, why there is no classical oncology patients than Hollywood are different from ours, and what it takes to defeat the deadly disease.

Yesterday I had an operation, which lasted seven. Women more than a year ago did not completely remove the tumor which eventually

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Tatiana Tsishkevich: Law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need

Tatiana Tsishkevich said that feels better. It is prepared from 1 September to continue their studies in the second year of the Institute of Physical Culture. Woman is trained on trainer equestrian sports.Recall, August 16, after the rally of solidarity with political prisoners and about 10 pm Tatyana with your friends walked along the avenue favorites. After, they split up and began to disperse, the woman saw the car braked. There ran a man and seized Mikita Sasim.Tatiana told what happened below:"When I saw that Nikita drag in the car, ran to his aid. If Nikita had about eight meters,

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Russian tactical weapon against the West — illegal immigrants?

Now Alexander Lukashenko stated bluntly illegal migration to European countries — is a tragedy. And Belarus, they say, is in the midst of this struggle, which eventually should assess the countries of Western Europe.Almost head of the country confirmed its earlier expression of what Europe is not fully understands what makes the workload of Belarus in curbing the flow of illegal immigrants.Not so long ago appointed as the Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Igor Raczkowski predicts an even greater increase in the number of illegal migrants across the Belarusian border after coming in from January 1 2008

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Kalinowski applets students were called to the KGB

Kalinouski believe that intelligence agencies seek out provocative characters for TV programs to discredit the training program from.On the days of the KGB began visiting students are presently came to my parents on a vacation after the date session institutes in Poland.Some handed agenda — to come to an interview in the KGB. Detective interested applets behalf Kalinouski.In the past year after events on October Square during the presidential election campaign was expelled from school 10’s students and teachers. Government of Western European states find ways to allow Belarusians to study abroad.Alexander Reznikava expelled from the third year acting branch

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4 principles of disease prevention anus

For the prevention of diseases of the anus should follow some general guidelines.

1. Pay attention to your diet

Normal, balanced daily ration person must necessarily include a sufficient quantity (1.5-2 liter) and the fiber of vegetable origin (vegetable, bran, etc.). Do not forget to watch and the fact that the diet was not the excess flour and dairy products. This is an essential prerequisite for optimal consistency of stool and normalization of bowel evacuation. As a result, significantly reduced mechanical stress on the rectum.

Try not to abuse alcohol, and overly sharp and

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Minsk: 2-protesters detained by police

Nikolay Korshunov and Yana Mikhailova commandos detained outside Leningrad after the rally on Independence Square.Militiamen Metropolitan area told colleague John and Nicholas that youths accused of violating the law on mass events (unsanctioned action).The police did not took the men to the court immediately after being drawn up. They said that the tribunal will be held tomorrow, May 24 and 10, and in the morning.• Youth protests against cancellation of privileges • Who exactly deprived of benefits?

Mostovskogo activist searched at the border

Three hours later, after a personal inspection, the Chief Inspector A.Sidlyarevich A.Zarambyuku issued a copy of the inspection and let go. It came in the 10th and the morning. Sovereign Zarembyuk states that it has suspended after, as a bureaucrat in the computer scanned lists of "unreliable."

Dmitriy Fedoruk fined 30 basic units

The young man accused of organizing an unsanctioned march after "Chernobyl Way".The policeman called Dmitry Pavel Kozlovsky and invited him for a talk in Russian police district. The police operational viewed a videotape that was made after the end of the action on April 26 when people sprawling.Recall protesters moved from the chapel that Karastayanava street, in a side street of Maxim Bogdanovich — to stop public transport.The restaurant "McDonald’s" special forces began to push people in the yard. They surrounded a group of young people, which were mostly girls, and began to beat them. Sixteen people were detained and

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