Well, hello again, Ms T!

Wow! Imogen Thomas is back — and she’s brought her curves with her!

Hello Imogen!

We haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Welcome back to Nuts! Thank you! It feels fantastic to be back in Nuts. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve still been having a cheeky look at Nuts in the shops!

Thanks very much! Have any of our covers knocked your socks off recently?

I’ll be diplomatic and say that they’ve all been sexy, but in terms of things that have impressed me, I’m fully behind the “Hands Off My Nuts” campaign. I can’t

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Seasprites Under Threat Again

AUSTRALIA’S TROUBLED Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite helicopter programme could be under threat of cancellation once again. Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, made the revelation during an ABC Television interview after the government had announced on February 18 that it was launching a review of air combat capability (see p27). Fitzgibbon believes that Australia’s recently elected Labour government, has been passed a procurement mess, saying, «What I see horrifies me, I’ve inherited an absolute nightmare.»

He said the government was not ruling out any possibilities regarding the Seasprite project, including cancellation, but admitted that it would be a

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Ladies Confess!

To our secretary!

‘I gave a naughty treat’

MY FELLA kept asking me to dominate him, so one day I did just that. I bought a black leather dress that was slashed down the front and very short. When he saw me, he stood there open-mouthed. I grabbed his arms and handcuffed him, then dragged him to the bed and blindfolded him with a silk scarf. Climbing on top, I kissed him and nibbled his skin until he begged for more. I went down on him until I could feel him quivering and moaning. It felt amazing to have such

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Hunger Games


If I could have had one wish as a teenager, I would have asked to be thin. I wanted to be hipless and bustless and able to wear spaghetti-strap tops with no bra (it was the Nineties). In my quest for the perfect grunge body, I starved myself, then binged, and finally stuck my fingers down my throat. I didn’t tell anybody. My weight yo-yoed: I was never thin enough to cause worry. Most of

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Adam Scorey sneaks out of the office with a black box under his arm, inside is Fuji’s latest CSC X-Trans-sensored offering, the diminutive, 16MP Fujifilm X-M1

When I heard that the X-M1 was in the office I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. I’d tested the X-Pro1 and adored it, and this has the ‘same’ sensor and general gubbins inside but in a smaller, lighter package. So I was highly confident that image quality was going to be good, and what I was going to concentrate on more was general usability and functionality. Fuji is definitely

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I’m glad you gave Paul Kossoff the credit he deserved in your cover feature (June 2013). He was my hero growing up and I spent many, many hours learning his parts rather than doing my homework. Every weekend I could make it I would head down to Denmark Street, and my admiration for the man increased tenfold when he turned up in the same shop as me on a couple of occasions. Although he might not have been completely sober, he had a good word for anybody who wanted to talk to him, and he would happily while away the

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Again, PowerPoint

I repeat once again: PowerPoint- leader in creating presentations, fairly «pump up the muscles» in recent versions, but it does not tell the full perfection of the program. It is not surprising that in recent years there were serious attempts to overcome its main drawback: the linear structure of the presentation.

For example, one of the really serious competitors — Prezi — laid emphasis on the colorful effects and flexible zoom presentation that allows parts to move from consideration to general overview. Strengths Prezi, however, may turn around and disadvantages: vivid transition effects still often distract from the overall

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Acceleration, kick, and the ball is sent to the penalty box leader of the USSR national team on motorcycle Tsarev, flies wide teams of Germany …

So in the final penalty shoot-out it was decided the fate of first place at the European Championships on motorcycle, which took place in the vicinity of West German city of Karlsruhe. Again, as three years ago, the victory is celebrated masters competitions. At the request of the correspondent of the AMC on the European championship in 1990 said deserved coach of the USSR Valery Mosin, coach of the country on motorcycle —


Secretary of State: Elections are far from international standards

"In our view, the election were very farthest from the international standards. Naturally, we took into account the report of the OSCE. But again, this is only a preparatory report. Of course, we want to work with Belarusian government, and we will find methods as it mattersbe. But again — this is just our initial assumption, b, we hope to say about it in detail for you later. "

Citations past: some rebel movement came to life again break

"Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "It is reported from Minsk to Moscow that some rebel movement break revived. Ataman Klim, who disappeared a couple of weeks in the woods near Slutsk, made some surprising attacks Borisov environment at the time when the Belarusian part of the Red Army were on maneuvers in the summer camps. Immediately after, have been received news of the attacks, three teams were sent to the police that, but could not get in contact with a group of combat Climate. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 published this advertisement: "August 29, newly renovated cafe kanditserskaya disclosed

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