Wow: Russian scientists have refuted the theory of global warming


Prediction of continuous warming is not justified, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Council of Earth Sciences RAS Academician Dobretsov.

According to him, evidenced by the changes in the ice conditions in the Arctic: "A minimum of ice was in 2007, in 2008 — 2011., And, apparently, in 2012, the ice began to grow again, you can see the cold winters — in Arctic getting colder again. Therefore, what we are waiting for the continuous warming — it is obvious that it is a legend. "

In the next century, said Dobretsov ice in the

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In Siberia, the apple blossom


22.09.11.V Siberia because of the very warm autumn apple blossom again. The plant was not obey the calendar. Gardeners have also noticed the natural anomaly — perennial flowers, seemingly went to "hibernation", again began to blossom.

The reason for this behavior of flora, according agrosinoptikov, in a very warm day. Cold, rainy August, beginning of September, very cool and light frosts at night, "announced" the plants that come autumn. And returning summer — though an Indian! — Made a commotion.

However, Siberian weather forecasters say it again soon fall into place. Indian Summer fest in Siberia last day. The

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In Cherkassy region the sugar again poisons the river


14.09.11.Zhiteli Cherkassy region again complained to the local sugar factory: because of him in the river, which flows here, the fish die.

"River again vonyaet.Vidno that the sugar has earned — complains 53-year-old Victor Krasnitsky tally of Cherkasy region. — Again, the fish in the Mountain Tikich will die. " Locals complain that the sugar "Panda" poisons river Talyanku. Talyanka is a tributary of Mountain Tikich.


We found out what it was, — the chief medical officer of the Victoria Zozulya. — However, at the factory we are not allowed. Between themselves drained clean but very hot water

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Secret Files: Ghosts (2011)

November 5, 2011 12:29

There is a theory that ghosts revenge living people, especially if you did not die a natural death. They appear again and again in place of his death and make life unbearable new tenants. It is believed that the souls of the dead a violent death or suicide can not find shelter, get angry and take revenge now living. Ghosts affect their negative energy on people's health and can even lead to death.

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Discovered exoplanet, which is lime snow

Exoplanet makes a complete revolution around the star HD 189733A for 53 hours (Figure NASA / JPL-Caltech)

Which is just amazing not find exoplanets astronomers. However, the planet, first described in 2005, perhaps, able to surpass all the "competitors." It rains a hot atmosphere of magnesium silicate, a mineral that is commonly found in the earth's crust.

Object called HD 189733b was found Bushes team Francois (Francois Bouchy), working in the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille) and the Observatoire de Haute Provence (Observatoire de Haute-Provence).

Over time, scientists have determined that a hot Jupiter exoplanet.

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Residents complain about the sound of the explosions


Residents complain about the Yurga explosions at a military training ground

Kemerovo. March 12. Interfax-Siberia — Over the past two days in a uniform traffic control services and Jurga Yurginsky district of the Kemerovo region received a half hundreds of complaints from local residents concerned about the consequences of explosions at a military training ground, the agency "Interfax-Siberia" on Monday, a source in the city administration.

According to him, the complaints poured in various offices on Saturday, after the holidays, when work was resumed on recycling shells on the training ground. March 10 there were 60 complaints, March 11

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In late August, Latvia bloomed lilac. Photo


The August lilac. Photo: Male Agris,

30.08.11. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. Right under the window of our editorial on the eve of the Day of Knowledge flowered lilac.

True, the lush green bush pleased with just one full-blown inflorescence. Perhaps during the reconstruction of the street workers disturbed roots lilacs, and the plant has apprehended "anomaly" as a transplant in early spring.

In Salgalskoy Ozolnieki parish region in one of the gardens in late August again blossomed pear and apple trees. Pours fruit

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Mind games — a girl of 16 years of zero out memory

January 30, 2013 3:51

Looking at old family photos, Taylor Smart thinks she looks into the lives of others. Now she is 18, and two years ago with the fall of the girl forgot all about myself.

Photo: Alban Pix

However, after the accident, she still found their home, but had to re-examine his life story. "I did not recognize my friends house and dogs. I again showed how to use cutlery, tying shoelaces and even write letters, "- says Taylor. "I felt as if he came here from another planet." The girl Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, known as

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Volgograd region again shaken mysterious tremors


6.02.12.V Editor IA "Height 102" again, as October 2010, periodically since late January of this year began to receive reports from residents Gorodishchenskoye, Kalachevskyi areas of mysterious tremors.

Their concern about the unexplained events shared with the news agency and the citizens Dzerzhinsky Traktorozavodskogo and Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd. Experts believe that the cause of these phenomena — the destruction of ammunition with expired landfill Prudboy, 60 km from the regional center. As it became known IA "Height 102", in the Volgograd Region Administration also do not exclude that the effect of the earthquake — nothing but the result

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In Borisovka apple blossom


9.09.11.V village Borisovka come spring. It suddenly mistress of a house blossomed apple tree.

Olga Luchinkin addressed to our office with a request to explain why the tree confused the autumn to the spring?

Olga Luchinkin ready to inhale the scent all day. What other neighbors in early September boasts that in his garden in bloom tree?

Before 5-year old apple tree any special merit was not allocated — bloomed on time and gave a small crop rennet: "She blossomed as expected and the apples were. And in June, she began to drop leaves. Apples alone remained. Now look,

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