Saiga case again recorded in Western Kazakhstan


27.05.11.Padezh saiga Zhanibekskom again recorded in the area of West Kazakhstan region, on Friday, local residents found 100 heads of dead animals, according to Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan. "Duty Officer CSR West Kazakhstan region on Friday afternoon, it was reported by local residents about the discovery in the rural district of case Zhaksybayskom saiga in 100 goals in most adult females," — said in a statement.

According to MOE, akimat Zhanibekskogo district established a commission to investigate the deaths of wild animals and determining the number of dead antelope.

In place of the disaster left by the

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In Britain, again flooding

Heavy rain again be held in the southern and central England and Wales. In addition, in the north of England and Scotland, rain can cause severe flooding.

According to forecasts, in Cumbria and southern Scotland to the May 11, 2012 should fall about 60 millimeters of rain. In other regions are expected from 20 to 40 millimeters of rain. Population warning of possible floods. MeteoGroup also said that as soon as the situation improves. Rain will bypass a few cities in the south of Manchester.

The storm has already passed through the central regions of England, will continue to move

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Chelyabinsk again complain Tremors


12.12.12.Chelyabinsk shakes again — for the last day duty officer in the city has received more than 60 messages complaining of vibration of buildings, the agency news "Access" referring to the United duty and dispatch service to South Ural capital.

"For the past day from residents received 66 posts complaining of explosions and vibrations of buildings," — said in a summary of a day on 11 December.

Recall, residents continue to associate data with the destruction of ammunition variations on Chebarkul training ground — the story has been going on for more than two years, from September 2010, when

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In Jurg again thundering explosions


7.07.12.Utilizatsiya shells resumed in Yurga. City residents complain about the roar of explosions, which heard from the military range. A number of houses from the detonation crumbling plaster.

"I sit now on the roof, I cut out of galvanized pipe under the edging on steel sheet, not bothering anyone, suddenly" bam "," bam! "Just did not fall off the roof, so rocked! He looked in the direction of the landfill — the white "mushrooms"! Yes, when did it end, then? Huh? "- Wrote a resident Jurga in one of the city's sites." I'm from the explosions plaster from the

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In Blagoveshchensk tornado passed again

October 22. Tornado in Blagoveshchensk snagged balcony on the 14th floor.

Recall that at the end of July this year, was recorded in Blagoveshchensk tornado. Experts said that this earth-shattering event, which is unlikely to be repeated again.

Tropical Storm Ophelia again gained strength in the Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Storm "Ophelia" again gained strength in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the National Hurricane Center U.S. control. At the moment, the maximum speed of wind gusts of 95 km / h The storm has already caused flooding in several o.Dominika, but now it is moving deeper into the ocean and poses no threat to land.

In the hurricane season this year, the United States faced with three powerful weather events. Hurricane "Irene" in late August for a few days has paralyzed the entire east coast of the U.S.. Storms "Li" and "Nate" cause undesired operation of drilling platforms

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Again, a zombie in America? Naked man in the United States was trying to have sex with the bus!

25.01.2013. In the U.S., once again there was a strange case in which a man was naked. But this time, unknown to the bus stop, climbed up on the windshield and started to satisfy their sexual needs in front of the driver's, passengers and passers-by. Then, quietly went to shoot it to people, clearly intending to maim!

Online Video Naked man tries to have sex with a bus in the article.

Watch USA. Naked humanRights tries to have sex with bus


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Wailing whooping cranes starve

The ecological system of the planet is so complex that natural disasters may come back to haunt people and animals in unexpected ways.

This saw wailing whooping cranes. In the first half of the 20th century, this bird was common throughout the United States, but by 1940 due to deforestation and agricultural use of pesticides crane population was virtually wiped out.

In the middle of the last century, 14 animals were taken to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, which is located on the southern United States. Thanks to the efforts of zoologists, the population has increased wailing cranes today to

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Repeat! watch online

We offer a new burlesque show Channel One, in what will accept the role: Nonna Grishaeva, Alexander Oleshko Len Sparrow, Michael Grushevskii, Valery Ponomarenko, Anna Bol'shova, Kamil Larin, Valeria Lanskaya, Daniel Sheblanov, Mark Tishman. For you to have the opportunity to behold the great number of favorite and beloved images, repeat who undertake the project participants. Each example program they will submit the tribunal jury on one character from a variety of categories (such as eg the "Politics", "TV Personalities", "Actors", "Classics of the genre of spoken," etc.).

1 issue

either here all the series

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In Chile, once again there was an earthquake

This time, its capacity was 6.0 points.

On the night of July 16 in the Republic of Chile once again there was an earthquake. As the United States Geological Survey, this time, its capacity was 6.0 points.

According to experts, the epicenter of the aftershocks was at a depth 22.9 km and at a distance of 47 kilometers to the south-west of the city of San Antonio. No casualties or damage were reported, reports BBC BBC.

Recall that the last time the tremors rocked Chile on the night of July 15. Their power was estimated by geologists at 4.9

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