Glory — four worlds of light Slavs

In the religious and poetic representation of the pre-Christian Slavs were four world-light, two of them on the ground and two below it: 1.BELY LIGHT, our light with solid-earth, the sun (Dazh-God), Perun (black cloud-Khmara), moon-month (Makosh) and stars-dawns. On the ground, covered with vegetation, lived dedki, humans and other earthly creatures. Reigned over this light his Creator — God of gods with Santa Svarog pribogami Svarozhich. Our distant ancestors envisioned a white light in the form of a giant dome, the top of which was the heavenly firmament (sky), framed the sky lows our land. "Light" is used

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Cuban Jorge Martinez was able to tame the lightning


Cuban Jorge Martinez experienced the five lightning. For this he received from the familiar nickname of "human-lightning." First lightning overtook Cuban in 1982, when he drove the tractor. Then the farmer for a while lost consciousness, suffered burns, but survived. Five years later he was again hit by lightning and lost consciousness again. The following year, a lightning felled him to the ground, making it difficult to breath a little bit. Two subsequent lightning discharge has not caused him any harm. However,

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The ancient Indian game Leela — the cells of the cosmic consciousness

October 25, 2011 13:07

More recently, people again began to play a board game called "Leela". It is called a "game for the spiritual development". For many, it sounds strange, is it possible to develop spiritually through the board game? Nevertheless, it is.

Journalist online publication "Private Correspondent" Catherine Ovcharenko, describes his first encounter with this extraordinary game:

"Before me is an unusual board, proper field, it is lined by 72 squares, each of which is not always clear written words or phrases such as" Maya "," plan of Dharma ","

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UFO in 2013. Again Popocatepetl volcano

The other day, a UFO was seen again at the volcano Popocatepetl. He flew with tremendous speed, so you can see it in slow motion.


New tremors in the north of St. Petersburg

April 15. Readers of "Fontanka" again reported tremors in the north of St. Petersburg:

"In Sertolovo again" earthquake "- writes reader Andrew. — Looks like the military again something explodes house tremble! "

These findings are confirmed by a resident of the northern capital Oleg: "In the north of St. Petersburg home again shake from explosions, apparently made by one of the polygons in Sertolovo," — he says.

Letters from readers on this topic keep coming. Add that "Fontanka" wrote about tremors of unknown origin in February. However, reliably determine the cause of what is happening and

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UFO in 2013. In the city of Cotulla (TX, USA) again filmed UFOs

UFO 2013 U.S.. January 23, 2013 was again recorded a UFO over the refinery in the town of Cotulla, Texas. In January of this year has already published the video, which was captured unidentified flying object stealing oil. After the incident, the workers camera was installed for monitoring the area of production.


House of Mystery




"This incident happened to my friends employee. One man bought a retirement age of land for a dacha in the suburbs of Rostov and enthusiastically began to build a house on it. In order for there to be able to temporarily live, he delivered the trailer to

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U.S. volcanoes on Mars once again come to life?




It turns out that the last volcano on Mars went out only 2 million years ago. According to geological scale is a microscopic amount of time, and scientists believe that the volcanoes on the Red Planet may wake up again.

The data will allow scientists to make

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Mandrykin: while — six weeks on crutches

Exclusive July 1, 2009, Wednesday. 14:30 by Denis As many as, "Boxing" Goalkeeper "growth" Mandrykin Benjamin spoke about his injury, admitted that he was tired of wandering on rent and expressed his opinion on the prospects Rostovites this season. [Cut] — It was supposed that the injury you are not very serious. And now it turns out that will not play until October. — Yes, there was an operation on Friday. Now I am in Munich. When he came here six weeks ago, said that surgery is not required, I summed up the muscle Austrian weather. There were rain

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Sakurajima volcano again throws a record number of ash

Waking up the day before on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu volcano Sakurajima again throws a record number of ashes — a day for the city of Kagoshima dropped 217 grams of ash per square meter — the third-highest since the beginning of observations in 1994, the newspaper "Mainichi". According to online meteorological observatory of Kagoshima prefecture (Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory), the first activity of the volcano was recorded on Wednesday morning. Within a few hours the volcano threw three pillars of ash into the air, altitude of two thousand meters. Under the haze of ash were business and

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