Autumn color Kyoto / Kyoto Autumn Color watch online

Autumn Parks and Gardens Land of the Rising Sun under beautiful music. Amazing, wonderful video for the greatest relaxation … Yellow list sat on my shoulder, Yellow leaf whispered in my ear: — Autumn has come. (Little Master) Again the world has changed. The air was pure and transparent, the trees changed clothes, and on the water, somewhere far, far away, again set sail boats autumn leaves.

World of plants

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U.S. himichat again, and their wards school shooting

States already has a lot of "nahimichili" in Iraq. The reason for the invasion was the threat Tipo introduction of chemical weapons (although which country will use tool, any chemical or even if it does not attack anyone? As long as it is done by the U.S. and allies!). Hundreds of thousands of people have been victims of U.S. aggression, the country plunged into chaos forever, and no chemical weapon was found. It was later revealed that the reason for the invasion was falsified in general, and the Texas cowboy Bush knew about it perfectly. But the thirst for war

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CAPTAIN Rostov again became a hornets’

[Img =] Today the players "Rostov" was chosen by the team captain. For the seventh time in a row it was Mikhail aspen, who as vice-captains will be assisted by Alexander and Alexander Kulchiy Circassian. — I am honored to once again go on the field with the captain's armband. Rostov-on-Don became my home town, and the fans of the club — the best in Russia. We will do everything to please their beautiful game and good results — shared with the press service of the club Michael aspen.

OSCE Chairman offer support to Belarusian NGOs

Society "Belarus is becoming more closed country", — said chairman of the OSCE, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis. Statements on Belarus Azubalis spoke today at a conference at the University of Vilnius, the agency BNS.

"Over time, I see that Belarus all inclined to be more and more isolated. This affects not only the leadership, but also on the people, "- said Azubalis.

Lithuanian politician expressed regret over the fact that Belarus does not approve of the OSCE in Belarus. "Again and again we ask that Belarus changed her mind. She refuses. Pity that the authorities did not approve

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USSR. The country that was stolen from us

Exactly 90 years ago ended the period of fratricidal strife, and on the ground destroyed Russian Empire emerged USSR.

Slightly Othmer time this fellow — born in December 1922, he died in agony in December 1991 — less than seventy years! The Soviet Union gave the world almost everything: TV, web (many believe that he was created in America) — no, it is not. More precisely, almost so — its creators are our scientists. Flying in space is also the first time we met. A country that was saved the world from fascism, the price of almost 30 million

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Chilean volcano once again forced to cancel flights to the airports of the Argentine capital

The ash cloud from the eruption of the Chilean volcano Puyeue again led to the cancellation of flights in the airports of the Argentine capital. As expected, the air service will be restored in the next day.

As noted in the National Civil Aviation, is now "in the sky over Buenos Aires is a cloud of volcanic ash over a width of 400 kilometers, which remains stationary because of light wind", ITAR-TASS reported.

Airports resume work in full, as soon as created a safe environment for flights.

Volcano Puyeue altitude 2240 meters located on the Chilean side of the

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Spring will not be

Spring weather briefly looks in Moscow this weekend, according to RBC. After a week of atypical mid-April snowfall finally look out the sun, the temperature has warmed up to 10-12'C. Tomorrow, Friday 15 April, will still overcast, daytime temperatures +6-8' C. Monday will again be cloudy, light rain is expected. Night temperature — 0 — +5' C, in the afternoon — +6 — 11'C. Tuesday, April 19, are also possible rains and gets cold again, the day will +3-8' C. This April will probably set a record for the amount of precipitation, according Gismeteo. For the first 13 days of

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Hurricane Nadine again gaining strength in the Atlantic

Hurricane "Nadine" in the Atlantic Ocean, unnerved to the point of a tropical storm, again scored by the first storm, the lowest level of danger on a five-point Saffir-Simpson scale, reports the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami warning (NHC).

Cyclone, which was formed on September 15 in the area of Bermuda, is now 960 miles west of the Azores. Cyclone associated winds gusts up to 150 kilometers per hour. The hurricane is moving at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour in a north-westerly direction. As the representative of NHC, now "Nadine" is too far from land to be

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Stromboli volcano active again

The slopes of the volcano Stromboli, north of Sicily, began again covered with fresh emissions of lava flows that reached the shoreline. What began as an active Stromboli behave lately, worrying residents of Sicily and watching mountain seismologists.

Volcano erupts regularly gases in the space above the top, and the lava flows from the crater of constantly refreshing the old deposits, which gives considerable cause for panic, even in spite of the fact that geophysicists believe there is no direct threat to the 500 people who are on Stromboli, and even more so in Sicily. Near the volcano is

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In Samara again failed asphalt

After a short lull in Samara again failed asphalt.

Hole two feet in diameter appeared next to the State University in the street Academic Platonov and immediately began to cause local congestion. Drivers of long chosen this alley and use it when the Novo-Sadovaya cork. Fortunately, this time none of the motorists trapped missed. However, in order to prevent further collapse of the road surface, travel to the site is temporarily closed.

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