Rebel movement came to life again some break

"Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "It is reported from Minsk to Moscow that some rebel movement break revived. Ataman Klim, who disappeared a couple of weeks in the woods near Slutsk, made some surprising attacks Borisov environment at the time when the Belarusian part of the Red Army were on maneuvers in the summer camps. Immediately after, have been received news of the attacks, three teams were sent to the police that, but could not get in contact with a group of combat Climate. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 published this advertisement: "August 29, newly renovated cafe kanditserskaya disclosed

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Spring tries to register again

Recall: Human Rights Center "Viasna" was registered in 1999. But Supreme Tribunal Belarus on the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, in 2003 eliminated the "Spring". Chapter closed center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski believes that political authorities’ decision:"It was a political order for the liquidation of the human rights organization in the context of prosecution of hundreds and hundreds of non-governmental organizations.OSCE conference in Vienna representative Oleg Slizhevsky Justice said: who are you to interfere apply for registration again!We use these words with sovereign Slizheuski. A copy of the registration documents we passed yesterday in the OSCE office in Minsk to

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In Genoa last hearing on Giusto-Bornachin

As said Freedom informed Italian source, the role of the victim in the Belarusian side is not provided.Recall that two years reverse, in September 2006 by an Italian family, which began to come on vacation Belarusian orphan, decided not to give a girlfriend reversed Vialejka boarding. Within 20 days the ancestors of spouses girlfriend hid in a monastery in the Swiss Alps. After returning home girls Belarusian side has accused the seven Italians in kidnapping and made pioneer court. Later One of the most languid, according to Italian law, criminal articles substitution was more "light" — withholding kid. "If Genoa

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Slonim newspaper again hurry to move out

On Friday V.Valadashchuk arranged with Deputy Chairman Executive Committee that the editors reluctantly move out in two weeks, but now the situation has changed again.Victor Volodoschuk states that evicted nowhere, except as to the street, and adds that prepares chagovy newspaper. Tags: newspaper, Slonim

V.Katsora: Before the days of Will for me under surveillance

He said:"When I vorachivalsya from Minsk traffic police detained me. They inspected, that I carry. Anyway, these issues were. I showed them the car interior and trunk. They were loaded with stones, which I gathered to take to the cottage. Forced to go to Gomel rural district police station, where his team unloaded the stones, and then again loaded into the car. Nothing have found what amounted befitting and paper. "Katsora believes that yesterday evening detention completely random:"The other day, March 25, days of freedom, I believe, installed and external surveillance of me, for my car, and maybe some other,

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N. Khalezin: We confuse the 1st person with all the people

Sunday sound transmission to the monarch ordered Khalezin theme: "What the community thinks about the ability of Belarusian emigration." Now Nikolai Khalezin summarizes the results of the week.— Approached the end of the week, and hunt to remember what did it happen?But I still do not know exactly what happened? Since not happen again crossroads things: once again did not match important social routes — people go to One way, and power in the other …For example, the government assures us that there is no crisis. And people say something else: it is not just knocking on the window, and

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Dad in a skirt. Sometimes fathers should serve as a role model!

My five year old son is willing to dress. In the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, this is enough to start a conversation with other parents. Does this make sense or is this tomfoolery? "Neither one nor the other!" — I still want them to cry. But, unfortunately, they did not hear me. Because now I live in a small southern German town. In which there will not be 100,000 people, a very traditional and very religious. This "muttiland" ("Mamenek country" where "model" parent custody, compliance, excessive concern for the safety of children, reflected in the fact that children fed

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England in a drunken stupor

The subjects of Elizabeth II in 2013 marked the onset of shock doses of alcohol. The police barely had time to break it up drunken fights and collect from the streets unfeeling young bodies.

In the UK, which has long surpassed the Russian Federation on the consumption of alcohol, sidewalks littered drunken scantily clad men and women who have not had the strength to rise, or at least correct clothes. The main star of the first days of the year was the police officer who conducted a live broadcast from the streets to Twitter.

According to the Daily Mail,

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Global warming affects the evolution of

The evolution of man

During the era of global warming in the early Eocene, a type of mammal gienopodobnyh halved.

In 2006, excavations in the Big Horn Basin (Wyoming, USA) was found well-preserved jaw gienopodobnogo animal. This finding, along with the previously discovered tooth, made it possible to characterize the predator as a new, previously unknown to science species. Palaeonictis wingi named paleobotany Scott Wing, who took an active part in the study finds.

During the period of warming that occurred 55 million years ago and lasted for 200,000 years, Earth's average temperature has increased by 8.3 degrees

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Again, a mysterious blue light over the surface of the moon


Again, the official photo of the lunar surface from NASA enthusiasts have found a strange bluish-green glow. This time it is from the edge of the photo, and that there remained out of the frame, we can only guess.


This photo was taken during the flight of Apollo 15. On the mysterious lights on the surface of the moon has informed the crew of Apollo 11. From unofficial sources, the strange glowing object approached with "Apollo 12" and pursued the "Apollo 13".



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