Factory Audit UAZ-Patriot

Since the start of production at the plant UAZ Patriot procedure was introduced audit finished car. Until recently, it was held twice a week, and now nearly all the model line, the UAZ Patriot, SGR and CPR are inspected daily, due to the stringent requirements of consumers. Each day, trained auditors inspect the quality control department three cars of different modifications, taken from the daily production.

UAZ Patriot

So, the final audit of the car — the car is spot-checking the professional auditor to the international principles GCA (Global Customer Audit) from the point of view of the

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The plant Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines produced 6,000 th grader DZ-98

Legendary grader has a rich history, the production of his predecessors began in the first half of the last century. Today DZ-98 remains an indispensable tool in road construction. This is the only hard grader, who works in the harsh environment of the northern latitudes and is the most powerful car in its class in Russia.

Grader DZ-98 is indispensable for the implementation of large volumes of excavation and grading operations. The machine is widely used in railway, airport, land reclamation, irrigation and hydro-technical construction.

Chelyabinsk company, formerly bearing the name of the

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Ozersk again massively dying fish

Ozersk repeated last year's situation of massive plague fish passes nr2.ru

Recall that in March 2011 the local fishermen found the accumulation of dead fish in the lake Big Nanoga. Experts have suggested that the fish under the ice choked from lack of oxygen. Then everything was blamed on the dry summer of 2010: According to experts, the cause of the mass plague became a significant lowering of water level in the lake, and a large ice thickness and the high snow.

One of these days people Ozersk again alarmed. One of them remarked that, where in the lake

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Fire near Volgograd: the front of fire — 1 mile

Firefighters still can not put out a forest fire broke out again near the village of Stone in Buerak Gorodishchenskoye district of Volgograd region. Now the area of 10-12 hectares of fire, the front of the fire — at least 1 km.

The fire crept to the nearest house to 100 feet away, but the fire building was avoided, as the south-east wind blowing from the village, told the ITAR-TASS news agency inspector of the Information and Public Relations of the regional Emergencies Ministry Dmitry Savelyev. In the fire involved 242 people and 65 vehicles,

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In Kerch collapsed road

Near the ring road again failed roadway. On this stretch of road traffic suspended, car drivers have to drive around the crash site on the neighboring streets. As the correspondent site KERCH.COM.UA chief Gorvodokanal Artemenko Paul, once again on this stretch of road accident occurred due to the collector, which is in operation since 1977 and kept breaking, blurring the top of the track.

Deadline fix the problem — until tomorrow — assure water utility workers.

Without comment:

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Mogilev flowered pansy

Pansies bloom again in the flowerbeds near Mogilev State University of Foodstuffs, BelTA has learned.

An opportunity for residents to return briefly in the summer, visiting Schmidt Avenue, where more than a hundred fragrant flowers. These tri-colored violets in early winter are perceived more as a natural anomaly, but still bright colors captivate the eyes of passers-by, as if light-winged moths descended from heaven on the eve of the New Year once again to please his Mogilev unobtrusive and gentle beauty.

Within a week pansy not face freezing — positive daytime temperatures will stay until the weekend, but are available

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Feverish planet: the calendar of natural disasters

Whether our planet is in a bad mood, whether she is seriously ill, but only over the past month in different parts of the Earth have been more than ten major disasters. Some flooding, and others — shaking, erupting volcanoes, tornadoes rage, burning forests, tens of thousands of lightning hit the small country.


In Iceland, the volcano woke up again

In Iceland, it seems, is becoming an evil tradition. Almost at the same time a year ago, then again awakened volcano. Though, on the other. Not Eyjafjallajokull, Nadim last May throughout Europe. This time, the forces of nature

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In Minsk in October again blooming chestnuts

Despite the cold October weather in Minsk on Dzerzhinsky Ave Zhukov and others on the street. DOLGOBRODSKAYA chestnuts bloomed again.

"The trees bloom again in uncharacteristic flowering period, most often it is along the roads and highways. This is due to the impact that they have a car exhaust, lamp night light, hot asphalt or soil due to closely spaced communications, salt sprinkled on a winter road. Because of all these factors, they are under constant stress, "confuse" the time of year again and blossom. Regarding the chestnuts can say that this is the year all over the country intensified

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Eyjafjallajökull (with OI. "Island mountain glacier") — the volcano in southern Iceland height 1666 m — ready to present to humanity new surprises. In the next 50 years, the Icelandic volcano will terrorize the European airlines, as the volcanic activity in Iceland is currently in the stage of activity.

According Vlasti.net:

"The volcanic activity in Iceland is activated at intervals of about 50-80 years. And now entered a new cycle.

Flights over the North Atlantic and the surrounding areas may be almost suspended in the coming years, experts predict. And the explosion of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland and

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UFOs in Russia were brought from abroad

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