Another Martian hoax ..

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Gamalama volcano again threatened

Indonesia's Mount Gamalama again threatens residents of nearby communities. Cold lava flows have already claimed the lives of three people. The cause of her descent were heavy rains that hit the region a few days ago.

Vulcan, a height of about two kilometers, broke earlier this month. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes. Indonesia is part of the so-called Pacific ring of fire and volcanic eruptions are not uncommon.

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Before you shake the earth

Since mid-April, 1902, began to leave the island of Martinique birds. April seventeenth off awakened volcano on the island headed snake. Anxiety seized all the animals. A seventh May volcano Mont Pelee threw "scorching cloud", which at that moment to destroy the city of Saint-Pierre. After a disaster, and in the ruins of post-fire was only found one dead cat … No other animals are not killed.But science and to this day does not undertake to answer, is it possible to predict the behavior of the animals when the storm breaks out underground.

Recall what the disaster broke out in

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In the north, Indonesia Lokon volcano erupts again

Lokon volcano in northern Indonesia on the eve of the newly revitalized, throwing out one of its craters, volcanic ash to a height of over 800 meters, according to the national media on Friday.

The exact height of the eruption record failed due to low cloud during the eruption, said in this regard, head of the Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks Surono Indonesia.

"We did not declare (forced) the evacuation of a particular area, because the force of the eruption) has died down," — he added.

Last May, the Center for Volcanology declared forbidden zone for finding people

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In the north of Indonesias newly revitalized Lokon volcano

JAKARTA, Aug. 17 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov.In the north of Indonesia on Wednesday again intensified Lokon volcano, reports national news agency Antara.

Volcano woke up at the end of June, and in July of the eruption, local authorities were forced to evacuate from its slopes about 5.5 thousand people who have spent time in refugee camps for nearly two weeks.

"Ash (new) emissions reached the area and Kinilou Tinoor" — said the head of the supervisory agency center point of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Farid Ruskanda Bean (Farid Ruskanda Bina).

In addition, only the first

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Sergey Lavrov repeated calls for the release of political prisoners

Society The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov again called on Belarus to release all those detained during the unrest following the presidential elections in Belarus. "What happened after the election, it was completely unnecessary and unacceptable. We urge the release of the presidential candidates, to release the journalists, human rights defenders, as well as two of our citizens, which has not yet been charged with any crime," — said the Minister on February 8, reports RIA Novosti reported.

On He said, "In Russia is sometimes also occur excesses."

"But that does not

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Curiosity again shut off

In the near future Mars rover Curiosity is shut off again. The reason for that is looming on Mars most powerful solar storm …

According to the official statement of the Mission Curiosity, the rover could again be returned to sleep mode, although only recently been transferred from it to the active excretion. As it turned out, this time the cause of the American translation of the fourth rover to sleep is a solar storm, which is moving in the direction of Mars.

Solar storms are quite dangerous

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Typhoon Tembin returned to Taiwan

August 26, 2012 typhoon "Tembin" returned to Taiwan after the people were able to restore order in the south. Rioting was caused by the strong over the last 100 years of torrential rains. Typhoon again headed toward the region Pintung after Friday's rain.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, "Tembin" weakened to a tropical storm, but by Sunday intensified to hurricane again and kept its direction to the south-east. Spite of the fact that the typhoon was located a few hundred kilometers from the island, people urged to take all precautions. It is believed that the unusual and

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On store camera captured the ghost, throws the box


Some things are easier to see with my own eyes to believe in them, sure employees of the market in Telford. And advise everyone to watch the video that was recorded at a surveillance camera.

Recording posted on YouTube and on it is said, you can see incredible things. A shadow or mist rising up the ladder in a warehouse, located in a Victorian building in Telford, Shropshire, and clears the path to the stairs a few boxes.

Marketing Manager Kay Boakye sure that the mess on the stairs — the work, so to

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Coming out of the coma, she feels like a teenager

September 29, 2012 19:25

32-year-old Briton Sarah Thompson, the mother of the family, in part because of the lost memory of aneurysm rupture. After the release of the coma adult woman again became a fan of the Spice Girls and Michael Jackson. Doctors say that the amount of memory it is on the spot, when the woman was 19 years old. The remaining 13 years of his life have disappeared from the memory of Sarah. After a 10-day coma, she forgot about the existence of her husband and three children. She puts it this way: "When I asked whose

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