Anomaly: Altai cows are calving twins and triplets

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Kyzyl residents again felt strong tremors

Kyzyl residents again felt strong aftershocks, many of them from their homes.

According to witnesses, the apartments furniture tottered and fell beyond the photos.

In the district of "South" more than a thousand people ran into the street. Most of them do not really have time to get dressed.

People say that the shocks were a little weaker than in the previous earthquake.

In Latvia, the lilacs bloomed

August 30. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. Right under the window of our editorial on the eve of the Day of Knowledge flowered lilac. True, the lush green bush pleased with just one full-blown inflorescence. Perhaps during the reconstruction of the street workers disturbed roots lilacs, and the plant has apprehended "anomaly" as a transplant in early spring.

In Salgalskoy Ozolnieki parish region in one of the gardens in late August again blossomed pear and apple trees. Pours fruit juice are combined with white

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Damned pictures and their secrets

October 19, 2012 18:03

It's no secret that every product carries a particle of the soul and mind of its creator. Not ignorant of the history that the writers and poets have predicted some events of his life and even "guess" the date of his death. Composers can affect the subconscious mind and emotional state of people with his music, actors, live on stage as others, can not help to repeat the fate of his characters. But perhaps the greatest mystical significance of old pictures attached.

Some pictures — great works of legendary artists, keep many mysteries and secrets.

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Coming out of the coma, the retired English speaking in Welsh

January 6, 2013 2:56

As a child he lived in Wales, the Welsh language but never used .

81-year-old Alan Morgan of town Batvik, in the English county of Somerset, threw another medical mystery and once again proved that modern medicine is still very poorly versed in the mysteries of the human brain. After recovering from a coma following the heart attack, he was surprised to find that speaks Welsh. Although earlier linguistic abilities for a not noticed and spoke only in English.

As a child, Alan, however, lived for several years during the war, my grandmother in

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Finders. Riddle northern Shambhala (09/12/2012)

December 11, 2012 7:30

Our eternal thirst miracle, a passion for all kinds of puzzles, which keeps the history of humanity, does not know borders. From generation to generation the ancient legends and mysterious. Events of antiquity still excite the imagination of people, making us again and again to look for the treasure hidden centuries ago, to believe in the existence of other, more ancient and wiser civilizations, trying to unravel the meaning of the mysterious messages that were left to us by our ancestors. To find the truth and solve another mystery of "The Searchers" explores how the

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Spanish Malaga again dominated by flood

After a week of heavy rain and thunderstorms Spanish province of Malaga again flooded. While the weather service are in no hurry to cancel its warning of worsening weather conditions and hazards for the region code is "orange." The most affected areas are the province of the Costa del Sol, and the valley Gvadalhorse Aharkiya.

Malaga city itself suffered the day before severe flooding, provoked three waterspouts, the water was a lot of streets, traffic lights are out of order, causing chaos on the roads and the chaos began. As reported by emergency services, for a five-hour period, they

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Slovenia again threatens flooding

Environment Agency announced another warning about the danger of severe flooding for the greater part of Slovenia. Country again embraced a powerful cyclone, and the level of rainfall can greatly affect water levels in local rivers.

Particularly sensitive area will be those who have recently suffered a flood after flood of the river Drava. During the new flooding primarily affected western Slovenia, where the river Soča and its tributaries, Vipava Valley and Istria. With the advance of the cyclone to the east might happen next spill Drava, as there is expected to be 100 mm. In the north-west will

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In Queensland, formed a giant sinkhole

In the not yet forgotten resulting from ex-cyclone Oswald at the end of January this year, the Queensland floods Bendaberg next to the marina Midtown Marina was a large earthen collapse. Inside the crater collapsed in the early morning two-storey building belonging to the owners of the marina.

The city administration is seriously concerned about the fact that a similar fate could soon befall another about 10 buildings along the river Burnett, including a multi-storey building of the hotel. At the moment, negotiations are underway to evacuate the workers and residents of those buildings that fall into the

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Under Solncevo seen UFOs


At this time, the unidentified flying objects appeared above the village Dezhevka Solntsevskoye district. Their behavior observed resident of Kursk, who introduced Alex.

Eyewitnesses saw a UFO two nights in a row — Over the weekend, went to the village to visit relatives — he said. — In the evening went for a walk and noticed an unusual glow in the sky. At first thought it was some kind of a bright star, but looking more closely, I realized — something is not right. Clearly be seen two beams of light, which differed

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