Poltergeist-like hooliganism


Eleanor BONDAREVA, especially for the "B"

The coffin, he likes to work, used to say in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov's coffin-maker Bezenchuk. As if he knew about the "stray" coffins on the island of Barbados. Well, they asked researchers to work! And not in a production sense.

Once the visiting tourists took pictures in front of the crypt with a criminal reputation. Instead of standing in front of the lens person in the photo turned out a skeleton covered with torn skin with a

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Dead dolphins found again on the coast of Peru

On the northern coast of Peru once again found numerous remains of dolphins and other representatives of the ocean fauna, said on Thursday the Mexican media.

According to the Institute of the sea of Peru, we are talking about at least 12 dolphins, 35 killer whales and 12 pelicans, whose cause of death has not yet been established.

A year ago, also on the northern coast of the country have been found about 900 dead dolphins, which caused the death, according to scientists, could be the impact of the acoustic equipment used for oil exploration nearby. In addition to

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Mysterious gates God

The mysterious structure of large size, was found in Mark Howe, a mountainous region in southern Peru, located 35 kilometers from the city of Puno.

The local Indians this city is better known as the "City of the Gods," and he has not been fully explored because of its inaccessibility. The aircraft in this mountain ridge people noticed a lot of structures and semi-destroyed buildings. Door "Puerta de Hayu Marca" (Gate of the city of the Gods / shower) was found in one of the rocks of the ridge, the height of 2 meters and 7 meters in width

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Vitebsk few days survived three floods

Vitebsk on July 27, after the heat of the day, which peaked at 31 ° C, another downpour hit with a thunderstorm. Storm sewer was not able to 23 millimeters of rainfall, and the water flows again cut out of the newspaper "Pravda".

On the section of the street in the school № 28 formed a puddle, which flooded the roadway and sidewalks. As a result, stopped trolley route number 1 and number 8. Several cars stalled in the middle of the water, the others moved along the sidewalks, and then on the lawn. However, after a while and

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Conversion to Ceausescu

Society Commenting on the recent events in Minsk Ukrainian analyst and columnist for Radio Liberty Vitaly Portnikava online K2K News.

Beaten and detained presidential candidates, the noise of the area, the blood at the Minsk snow … With a politician who flirts with Europe and suggests reforms that tries to resist Russian pressure, Alexander Lukashenko once again rapidly becoming the "last dictator" of the old continent. Judging by what happens in a different way to hold power he simply can not: a man claiming to be a special political role of the people's president, is afraid of his own people.

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Mysteries of History 1/12 True Pocahontas

Pocahontas name known almost all over the world. Her story appears again and again — in paintings, plays, films, novels. It is understood by all the love story — a young American Indian woman in love, risked his life to save an Englishman named John Smith. Thanks to the dedication of Pocahontas he manages to survive. Amazing story, but how true?

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The path is blocked by Minsk



In Minsk, five activists were not allowed Brest

At Brest-Moscow highway near Birch detained Ales Fur of Kobrin, and Ctanislav Chernitskii and Alexander Yarmashuk. They rode together in Minsk. Clarifies Sergei Yegorov.

Detention conducted Berezovsky GAI inspector Andrew Point. According to Alexander Furs, their car was still guarded by Kobrin spetssluzhbovtsy. Hold up, however, decided about Birch. Earlier, the train at the railway station in Birch shot Valentine Lazarenkova and Alexei Koltun, They were taken to the police station Berezovsky.

In Ales Furs policeman demanded documents:

"They took our documents for review. But later noted that any claims

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In the Kaliningrad region is a hurricane again

Another active Atlantic cyclone began to assault the European continent. He appeared a few hours ago the sky of the Greenland Sea. Dense cloud vortex arrays overcast skies over the Baltic, they will bring precipitation, sometimes strong — the snow will be replaced by rain, and then it snows again, reports Gismeteo.ru.

Between 21 hours and 10 February to the same time on February 11 in the Kaliningrad region expected to be cloudy weather with clearings, light snow, blizzard, wind south, southwest of 5 — 10 m / s, gusts of 12-17 m / s, in the evening February

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In Maloyaroslavets reconstruction of the battle took place outside the city

The streets of the county town Maloyaroslavetz, that, in the Kaluga region, flooded the French cavalry and Russian Hussars. I go to the store — there is Russian Hussars, I sit down in a minibus — next passenger in an overcoat and a cocked hat. I asked: "How to get to the Ivanovo meadow?" — Is silent. Apparently, the Frenchman. "Who was it — Russian or French? — The most popular question in the city.

All guests of the city in the early 19th century clothing — members of military history clubs in Russia. They came to the

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Iran announced the accession eight gallakticheskih countries

Minister Telecommunications and information technology Iran Reza Taki-pur on Mon said that Iran has joined the eight countries, has a complete cycle gallakticheskoy technology, writes "Gaze".

So Makar, the minister said Iran has the capability of design, production and launch of satellites gallakticheskih also built underground stations.

Reza Taki-pur, pointing to an increase in Iran's place in gallakticheskih technology, said that after 15 years with Iran from getting access to the technology country enjoys a good potential in the field of gallakticheskoy without equal for himself in the middle of the Islamic states.

Highlighting the need for rapid development

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