Again wonders on Kinburn Spit

Not so long ago, an archaeological expedition sent by the Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was found pier, built by the Turks at Kinburn Spit. Many people understand the phrase "Our First Ste Kinburn Spit revealed miracles." Naturally, in this expression refers to the extraordinary courage, endurance and strength Miracle-warriors, led by Generalissimo Suvorov at war with the Turks in 1787. But now he's got one more value. Many archaeologists believe that the ongoing excavations near Kinburn Fortress will bring a lot to discover.

In the past couple years the expedition, led by Svetlana Belyaeva, working here,

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Beijing residents are fighting a sand storm and smog

Beijing's air pollution level exceeds the limit again. But now the usual factors add the first in 2013, the sandstorm, which reduced visibility on the streets close to zero. All citizens in the next few days is recommended to spend more time indoors and wear respiratory masks to avoid health problems.

Measuring instruments show that the level of air pollution again exceeded "dangerous", amounting to one thousand ug/m3 PM10 suspensions for PM2, 5 index exceeded 500 ug/m3 at a daily rate of 75 micrograms. Dust storm that came from Inner Mongolia, brought with it not only pounds of sand,

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The truth about the Matrix. Were trapped.

Matrix … How to get out of the system?

The movie "The Matrix" has earned a great reputation. He even managed to become a cult movie of our time. Surprisingly, just as the filmmakers saw many subtle philosophical points that were trying to convey to people and "enlightened" world, and many of the great philosophers.

People come out of the theater, a little shocked. It turns out that all that we see around us — no more than an illusion!

Computer program. Internet giant, a game in which we have gone to the head and no longer able to

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UFO again refuel from the sun?



In YouTube again posted another video, which filmed the re-emergence of the Sun incredible prominence or UFOs.


She visited in the world to

The question "What is there beyond the threshold of death?" Excites people a long time. His research focuses on numerous publications describe the experience of hundreds of survivors of clinical death and returned from "over there." Visited "there" and the Polish artist Alicja Zentek. She talked about it in the article "The Easels", published in the journal Nieznany Swiat. Present to you the abridged translation of this article.


Signs of death

My clinical death occurred during pregnancy, 8 January 1989. Around 22:00, I started bleeding. There was no pain, only the severe weakness and chills. I

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UFO near the bottom of the Baltic denied electronic devices


The Swedish research team Ocean X made several dives to the mysterious UFO detected last summer at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between the coasts of Sweden and Finland. Divers are confused and have expressed the most fantastic assumptions about the nature, lying at a depth of about 90 meters at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea. On top of a pile of strange characteristic of this formation, found another.

A professional diver Stephen Hogerborg told reporters that UFOs near stop working satellite phones and some cameras. "Only when

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In the Urals again caught a fish with human teeth



In 2009, the news of the capture of unusual fish that had human-like teeth startled the entire Internet. Still later found out that it was the Amazonian fish from the family of piranhas called red pacu. But as he was in the Ural lake remained a mystery. And now, after just three years in the Chelyabinsk region sensation again, again caught the same fish!


In the Urals again caught a fish with human teeth

Fires: Burning is not everywhere, glowing — almost everywhere

Forest fires in Russia is again gaining momentum. The most serious loss so far — in the east and in Siberia. However, in the Central Federal District, environmentalists note the increasing cases of peat fires.

But these — small — little pockets included in official statistics. These appeals independent environmental organizations extinguish peat until they broke out in full force, still remain unanswered.

According to unofficial data, the situation with fires in peatlands is worse than in May 2010. This means that under the adverse scenario, the Central District may once again face with smog and massive

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Russia and Ukraine sweeps snow

After snow storms in early December, Russia and Ukraine have a short break, and snowfall resumed with even greater force. History with a record-long traffic jams on the roads and accidents in Moscow after many hours of night snow again repeated. As the administration claims, very little is left to paralyze the movement of capital.

Due to heavy snowfall canceled flight state aircraft from Vnukovo Airport. Every 15 minutes, airport officials closed the runway for cleaning and processing rainfall antifreeze, which certainly had an impact on the schedule and aviavyletov touchdowns. In the Tver region, where previously congested from

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In Sumy blossomed chestnuts

Intercession on the streets and squares of the Peter and Paul, without having to lose their leaves, chestnuts again delight passers white candles of colors. Second youth. Sumy chestnuts traditionally showered early and re-bloom right in the center of the city. Several trees bloom next to the Sumy Oblast Philharmonic. However, these trees that bloom twice a year, have long been the norm, not only in Sumy, but in all of Ukraine. September gave a second youth of Kiev, Donetsk and Mariupol chestnuts.

For several years scientists have puzzled over the cause of re-blooming chestnut trees. And they found

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