Carpathian Basin may become active volcanic zone

As shown by new geological studies Carpathian basin could again become an active volcanic zone, volcanologists said University Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) in Hungary.

The latest methodologies used by geologists indicate that the crater lake of the picturesque Sfanta Ana (Szent Anna-Anne's), the former Hungarian region of Transylvania, can be a hotspot of molten lava, which could eventually break the surface.

Hungarian scientists have recently found evidence that the last known eruption was here "only" 30,000 years ago.

This suggests that the range of mountains around the lake can be much younger than previously thought, and the chances are

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Pensioner conjures snakes

January 11, 2013 2:43

As known from the Harry Potter books, the ability to talk to snakes in the highest class of magic. Pensioner from Penza Hope Artamonova not involved in such things, but the snakes can spell.

Anesthesia woke super-knowledge

Woman 65 years old, for many years she worked as a bookkeeper in the school № 57. 20 years ago, she had to undergo abdominal operation under general anesthesia. After the woman began to feel thinner people quickly find connections between different events and phenomena.

Once out of her bag, lying in the office and stole a purse

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Giant sphere of the Sun again! (Filmed in 29 -31 October)



Once again, a giant object flew toward the sun.



Yanukevich Chausova and the commission did not take

Society Only 5 of the 45 representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front Party included in precinct election commission in Minsk.

About This was announced BelaPAN vice-chairman of the Minsk city organization of the Party Vadim Kanapatsky:

"And in the district commissions were not included very decent people, including Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, Associate Member of the Sejm Yuri Chausov and others. "

According Kanapatskogo, the results of the formation of election commissions have questioned the authorities' desire to hold transparent and democratic elections:

"The basis of the district commissions will again be representatives of the administration and pro-government parties

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In Sharm el-Sheikh shark attack humans again

In Sharm El-Sheikh, again recorded cases of shark attack on tourists. Moreover, the incident was over a tragedy — a tourist, having lost all his limbs, has died. At the same time, in the wake of revolutionary anarchy in the country actually lost order created under former President Hosni Mubarak, and now the current "power" instead of taking measures to ensure the safety of tourists are just trying to hide the fact that a new attack on them sharks.

So, during the holidays in Egypt couple from the UK have witnessed the shark eats him. It began with that divers

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Lenins tomb and do not think to clean. It once again restored

On Thursday, the mausoleum, where Lenin's body, covered a huge domed tent and announced that repair work. This is a place that, as before, is popular with tourists, will be closed next 4 months. All the while, the embalmed body continues to remain inside.

Meanwhile, in the capital erupted again debate whether to finally bury the leader of the revolution. Many Muscovites say that it is time to bring the land of Lenin.

[Dima, a resident of Moscow] "I guess it's time to move on, to be honest. Just made fun, but you can find an alternative

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The first strike paralyzed the winter half of the country and even abroad


The vagaries of the weather, turned back problems for many Russian regions — the main news of recent days. But the winter has just begun. What are sensible to weather forecasts? Snow, rain, frost and then zero temperature. Calendar beginning of winter in Central Russia was the caprices. In Moscow, the heavy snow has once again resulted in huge traffic jams. On the long-suffering roads of the capital, as at the end of last week, formed serious congestion. In the Moscow region — storm warning.

Over the territory of Russia, according to the

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Reserve Pillars again closed to the threat of fire

Leaders of the Krasnoyarsk reserve "Pillars" extended restrictions to access up to 10 August because of a new fire in the reserve, which occurred the day before, according to the website of the reserve.

The reserve was closed to the public on July 31 in connection with the severe fires. Assumed that it will again be open to the public at the end of last week. However, on Thursday in the reserve was a fire. In the area of the reserve fire workers found abandoned tourist park with fresh campfire. On Sunday, the "post" again caught fire.

"The fire,

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Omsk fell asleep again, this time with black powder



Hideous powder is dark gray to sleep is one of the districts of Omsk regions. At the origin of an unknown substance understands RPN.  

In Omsk again precipitation of unknown origin. Strange powder dark gray covered the Volga district and the ring road of the city on an area of about 12 hectares. Seeing the gray drifts, frightened townspeople reported this to the local RPN.


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Ekaterinburg again goes underground

Ekaterinburg again "go underground." Belinsky on in the pit collapsed … truck. The next state of emergency with a failure of ground occurred in Yekaterinburg. So, the night before the house number 132 on the street Belinsky (crossing the street, Almaty) into the resulting pit collapsed on the road truck "La Boheme." As the correspondent «URA.Ru», car driven by 25-year-old driver, drove to the store for unloading. When the truck stopped, under his rear tire failed behatonovaya tiles. As a result, the machine had fallen on its side. According to traffic police, the victims of the accident

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