Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano woke up again

June 18, 2013. Popocatepetl volcano, located near Mexico City, Monday again was active and threw a column of ash to a height of four kilometers, according to Center for Disaster Prevention Latin American country.

According to experts, pieces of red-hot stones were scattered over a distance of up to two kilometers from the crater of the volcano. The high temperature of discarded pieces of rock Popocatepetl provoked numerous small fires on the slopes, but the threat they represent.

At the same time, meteorologists report that the great masses of ash emitted by the wind are now in the north-west,

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Czech Republic again threatened by flooding

June 26, 2013. Do not have time to recover from the Czech Republic rampant disaster, which struck her a few weeks ago, as here, she was faced with a new threat of flooding. Heavy downpours continued in the country for the third day in a row. And, as reported by weather forecasters, the rain will not stop until Wednesday night for much of the territory.

On Tuesday, June 25, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute for the warning all residents that soon they may have to face a new threat.

Only for Monday on most of the territory fell to 40 mm of

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Russia and Ukraine sweeps snow

Russia and Ukraine sweeps snow Weather and Climate

After snow storms in early December, Russia and Ukraine have a short break, and snowfall resumed with even greater force. History with a record-long traffic jams on the roads and accidents in Moscow after many hours of night snow again repeated. As the administration claims, very little is left to paralyze the movement of capital.

Due to heavy snowfall canceled flight state aircraft from Vnukovo Airport. Every 15 minutes, airport officials closed the runway for cleaning and processing rainfall antifreeze, which certainly had an impact on the schedule and aviavyletov

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Their mission — Earth

…I sat in the car, looking in the direction of the radiator sunrise, and suddenly saw the crest of the hill because of the rising red-orange clot. At first I even thought it was a fire. And only when the dome came, I realized what it was. The heart was ready to jump out of my chest. Later I could see this huge disc hovering over the hill. I was trembling with excitement and to shoot better, put his hands on the steering wheel and took a picture of the

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Spanish Malaga again dominated by flood

Spanish Malaga again dominated by flood Natural Disasters

After a week of heavy rain and thunderstorms Spanish province of Malaga again flooded. While the weather service are in no hurry to cancel its warning of worsening weather conditions and hazards for the region code is "orange." The most affected areas are the province of the Costa del Sol, and the valley Gvadalhorse Aharkiya.

Malaga city itself suffered the day before severe flooding, provoked three waterspouts, the water was a lot of streets, traffic lights are out of order, causing chaos on the roads and the chaos began. As

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Slovenia again threatens flooding

Slovenia, once again threatens the flood danger zone

Environment Agency announced another warning about the danger of severe flooding for the greater part of Slovenia. Country again embraced a powerful cyclone, and the level of rainfall can greatly affect water levels in local rivers.

Particularly sensitive area will be those who have recently suffered a flood after flood of the river Drava. During the new flooding primarily affected western Slovenia, where the river Soča and its tributaries, Vipava Valley and Istria. With the advance of the cyclone to the east might happen next spill Drava, as there is

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Russian humanoids are

While the Russian athletes preparing for the Olympics in London and the country is looking forward to the torrential rain gold, China took III International Olympic competition humanoid robots. The Olympics remains, unfortunately, invisible in this country and almost unlit. And for good reason. Students of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) has once again proved its supremacy in the field of robotics, and returned home with a gold, silver and bronze medals.

More than 600 students from 70 universities around the world presented no less than 700 of humanoid robots at

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Mandrykin: while — six weeks on crutches

Exclusive July 1, 2009, Wednesday. 14:30 by Denis As many as, "Boxing" Goalkeeper "growth" Mandrykin Benjamin spoke about his injury, admitted that he was tired of wandering on rent and expressed his opinion on the prospects Rostovites this season. [Cut] — It was supposed that the injury you are not very serious. And now it turns out that will not play until October. — Yes, there was an operation on Friday. Now I am in Munich. When he came here six weeks ago, said that surgery is not required, I summed up the muscle Austrian weather. There were rain

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CAPTAIN Rostov again became a hornets’

[Img =] Today the players "Rostov" was chosen by the team captain. For the seventh time in a row it was Mikhail aspen, who as vice-captains will be assisted by Alexander and Alexander Kulchiy Circassian. — I am honored to once again go on the field with the captain’s armband. Rostov-on-Don became my home town, and the fans of the club — the best in Russia. We will do everything to please their beautiful game and good results — shared with the press service of the club Michael aspen.

The plant Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines produced 6,000 th grader DZ-98

Legendary grader has a rich history, the production of his predecessors began in the first half of the last century. Today DZ-98 remains an indispensable tool in road construction. This is the only hard grader, who works in the harsh environment of the northern latitudes and is the most powerful car in its class in Russia.

Grader DZ-98 is indispensable for the implementation of large volumes of excavation and grading operations. The machine is widely used in railway, airport, land reclamation, irrigation and hydro-technical construction.

Chelyabinsk company, formerly bearing the name of the DV

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