The plant Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines produced 6,000 th grader DZ-98

Legendary grader has a rich history, the production of his predecessors began in the first half of the last century. Today DZ-98 remains an indispensable tool in road construction. This is the only hard grader, who works in the harsh environment of the northern latitudes and is the most powerful car in its class in Russia.

Grader DZ-98 is indispensable for the implementation of large volumes of excavation and grading operations. The machine is widely used in railway, airport, land reclamation, irrigation and hydro-technical construction.

Chelyabinsk company, formerly bearing the name of the DV

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Positive PETER yard improvements

Now I’m in a long trip out, so after visiting Russia in the summer, and walking up to the next yard, I have a fresh vzgyada been noticed many positive changes in terms of blagoustroysta. Most of the changes occurred in just a year or two.

1. Playgrounds

In many district courts, new playground. And it is not sad, and very colorful, themed and all different. Children and parents — happy.

Photographed so that people did not get the shot — did not want to ask permission from each parent to take his picture or child. So

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In Maloyaroslavets reconstruction of the battle took place outside the city

The streets of the county town Maloyaroslavetz, that, in the Kaluga region, flooded the French cavalry and Russian Hussars. I go to the store — there is Russian Hussars, I sit down in a minibus — next passenger in an overcoat and a cocked hat. I asked: "How to get to the Ivanovo meadow?" — Is silent. Apparently, the Frenchman. "Who was it — Russian or French? — The most popular question in the city.

All guests of the city in the early 19th century clothing — members of military history clubs in Russia. They came to the

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In the Altai village Kytmanov line working again for buckwheat

Today, October 15, the press service management, food processing and pharmaceutical industries Altai region reported that the village Kytmanov three years later, the line working again for buckwheat. The new owner of the grain-enterprise district center launched only in the production of buckwheat.

A new line of work on traditional technology — before you get to the counter, buckwheat more than two hours sieved, dried and soar, so familiar to the consumer acquires cereal bright brown color.

Production capacity can produce more than 18 tons per shift. "Right now the Altai buckwheat comes through wholesalers in major cities in Russia:

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Russian humanoids are

While the Russian athletes preparing for the Olympics in London and the country is looking forward to the torrential rain gold, China took III International Olympic competition humanoid robots. The Olympics remains, unfortunately, invisible in this country and almost unlit. And for good reason. Students of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) has once again proved its supremacy in the field of robotics, and returned home with a gold, silver and bronze medals.

More than 600 students from 70 universities around the world presented no less than 700 of humanoid robots at

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Typhoon "Tembin" returned to Taiwan

Typhoon "Tembin" returned to Taiwan Natural Disasters

August 26, 2012 typhoon "Tembin" returned to Taiwan after the people were able to restore order in the south. Rioting was caused by the strong over the last 100 years of torrential rains. Typhoon again headed toward the region Pintung after Friday's rain.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, "Tembin" weakened to a tropical storm, but by Sunday intensified to hurricane again and kept its direction to the south-east. Spite of the fact that the typhoon was located a few hundred kilometers from the island, people urged to take all precautions.

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Who is not meant to be hung …




In Sydney unknown robbers stole a bag of gold and silver coins. The actual loss due to theft not exceeding two hundred dollars, but the thieves had treated harshly tucked, to his misfortune, the constable, and he died of his wounds.

Sydney police immediately wanted to avenge the

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Continued invasion of the tropical Florida

Continued invasion of the tropical Florida Weather and Climate

South Florida peninsula was again dominated by tropical storms. The system that brought heavy rainfall to the Caribbean, continues to move into the peninsula. The greatest need for the gift of the Florida Keys, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Florida again tropical rainfall. Precipitation are particularly dangerous for traffic on the roads, since the probability of falling to zero visibility in all regions of Florida is very high. But forecasters say the system did not have enough power to develop into a full tropical storm. This is good local residents,

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Britain again susceptible to flooding

Britain again susceptible to flooding danger zone

In the north-western and central parts of the UK in the continuing downpours declared a "red" Danger code and four flood warnings. Most can suffer county Derby, Lancashire, South and West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester, Blackpool, Warrington, Cheshire and Halton.

Wimbledon tournament spectators hiding from the rain.

Cheshire Road travel is difficult due to constant rainfall. Flooding can happen at any time, since the water in the local rivers are at critically high level. Therefore all residents warned to remove valuables from the lower floors of their houses, to

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Enchanted places no witches — Mystery of Time




"In fact, what is known is not good, One unknown need. " (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

One of the most common misconceptions of our time says: Time constant everywhere.

But … if that were the case, our home planet would

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