Kemerovchan again disturbed tremors


23.01.12.V edition again began to address readers who live in the city of Kemerovo. Concern them underground vibrations that they again began to feel the last week.

Kemerovchane attributed these phenomena to the earthquake, but according to the site Geophysical Survey SB RAS strong aftershocks in the Kemerovo region in recent years have been reported.

At the same time, the agency "Interfax-Siberia" spread information on the resumption of munitions disposal area of responsibility stationed in Western Siberia, the 41st Field Army. Informed the agency, the press service of the Central Military District. The same source said that in

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In the Chelyabinsk region again observed seismic activity


14.04.11.V Sosnovskoye area (Chelyabinsk region), April 6 and 7 in the three rural settlements was again seismic activity. On REGNUM correspondent reported April 14 in the district administration.

At 14:06 local time received calls from Sargazy village, where they began to swing the chandelier. At 14:10 alarmed residents Kaigorodova there trembling glass. At 17:06 wave of explosions has sunk into Poletaevo, here too the population was afraid explosions. The next day the tremors felt by residents Tominskogo settlements where land rocked at 15:40. Information is transmitted to the prosecutor Sosnovsky district.

Recall due to disposal of ammunition, which ran

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Eyewitnesses reported again tremors in the north of St. Petersburg


"The house is shaking" — complains from St. Petersburg.

15.04.11.Kak reports "" citizens again reported tremors in the north of St. Petersburg:

"In Sertolovo again" earthquake ", — the witness Andrew. — Looks like the military again something explodes house tremble! "

These findings are confirmed by a resident of the northern capital Oleg:

"In the north of St. Petersburg home again shake from explosions, apparently made by one of the polygons in Sertolovo," — he says.

Recall, the citizens began to complain of strange tremors of unknown origin in February.

Tremors were felt in the evening and

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The lake is big again Nanoga fish kills. Photo


Photo: A reader

18.01.12.V Ozersk Chelyabinsk region on Lake Big Nanoga began again fish kills. Where there are open channels, the fish comes to the surface. It seems necessary to take action again …

I recall that in March 2011, a few weeks residents Ozersk same mass mortality of fish in the lake Big Nanoga

Source: Ozersk online

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

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In the Dnieper again dying fish


Photo from:

21.07.11.Neskolko days ago in the river, near the islands near Kremenchug fish again began to die. This was "Telegraph" reported chitateli.Informatsiyu confirmed our main urban ecology.

— Repeated annual situation — fish kills in Kremenchug and Dneprodzerzhinsk reservoir. Brown algae blooming process began on Sunday, the same day near the island Shelomay recorded deaths fry — said Gennady Demekhin, head of the environmental safety of the executive committee.

— Although to date, according to gorSES, the oxygen level in the water is not so low that fish breath.

According to SES, today, July 21,

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Do we need a means North Caucasus?

Not for nothing in the text of the song "Dolls" Andrei Makarevich is the line: "… dolls pull the thread on the face of their smiles …".

To begin with, like we may feel about the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, like we did not abused, no matter how loyal to Moscow, he was not appropriated, to give him a tribute. Question: Why? And here comes the moment of truth — the fight! Yes, just the struggle that lasts to this day. It was, however, sluggish, but it is not over, it lasts.

We, Russian, not

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In bloom again Kramatorsk chestnuts. Photo


19.09.11.Neobychnoe spectacle can be seen today in the area of urban leisure center "Builder."

On chestnuts, which has already lost their leaves, next to the already matured fruits, delicate flowers bloom. Chestnuts bloom again! It is known that the exact same pattern can be observed today in Kiev and Vinnitsa. Specialists in botany say chestnuts bloom due to the abnormally warm weather.

However, the beauty, the beauty, and the bloom is seriously threatened by the trees. Ahead — the cold autumn and winter, chestnuts weakened, and new fruit ovary requires consumption of essential nutrients that are needed by the

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In Nicholas waters again blossom water. Photo



23.09.11.Ustanovivshayasya in the last two weeks of warm weather has meant that Nicholas waters again blossom water.

Thus, near the beach, Nicholas "Arrow" correspondents "News-N» documented that the water in the estuary was covered with a film of bright green algae. Recall: algal blooms due to the rapid multiplication of microscopic algae that stain and water. In addition, the massive increase in the algae associated with the absorption of oxygen, which eventually loses the fish and other water inhabitants. Usually blooms ends at the end of the summer, but this year because of the warm and

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Scientist: prediction of continuous warming is justified

Prediction of continuous warming is not justified, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Council of Earth Sciences RAS Academician Dobretsov. According to him, evidenced by changes in the ice conditions in the Arctic — the news agency "Interfax-Siberia". "A minimum of ice was in 2007, in 2008 — 2011., And apparently, in 2012, the ice began to grow again, you can see the cold winters — in the Arctic again cold. Therefore, what we are waiting for the continuous warming — already it is obvious that it is a legend, "- he told reporters on Monday. In the next century,

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In Minsk again blossomed chestnuts


Photo from:

14.10.11.Nesmotrya on cold October weather in Minsk on Dzerzhinsky Ave Zhukov and others on the street. DOLGOBRODSKAYA chestnuts bloomed again.

"The trees bloom again in uncharacteristic flowering period, most often it is along the roads and highways. This is due to the impact that they have a car exhaust, lamp night light, hot asphalt or soil due to closely spaced communications, salt sprinkled on a winter road. Because of all these factors, they are under constant stress, "confuse" the time of year again and blossom. Regarding the chestnuts can say that this is the year

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