One day, walking up from the Volga Tvertsa, Novgorod merchants caravan made a stop on the right bank. Povecheryali the brook, which called for the healing power of Zdorovets, and spent the night. Place liked the morning and decided to leave part of the goods here: in front of waiting is not easy, though free from extortion Suzdal neighbors «seregersky way.» He passed through the back of the river to the forest lake Seliger, and there is close to the lake Ilmen Novgorod …

Over time, the goods warehouse on the banks of the New Tvertsa became a place of

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Vascular anomalies of the nervous system — one of the most common causes of stroke in young children. Establishing the causes of stroke in adolescents and children causing considerable difficulties, and therefore cerebral strokes in childhood of 20-30% of the cases take place under a variety of misdiagnosis. Contradictory information on the incidence of stroke. There is no complete picture of the nature, frequency of recurrence and outcome of stroke in different age groups. The incidence of stroke in children, according to the literature, and generally different amounts to 2-7 per 100 000 per year. Especially severe hemorrhagic strokes in young children: during breast feeding in an apparently perfectly healthy baby suddenly appear general tonic convulsions with loss of consciousness, episodes of apnea, repeated vomiting, further increases in intracranial hypertension clinic.

Visually determined bulging fontanelle, and a large voltage to the divergence of the cranial sutures and the absence of pulsations, the severity of subcutaneous vascular pattern on the head.

Cathedral Square.

For a long time or a short walk Tsar Saltan and his retinue around the walls and towers of the Kremlin, but we finally brought him to the central part of the hill — Makovytsya where stretches the oldest area of ​​the Kremlin, surrounded by majestic cathedrals. Thanks to them, the area seems to be a huge hall in the open air.

We continued the story of how 500 years ago the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan III of Moscow has conceived an ambitious restructuring and comfortable «The Emperor of All Russia» -Moscow Kremlin. In place of the old, dilapidated

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Holy Warriors.

The early Christians, who took in the era of persecution, cruel death for their faith, there were many of those who served in the Roman army in all the edges of a vast empire. Military leaders or ordinary soldiers, they shared the fate of many of his contemporaries, fellow believers — people of different nationalities and walks of life, different professions, who refused to betray their beliefs for the sake of life. The names of the most famous of them are preserved in human memory — they were canonized. Some widely revered as the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Being a

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Equal marriage

Faultless taste of the owners of these classic apartments in Paris helped them create the interior, which perfectly combines the attributes of a life of luxury and high design of the XX century.

Sixteenth District of Paris has a reputation of the most wealthy and conservative residential area. «Setting oblige» — joking hostess, one after another, throwing open the doors for us eight rooms in the apartment of 260 square meters. The apartment is located in a classical «Ottoman» house built in 1905 next to the Trocadero and the romantic staircase Avenue de Camões, which has become the venue of

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Eagle’s Nest Middle Ages.

The architectural appearance of the Middle Ages is hard to imagine without a feudal castle. He is — an integral part of the lifestyle of a medieval lord. The first is — to strengthen, where they could hide from the attacks themselves lords and placed under the protection of their vassals. There is life, subordinate harsh laws of his time. However, the castle — not only housing and fortification, and center of secular culture: castles were jousting tournaments, jugglers, and were organized competitions of singers; here created material culture, satisfies the tastes and needs of the feudal lord.


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Threads APTOS

Today, women have a variety of tools to help maintain the natural beauty. Savvy home care and salon treatments allow for a long time and very successfully to cheat time. But once you start to notice that their effectiveness is reduced. Obeying the inexorable gravity of soft tissues are stretched and lowered. There are typical age-related changes: deep nasolabial folds, drooping cheeks, double chin, wrinkles of sorrow.

Surgical lift long been considered the only way to restore youthful facial features. We were forced to put up with a long period of rehabilitation, risk of complications and irreversible result of

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Indomitable Sarmatians

In the army, the people fought Konev woman?

Sarmatians were known in ancient Rome as dangerous and worthy opponents, gained fame as «great warriors». For centuries, they tormented aging empire, causing a headache for the emperors and generals. Clad in heavy armor Sarmatian cavalry — cataphracts — like a tank column swept away everything in its path, and among the Sarmatian warriors often you could see women’s faces.

In the middle of the III century BC. e. The Roman Empire was in a deep political and economic crisis. This situation did not fail to take advantage of the neighbors.

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Tender Age

Sooner or later every girl starts to use cosmetics. You can, of course, prohibit the use of his little daughter in ink and shadows to 18 years, but you are sure that she will listen? We believe that the best way — to teach young beauty care for themselves and correctly use cosmetics. Have you seen a high school student with green eyelids, lips, eye color and centimeters foundation? Here! They are not taught! So brush up — and in a fighting stance in the mirror. But first read the tips from makeup artist Eugenia Dyshlevich who graciously shared

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We look at a flower.

Mentally, first briefly, briefly, and then leisurely and somewhat wistfully, looking back all the artists portrayed, the triumphant, the sad, the blooming and fading flora. There are pictures — a kind of hymn colors. On them you can not forget: the genre of «flowers — birds» Chinese masters of the Tang and Five Dynasties, «The Virgin in the Garden of Roses» Martin Schongauer, «Spring» of Sandro Botticelli, the Dutch still lifes of the XVII century, «time of day» Otto Runge, the scenery of the modern era. ..

Artists Sea and Xi Cui Bo embodied in circuit-free, sketchy manner «rustling»

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