What awaits retired in 2011?

The Ukrainian government, as is clear from media sources, developing a new pension legislation. From various newspapers and magazines can find a number of future directions of the pension reform. It is understood that reform will be carried out uniformly, in three steps. The outcome of interventions should be to restore social justice. And, at first, expected to be held between cuts the top and bottom bars in pensions. Media was the figure of 1:10. Certainly, the size of the pensions will be affected by the exchange rate, but as long as the planned 8808 hryvnia rate ceiling. The

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Skin Care: professionals for all ages

Regardless of age, a woman tends to look great! But with each passing year it becomes harder to hide with makeup signs of skin aging, and even more impossible to stop the aging process.

Women of all ages looking for the best ways to care for their skin, unique recipes preserve the natural beauty and youth.

Doctors of aesthetic and medical cosmetology ON CLINIC developed effective programs for health and youthful skin for each age period.

What is needed is your skin to maintain a natural appeal and health?

Face Care after 20

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Four centuries

Brahma only knows how much time has been created and destroyed by the world, because it is a creator. First there was a good age. At that time, people were happy, were born in pairs, and lived a happy life in harmony.

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They did not know no worries, no work and food was in abundance. There was no

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The last war Giperborei

"Novy Peterburg", n23 (787), 15.06.2006, n24 (788) 22.06.2006

Yury Chukanov

I. Since Atlantis was flooded

13,000 years ago, as Plato tells the story with the words of the ancient Egyptian priest Manetho, overnight, beautiful Atlantis, the center of civilization has undergone a catastrophe and perished in the water column. At the same time, the city called today on the location, Mohenjo-daro, on the other side of the world — in the valley of the Indus River — suffered as a strange and unexpected disaster. It ceased to exist once, and its inhabitants, a huge skeletons are

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In Minsk, can restore the church of the Dominicans

Society Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee supported the Society for Protection of Monuments Anton Astapovich reinstatement in October Square in the capital of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church — a monument of Baroque XVII-XVIII centuries.

According to Anton Astapovich, In his letter of Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee informed that the proposal of a public association aims Directorate Unitary Enterprise "Minsk legacy" for consideration in the design of multi-level car park in October Square.

As noted Astapovich, in a letter to the leadership "of the Minsk heritage," he asks in writing, inform

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Photos of Syria in the best of times

From the Mediterranean Sea to the southern deserts and lush plains near the border with Iraq, Syria cheers the diversity of species. Now the headlines only flicker growing division and endless bloodshed, but the Syrians do not cease to remember and be proud that they are part of one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

1. Subsequent photos demonstrate the fleeting life in Syria before the revolution. Right to their introduction was given razlyubezno Fund «Creative Syria», project Syrian Cultural Centre in Montreal. Photo: Hala Salhi

2. Ruins surrounded by the sands of Palmyra — town in central Syria.

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Incredible finds from the future!

Not so long ago, during excavations in the museum district of Guangxi (China), ancient tombs, age is 400 years old, was discovered a strange object. It was a ring, but not simple, and Swiss watches with built-in! I assure you that such finds are scattered all over the world a large number, but they are silent, as would have to review all the fundamental laws of physics, the history of mankind, and other well-established notions about our world.

A small video to increase interest

Online Video Incredible discoveries of the future:

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Mysterious Life

Beginning evidence that people can live without a head, is the story of the 14th century, which occurred during the execution Shaunburga. Convicted of rebellion, he and four of his associates were sentenced to death by cutting off the head.

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But Shaunburg took the floor with King Louis of Bavaria, that he will have mercy on 4 convicted if he will run

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The sixth issue of the digest is dedicated to Santa ethnogeny Belarusians

Society In Minsk, on Tuesday was presented the sixth issue of the historical digest "Grandparents". The collection includes conference materials on the ethnogenesis of the Belarusians, held in Minsk on January 30.

In the 336-page illustrated almanac, released in the capital's publishing house "Harvest" edition of one thousand copies, includes materials science and practical conference on issues ethnogeny Belarusians from ancient times to the XIII century, which was held in Minsk on January 30. The conference put forward the hypothesis that the Slavic praetnosu never existed, and so-called Slavs — the phenomenon of cultural and linguistic, anthropological, and not genetic.

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Mogilev on social store: It's for a penny how much humiliation!

Society A week ago, in Mogilev in Belarus opened the first social shopping. It pensioners who show a valid, allowed to buy food at slightly reduced prices. Allowance acts not all the time but only four hours a day. Our reporter visited Mogilev this store.

Mogilev Zadneprovye. Prospect Schmidt. Store number 2 Company "Grocery". From eight to twelve hours of retirees here acquire products at a discount. The smallest of them — 40 rubles, the highest — about two thousand.

At half past eleven in the sales room of people a little bit. Seniors pounded near shelves with dairy products,

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