Our homeland — the government of non-national

In the "military-industrial complex» № 1 for 2011 posted an article by Roman Ilyushchenko "Not Our homeland to Russian and Russian to Russia." I wish to sincerely thank the creator for the timely and urgent statement prepyadstviya. But in agreeing with some of his conclusions, to let themselves a little differently accents.

Apparently, in order to prevent a recurrence of the riots that took place in December of 2010 at the Manege Square in Moscow, the other in the streets of Russian cities, is not enough to do the rule of law and the elimination of legal nihilism. Conclusion that

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Russian officers will serve longer

Russian Federation Ministry of Defence has provided a draft law under which the age limit for military service will be enhanced.

In this case, if a similar initiative would find support for the officials, then all personnel officers of the Russian army will have to serve 5 years longer. Note that under the regular officers assumed not only the composition of the Army or the Navy, and members of other law enforcement agencies. To increase the life you need to make appropriate amendments to the articles of the law "On Military Duty and Military Service".

Under current law, official

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Russian style. La Boheme watch online

Bohemia — social group with the highest public status, appeared in Russia in the late XIX century. As throughout the XVIII and XIX century most of the people who were engaged in a masterful work of art, stand in the social hierarchy of the Russian Empire is not the highest position. Well-known and very successful next picture according to his own official position was equal to a serving of the lowest class. For noble occupation artistic work was only a "generous leisure time." Earn their daily bread by writing works of literature or art in the eyes of many

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7 horrific womens ways of finding beauty

At all times women tried to attract attention by any means. And it seems to be nothing wrong with that, but sometimes women in the pursuit of beauty make your own body just terrible things.

1. Corsets

You know, it seems that men especially boring? Wholesome female body, that's what! Why do you think in the 19th century, the stronger sex so diligently hunted whales? Women to drag away their bodies whalebone corsets and maim internal organs, of course.

2. Arsenic

7 horrific womens ways of finding beauty

Buffalo rodeo / Buffalo Rodeo watch online

For centuries bison inhabited the South American west, but in the 19th century war between the Indians and the settlers almost led to their complete destruction. Now they vorachivayutsya. Bison anyway still run wild, no matter whether it bred on the farm or he freely graze on the prairie.

Animals sushi

Geniuses and villains. Alexander century. Ahead of its time watch online

Alexander G. STOLETOV — statuesque Russian experimental physicist. Creator of the first law of the photoelectric effect. Inventor of the 2-way magnetic measurements substances. He has to his birthplace of modern quantum theory. Telek, camera, camera. X-ray machines, telephoto, copiers. Solar panels, burglar alarm, electric motors … All the things that we used to take technical innovations of the twentieth century, in fact born in the nineteenth century. This heritage Stoletova. But why we do not know enough about the person who is so overtaken time? Why he experienced persecution, denunciations, subtle innuendo?

Historical figures, people

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Having destroyed the Soviet civilization, we fell into a new barbarism

The last 25 years were a time of retrograde development, going backwards and down

Naturally, the time in which we live — it's the Middle Ages. And not only in a figurative sense. And not only in the usual and civilization. Since it is — the time between the centuries. We do not live in the XXI century and not in the XX. We are not in the age of capitalism and socialism in the century. We obviously broke with the age of the Enlightenment: we do not live in the Kingdom of the Mind, and not in the

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A week before the sanctions

One of the Company's third sector leaders of Belarus, methodologists Vladimir Mackiewicz, convinced that the responsibility for the abolition of dictatorship falls on civil society of each individual country. On He said, the impact of international experience on the troubled regions has no positive examples of successful problem solving:

"Sanctions — it's a way of pressuring the country or any international institutions of the democratic community represented at the state level, which came into practice in the XX century. Earlier These questions solved quickly by war or violent pressure. But, as history shows the last century, it is very

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True Hollywood Story — Brandon Lee watch online

Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee himself, was born in Oakland (California, USA), February 1, 1965. Was very much like his own father, who began to teach him kung fu already in 3 years of age. Predisposition to martial arts passed on, apparently, from father to offspring, because at the age of 5 years Brandon quietly walked on his hands, and took out a jump to the chin of his father.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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Cattle for three rubles. Prices and salaries in the Royal RF

Discussions about the fact that "the king-father of 3 rubles could buy a cow", usually nostalgic. Especially since these "three-ruble cows' lodge is not accepted at the time, for example, Nicholas, and blessed in 1913, in recent times of peace the king of. Hunt to believe that in an era when there were balls, and krosotki and cadets, and the crunch of French bread — life was cheaper and somehow, perhaps, more natural, more fair, more than at the moment.

Almost all of this is the "cow for three rubles" — and even "big wage skilled workers" —

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