Botox Gel + = minus 15 years

Each woman will sooner or later think about a face lift, with many non-surgical want — that there was stitches, swelling, scarring. And few people realize that it does take just a timely appeal to the beautician. No need to wait until the age reassert itself, frightening morning in the mirror sagging face and wrinkles. Start the prevention of aging now and get rid of the prospects scalpel!

You 23-25? It's time to start low concentrations of chemical peeling, massage Lift6, which will keep the facial muscles toned, microcurrent, oxygen-ozone therapy, especially if you do not get enough fresh

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The age of testosterone deficiency in men

Age-related androgenic deficit— Is the lack of androgens (male sex hormone) in the male body that is associated with its natural aging. It is usually develops after age 50, but the first manifestations may occur much earlier — in40-45 years. It is accompanied by symptoms of androgen deficiency, affecting all organs and systems. At the heart androgenic Deficit reduction is the main production of male sex hormone testosterone.


Before talking about the causes of age-related androgen deficiency, it is necessary to say about where and how the formation of testosterone.

Testosterone — is main male hormone, the

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In Bobruisk opened ice rink

Participated in the opening of Alexander Lukashenko. The palace is designed for seven thousand seats.

Near the palace was and paddyIce palace in Bobruisk was started in June 2006. Construction was supposed to end in three years, in November 2009. Alexander Lukashenko, but claimed to accelerate construction. Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Boris Batura promised to build a palace in the first quarter 2008.It was planned that in 2013 Belarus will host the IIHF World Championship. "Bobruisk Arena" was listed in the application as one of the venues for the championship. This acceleration of the construction and justified.

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Selecting a contraceptive based on the age

The choice of method of contraception — a task that is best dealt with by your doctor. The main criteria are: — the effectiveness of birth control (how high is the risk of getting pregnant, despite the actions taken), and the convenience of the method. You should also think about the side effects of the chosen method and the failure of the method, in case the woman wants to become pregnant. In general, contraceptive choice depends on the age female.

16-19 years

The most appropriate for this age is recognized hormonal contraception.

However, its use is justified

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Magdeburg Grodno

Book series, published under the auspices of the favorite movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, who himself studied Grodno past, issued "Vovchynskuyu history" — a book about the last king of the Rzeczpospolita Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Yuri Gordeev writes that Grodno (such variant names kept creator) "not once get to the page memuarnay literature in the 16th and 17th centuries, but more noteworthy observations about her life left the travelers who visited the city in the 18th century." City since the economic recovery and building of the 18th century just shows more carefully. Book project coordinator — Paul Mazhejka. It states that

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How to destroy pockets of freedom?

"In 1851 it was decided to demolish the town hall, but only in 1857 the Minsk City Council has allocated funds for the" Purchase Ratushny shells for dismantling the structure. " All this time, the former residence of the magistrate was empty. The formal reason for the demolition was that the town hall, "… taking a main part of the square, embarrass her and closes the view of the cathedral church and newly constructed official place …" But the memoirs of witnesses, the town hall was destroyed due to the fact that " … its existence it reminded about the

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Eye diseases in children

Most eye diseases diagnosed in adults, can also occur in children. For example, an allergic reaction, contact with the eye of the infectious agent and other reasons, a child may be an inflammation of one or more shells eye — conjunctivitis, keratitis or uveitis. Injuries, burns, foreign body eye children are not less than those of their parents — in such cases it is important to quickly and efficiently provide first aid.

Childhood is the time, especially in school, most often the problem starts with vision — myopia andastigmatism. For as long as possible to keep a good eye,

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Belarusians often change their profession in adulthood?

In globally it became quite common practice — each recruitment agency separately engaged counseling those who dared to begin the latest career. The Belarusian society, people very rarely go to such basic steps …Lena Pakhomov, lawyer, for the first time in my life took a violin in hand, when she was 20 years old. Violin — tool is very complicated, and it is believed that begin to play it can be only in early childhood, starting later simply makes no sense. But Lena has second year studying in Minsk sector pedpraktyki music school and a year in this school is

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Requiem for male youth

Midlife crisis — they say about a man who suddenly begins to summarize life, take yourself to deal with actual achievements and very critical of myself for.The term "midlife crisis" was proposed in the 50-ies of XX century psychologist Daniel Levinsanam. The essence of the crisis: a man making some real, public, domestic status and suddenly realizes that move further — nowhere. The age at which it occurs. Levinson determined at 40 — 50. Now, as they say psychologists, is very often faced with such a crisis 20 — 30-year-olds. But the problem is not that people reached the total,

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Homosexuality (historical reference)

Pre-Christian times

The history of homosexuality has its roots in antiquity. Homosexuality love was known Neanderthals. This is evidenced by unambiguous rock paintings found by archaeologists. However, there is nothing surprising, because on the basis of Darwin's theory, we are all descended from apes, animals are not too choosy in sexual relations. An illustrative example to illustrate their morals: it is often the leader of the pack monkey to reinforce their social status, low-ranking copulate with sexually mature males. Such is the unique way of self-affirmation.

Homosexual relationships were common in many Indian tribes of North America, and

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