Kolozhu want to restore the whole of Grodno

Society Grodno authorities have decided to raise money for the restoration of the Church of Boris and Gleb Kaloskay XII century, which stands over the Niemen. According to the press service of the regional administration.

In the executive committee meeting was held, attended by priests and bankers. Stated that the restoration Kolozhi should be "common concern of all residents of Grodno." The authorities want to conduct, in particular, lottery and charity events to raise money for the temple.

In a preliminary field guide also stated that Kolozha will be restored soon. However, the architectural design was created. Following the

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Children from three to five years

Came the famous age "Why Why". A curious child does not give you no rest day nor night — why flowers grow from what makes the book as called out that contraption on the crane — and so on to infinity.

Humble yourselves! For your young ranger you — the main source of information about the world. And to knowledge that was fun for both of you to help special games and activities. You can do, such as classification. At first glance, classification — It's pretty boring. And why is it so just like kindergarten teachers and psychologists

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The retirement age will not increase until

Society However, the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection Valentina Koroleva told reporters that there are only two ways to increase the level of provision of pensions — is raising the retirement age and increase contributions to the Social Security Fund, BelaPAN.

"No other way to increase the level of pensions in the world has been invented" — explained Queen.



The secret of eternal youth

During the communication is concentrated in the area of the face look interlocutor. The person silently gives age. Cherished dream — to look younger?

Change your face! Such a call is not surprising. With age, even the most optimistic spirited, cheerful person sees as his face takes on an expression of sadness, resentment or rigor. It is promoted by age-related changes, the signs of aging.

A sense of self remains unchanged, the desire to please themselves and others, to look young.

With each passing year it becomes harder to stop the ravages of time: it

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Ask me (Issues 41-50) watch online

Witches, love potions, komploty from the evil eye — the riddle of the Middle Ages. UFOs, poltergeists, travelers in time — Undercover today. Each issue "Unexplainably, but fact"Dedicated to the anomalous phenomenon. Real people talk about encounters with paranormal. Leading Sergei Druzhko comes to them in at least some corner of. He listens to their stories, and consulted with spices. Then, in the capital's studio Sergei analyzes the situation and offer their own conclusions. Sergei Druzhko not only leads aaplet "Unexplainably, but true "on TNT. He decides what will be the theme next gear, meets with scientists, professionals and

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Sex after childbirth

Of course, to become a mother — that's fine. But if you remember that, becoming the mother, you have not ceased to be a woman? Beautiful, loved and cherished?

Many women claim that making love for the first time after giving birth were similar to the "very first time."

There are a lucky women in the world that are still in the hospital dreaming about how they will be engaged in sex again. And, characteristically, shortly successfully embody their dreams into reality. But such, alas, quite a bit. Statistics say that about 50% of new mothers have

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Single-wire line peredachi.Prodolzhaya works of Nikola Tesla

Despite the fact that the genius of the 20th century Nikola Tesla long rest in peace, his work continues to be implemented around the world. Thus, the innovation center "Dubna" (Moscow Region), was the second to be installed single-wire transmission line, performing at the same time a function to transmit data and power

In the city of science "Dubna" (Moscow), the company "Maison", working at the University "Dubna", has created a power line that combines the functions of power transmission and data transmission. This idea is not new, even in

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Was a break for lunch at the Battle of Grunwald?


Michas Scoble: "Mr. Jury, a separate section of this book is devoted to weapons and ammunition soldiers Battle of Grunwald. Can you tell what kind of weapon was the most common July 15, 1410 at Grunwald? "

Yuri Bohan: "In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, as well as throughout Europe at that time, there were two types of warriors. The basis of the armed forces was the cavalry, cavalry, which was divided into two categories. This spearmen, armed drevkavay arms and archers. In the spearmen were more massive horse and offensive weapons as weapons drevkavay, heavy

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HOLY GRAIL: Tradition …

In the myths, sagas and sacred religious texts of various countries and peoples can find a lot of stories about the miraculous things that have been left to people or donated to them by the gods. Among these traditions, perhaps the most intriguing are the texts of the Holy Grail. In the real existence of the relics did not doubt the authors of medieval chivalry and chronicles his quest sent knights and adventurers who fought for it, and people were killed, but the paradox is that we do not have any evidence of

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Organ concert in the Cathedral

Society In Grodno in the cathedral church, the first this summer concert dedicated to the six centuries of organ music. Professor Igor played Olovnikov from Minsk. The event has attracted many residents who do not attend church. Many have to stand — so happens in the temple on the great religious holidays.It gathered the abbot Jan Kuczynski, who spoke about the history of the Church of Francis Xavier, a former Jesuit, who the citizens of habit called "Farn" means — the parish. The abbot said that students are in the temple, and not in the concert hall, so I asked

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