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Aggressive child

Aggression — This is intentional actions aimed at causing harm to other people or animals. Aggressive child screams, swears, threatens, attacks things bullies peers and adults. In children's aggression has several goals.

To attract attention. These children suffer from neglect adults, they are underdeveloped social skills. Therefore, even when they are among their peers, they do not know any other way to get attention than aggressive behavior, shouting and threats that have a demonstrative character. Usually these children low social status among their peers.

To achieve the desired. For these children, aggression — way achieve a specific

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The U.S. has an opinion about global warming

The U.S. has an opinion about Global Warming Facts

Under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol, the United States was to reduce the amount of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, more than 6% compared with 1990. However, based on data for the years 1990-2010 carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 14%, to 5406.8 tera-gram equivalent instead of 4742.1. Only from 2009 to 2010, CO2 levels increased by 3.7% (192.2 teragrams) compared with 1990.

United States, at the time did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, and calls for equal obligations between developing and leading the country, said that the reasons

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In Berlin, more frequent attacks of crows on human


23.05.12.Nedavno been attacked 40-year-old resident of Prenzlauer Berg. Thorsten Alsleben was on the phone when he was attacked a few birds, and the owner of the kiosk H. Baris says that from time to time watch as crows peck and pull the hair people passing by.

Urban gray crows, large birds weighing up to 1 kg, particularly aggressive from March to June, because in this period, they protect the nest. "It was like in the movie" The Birds "by Alfred Hitchcock" — says Alsleben.

According to the World Conservation Union, in Berlin to live up to 5000 pairs of

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04.04.12.V Dnepropetrovsk mass killing pets


4.04.12.Zhiteli several areas attacked public services, SES, police to sort out what is happening in residential areas.

In plantations, near schools, ZhEKov and hairdressers are dead dogs, cats and birds. Witnesses claim that it is a poison — the animals die within minutes in terrible convulsions and epilepsy. Only on Monday at Red Rock zhilmassive killed four dogs, two of them were home thoroughbred.

Veterinarian Natalia Sergeeva told reporters that rescue animals failed — poor literally dying in her arms. Killed and pedigree dogs — spotted dogs, bulldogs and fees. Local people are shocked because this

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Result has: a European virus does not take antibiotics


Chinese microbiologists, to decipher the genome of E. coli aggressive, common in Germany, discovered the genes that allow the bacteria to resist the effects of the eight classes of antibiotics.

According to Xinhua news agency, researchers from the Shenzhen branch of the Beijing Institute of Genomics, the world's largest center for the study of DNA, note that the new strain of E. coli is able to resist, in particular, sulfonamide, cephalothin, penicillin and streptomycin. This, according to Chinese researchers, helps explain why European doctors have such difficulty in dealing with this

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A relationship between the propensity to aggression and body symmetry




Researchers at Ohio State University discovered an unexpected connection between the propensity of people to aggression and the asymmetry of their bodies. The greater the differences in shape and size of right and left ears, hands or feet, the greater the likelihood that the person will be

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Scientists have found differences in the effects of alcohol on men and women




Researchers from the University of Kentkukki (University of Kentucky) found that after drinking alcohol men are three times more isolated, and aggressive than women.

American scientists decided to see how the same amount of alcohol affects men and women.

They had experience with a group of 12

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In Kamchatka aggressive bear broke into the house

In the village of Tilichiki Olyutorsky district Kamchatka police shot dead an extremely aggressive brown bear broke into the house. The press service of the Russian Interior Ministry regional government reported that the beast came to the house, located in the immediate vicinity of the forested hills, the smell of cooking. Paws predator strikes broke the window frame and went inside the room.

Master of the house had to hide his wife and two children in the bathroom, and himself, to call the police, was to distract the bear itself. Immediately return a call all the police, who were

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Nibiru — the spacecraft Overseer!

Nibiru is a planet-spacecraft, which is much larger than Earth. This ship is defined as the controller of the cosmos and the inspector of the planet on which we live. I must say that the Earth has always been of particular interest and possible danger to the Cosmos. Ever since the days of Sirius, Vega and the broken planet we call Phaeton concerned about energy in the universe of Earth, so constantly maintain its energy balance. But even then it was created spaceship-guard, which looks very similar to the planet.Sumerians called Nibiru ship is home to a higher power.Currently Nibiru

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Shark in Egypt — the worst predictions come true

Recent shark attack on tourists in Egypt have put the scientific community to a standstill. It appeared that the shark attack on tourists of different species. This may mean some changes in global sea that make very different kinds of sharks look for food near the shore, and, first of all, consider the swimmers as the object of hunting. Mako shark caught was found guilty of attacks on tourists from Russia and Ukraine, which occurred on November 30 and December 1 — teeth marks on the bodies of the victims of this kind of match the teeth of sharks.


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