Urusvati star (Nemesis, Mara, Nibiru, Wormwood) — a sign of the new world

I'm sure many have wondered what this strange new star appeared on the horizon this year and why it is brighter than all the other objects, except for the Sun and the Moon, and its brightness increases continuously? We tried to find answers to the questions what is the star, and that means its appearance.

Video channel REN: Military Secret to Igor Prokopenko

All unbelieving Thomas Yarema and can immediately scroll down and start viewing photos and videos.

In 1984 in California, gathered scientists from different countries, based on numerous observations and above

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Altai. Responsible body of the Earth

October 2, 2012 21:23

Here is the "cutting edge" restructuring of the climate machine Planet

More and more of earthlings can understand — the world go global planetary change. They will affect everyone on the planet. On this subject, conducted workshops and conferences. One such scientific conferences on the topic "New state of nature and man" held Shebalinsky district administration of the municipality, and, despite the fact that since its implementation has enough time, it is more relevant than ever.

The report "On the organization of the new psychology of life in the renewed nature of Gorny Altai" was

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Agni Yoga. Some unresolved (undisclosed) questions Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga Teaching and Living Ethics Teaching was given to the world as a means of expanding consciousness, as the tool of the World! And at the same time it was the instrument of evolution!

In the Agni Yoga emphasizes that the information is given, and no apparent multifaceted system. However, if the "Chela" scrupulous and thoughtful approach to the study of "Teaching …" — in his mind the overall picture is gradually emerging doctrine, from which you can select the methods and ways of self-improvement! It is sufficient to clearly manifests the principle of a spiral of communicating

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Indian peacekeepers — Agni-I, II, III.IV, V

Successful tests Agni-V ,19.04.2012 by India have allowed her to "break" the elite club of countries possessing the technology ICBM (IDB).

Local Indian press does not call ICBM Agni-V on the other as the "killer of China.""I have brought for you fire (Agni), I have another could not!"During the test run 17.5-meter-V Fire headed for the height of 600 km and a speed of 7000 m / s, which allowed the missile to achieve the expected range.

According to the website of the Federation of American Scientists (Britannica.com), ICBM range of 5,500 km or more.

Project Director Avinash

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