Ukraine sell Blackjacks

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE have reached preliminary agreement on the sale of some Ukrainian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to Moscow. The agreement was reached during a two-day visit to Kiev by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Soskovets, and was subsequently endorsed by the Ukrainian National Security Council and Defence Minister Valery Shmarov.

Air Force Commander Volodymyr Antonets said Ukraine was no longer capable of supporting the Tu-160, and would rely in future on its remaining 24 Tu-95 Bears. It has not been announced how many of the 18 Tu-160s based at Priluki, 75 miles (120km) north of Kiev, are to be

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Russia to join PFP

AFTER MONTHS OF uncertainly, Russian defence minister General Pavel Grachev announced on May 24 at a briefing for NATO defence ministers on Russian military doctrine that his country would join the Partnership for Peace (PFP) military co-operation programme. PFP is a new alliance set up by NATO to involve former Warsaw Pact countries in joint military exercises, joint planning and consultation on key security issues.

To date, 18 countries have signed the agreement, including Russia’s neighbouring independent republics, and Russia was expected to formally join the partnership within about two months. The minister’s announcement stated that Russia would not, as

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If you sign an agreement on trade between Belarus and Russia?

According to the source agency, there is some version of the text, which is already approved by the Government of the Russian Federation as a negotiating position. But Belarusian side This document while not received. Is not received from the Russian side and the answer on the proposal Belarusian side relative to an adjustment in the agreement.In addition, Belarusian government noted that addition time, as the draft agreement was initialed in Moscow in the midst of January, "the situation has changed significantly," many items simply outdated. Namely, a number of issues in the draft agreement, for example, concerning the settlement

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Moscow Minsk involves a conflict with the West

According to Prikhodko, Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the agreement at this meeting in Sochi. In Belarus this occasion expressed nastsyaroga that Moscow wants Minsk to draw its confrontation with the West. Sergei Prikhodko said that the intergovernmental agreement on a unified air defense system to sign in Moscow. This will happen at the meeting of the Municipal Council of the Supreme.Minsk political analyst Andrei Fedorov believes single system — Kremlin response to the likely deployment in Poland and the Czech part of the American defense:"I believe Our homeland that still squeezed this agreement with the Belarusian government. And

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M.Vanshina about Polish-US agreement on defense

"We believe that the need for an impartial basing of air defense units in Eastern Europe is not" — commented on the signing of the preliminary agreement between Poland and the United States to place parts in Poland U.S. Defense deputy chief management of disk imaging Belarus MFA Maria Vanshyna.She highlighted that "Belarusian side not once publicly voiced its position this issue. "Recall Defense Minister of Belarus Leonid Maltsev said in January in Moscow that "the planned deployment of U.S. air defense units in neighboring states will seriously complicate the military and political situation on our borders."

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Poland agreed to arrange South American missiles

The agreement anticipates that the terrain of Poland, not counting system defeat ballistic rockets fired at the U.S. countryside, will be the South American military garrison (until 2012). It is expected that in exchange for permission to arrange on their own terrain 10 U.S. interceptor missiles will give Washington Warsaw also rocket launchers "Patriot" and, according to the official disk imaging would take "a significant role in the modernization of the Polish army.""The United States pledged to closely cooperate with us in case of any danger to Poland from third countries … This is a step towards strengthening Poland’s security

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Georgia-Russia — mutual vinavachanni

Our homeland Georgia and now in the morning to a cease-fire, but within a day or did not stop traffic announcements Russian tanks in the districts Blaze. Coupled with the fact Tbilisi and Moscow continued to mutual accusations of flagrant violation of international law and the atrocities against the civilian population.A few hours after the merits of the ceasefire agreement of Georgia announced Our homeland that violates this Agreement.Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tkeshelashvili told reporters today in Brussels:"I can do for you with full confidence to inform you that at the moment is in Georgia in the morning

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French businessman to invest in the North Caucasus billion


Suprema Associates, owned by the French investment bank Natixis manager Ravi Visvanatanu, has signed an agreement with "Resorts of the North Caucasus" (CSC). According to "Kommersant", according to the agreement, the French company will invest in the construction of ski resorts in the region of a billion dollars. The parameters of cooperation and KSK Suprema Associates will be worked out later. According to Ravi Viswanathan, the establishment of resorts in the North Caucasus, it is interesting primarily because the necessary infrastructure to build the state. He also recalled that the Russian authorities guarantee a return on investment lost

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In pictures: PAK FA first revealed the vicinity!

Finally! A group of journalists finally revealed the latest fighter from a distance that is available in order to see the fifth generation closer. The reason for this was the signing of an agreement of intent between the KLA and the Russian Academy of Sciences for the development of new technologies and materials for aviation.

On the territory of LIC "Dry" all at home. Apples can rip directly from production.

Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) — Russia's fifth-generation multirole fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (United Aircraft Corporation), where he will also

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Fund Skolkovo and Samara Region signed an agreement to support innovation in the region


Samara. November 17. Interfax-Volga — President of the "Skolkovo" Viktor Vekselberg and Samara Region Governor Vladimir Artjakov on Thursday as part of the V Interregional Economic Forum signed a cooperation agreement, informed the agency "Interfax-Volga", who was present at the event.

"We are confident that the agreement signed today — it's not a simple declaration. The document will begin to live my real life. The basic elements of our co-operation will be the ways in which our co-operation should, and can, I believe, will be of mutual benefit ", — said Viktor Vekselberg.

According to him,

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