To Dozhinki fallen village conceal colorful fences

At highway Bobruisk-Retchitsa, 20 km from the district center, there is a hamlet of Old Red. It refers to the Council of Agriculture Demyahovskaga. Agrotown village not be dropped. Streets here hourglass, hooves trampled state farm herds. And the house — completely cottages. So long fence along estates bent to the ground. Such neglect decided to disguise the new slate wall, painted in pink, purple and reddish color.Knows the village lady, Mrs. Maria:"Lukashenko will go to town on Dozhinki, so it gave the chairman of the Council of Agriculture Schiffer with state farm yard. He came, and I say," Oh,

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Agricultural exports exceeded imports by seven times


Exports of agricultural products in Ukraine in 2011 exceeded imports by seven times. This is a prime example of what an agricultural sector in Ukraine out of the crisis and returned to the extremely high dynamics increase their capacity. Decreased by 40% and imports of meat products increased by 60% its Export. In addition, according to the official, in 2011, Ukraine exported 13 million tons of grain, particularly maize twice against 2010.

CHKPZ develops the market of agricultural machinery

On Chelyabinsk Forge-Press Plant found a new niche for the production and marketing of products. The company enters the market of spare parts for agricultural machinery. The first samples are presented in the exhibitions "Agricultural Complex" in Ufa and "UralAgro" held in Grand Istok near Yekaterinburg. The collections of the plant could be seen as a traditional production factory, auto parts, tires for agricultural machinery and special and harrow discs modification of "daisy", rack and leg seeding system "Kuzbass".

To develop new products plant began in late 2010. Today it started serial production of the disc harrow,

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Kharkiv Tractor Plant has implemented nearly 2,000 tractors

PJSC "Ordzhonikidze Kharkov Tractor Plant" (HTZ) in 2011 produced about 1.9 million tractors and sold one thousand 950 tractors. Part of the tractor was realized from stock. In Ukraine, the remaining 26% of the volume of sold cars. Russia was the main importer. In value terms, sales of about 770 mln. In the first half of the year the plant produced and sold about 1 million 50 tractors. "Autumn — traditionally a good season for sales of agricultural equipment, but this year the expectations are not met. The season was difficult, since agricultural products fell, "- noted in the factory.

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Kharkov farmers 2.5 times increased purchases of agricultural machinery

In 2011, Ukrainian agrarians purchased agricultural machinery by 3.2 billion UAH.

Total funding from all sources of financing in the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2011 in Kharkiv region amounted to 837.2 mln. This was during a regional meeting on the preparation of the complex of spring field work in 2012, Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (Hogan) Vitaly Alekseichuk, the website Hoag. According to the deputy chairman of Hogan, in 2011 the volume of purchases of equipment in terms of money is 2.4 times more than in 2010, and by 4.4 times — than

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Farmers Komi on the results of 2012

In 2012, the country registered 553 farms, it is two times more than in 2007. Most of all farms in the Ust-Kulomski region — 12 per cent of the number of nation-wide, in Ust-Vymsky, Kortkerosski, Priluzsky, Sysolsky areas — to 8 percent in other areas — 56 percent.

For five years, the production of milk on farms increased by 1.8 times and amounted to 6341 ton, cattle and poultry for slaughter increased by a quarter, potatoes — 2 times. The leaders in the production and sales of livestock farmers are Knyazhpogosskogo area they produce

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Farmers from Chuvashia and agro Kurgan

Federal program to support beginning farmers working less than a year. During this time, in Chuvashia its participants were more than 50 people. Posadskov family from the village of Imenevo Krasnoarmeyskiy region benefited from a grant to create your own farm for the breeding of sheep Romanov and Kuibyshev breed. The other day, a visit to the farmer visited the crew STRC "Chuvashia".

Leonid Posad worked all his life on the farm, was engaged in animal husbandry. When a farm in the village closed, he decided to create his own. Bet placed on the sheep. The jurisdiction of the economy

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Combine TORUM successes in Russia and the U.S.


The company's "Rostselmash" rotary combine harvester TORUM-740 copes with sweeping fields with complex agricultural background and has already earned the respect of the Russian machine operators. He is able to remove a wide range of crops — from wheat to rice. Applied on it rotary threshing scheme is best suited to farms with large areas of crop and high yield. Grain is poured into the hopper always clean, as its quality is ensured by a large area cleaning sieve, sieve of an additional and powerful flow of air created by a two-piece fan.



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Yields of wheat, Astarte at 64 kg / ha

Structural units ASTARTA "Astarte-Kiev" harvested winter wheat area of about 7 hectares, accounting for about 25% of the total area, the press service of the company.


The average yield is 50 t / ha, which is significantly more than last year in the region.

In the best agricultural firms yield higher than 64 kg / ha, which is a result of the effective application of advanced agricultural technologies, optimal use of technology and the professionalism of the staff.

"Just to harvest scheduled for about 60 thousand hectares of early grain. A

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Unique school opened in Tambov region

On the 140 th year of existence Tatanovskaya School Tambov region refreshed externally and internally, becoming a regional resource center for agribusiness education "School of Agribusiness, Tambov."


The new school will be taught skills in agriculture and agribusiness, from primary school. At the request of students can master such demand occupations as "Plodoovoschevod", "Tractor driver of agricultural production", "Agriculture", "Mechanization of agriculture."

And for adults, this school will become a professional internship platform in the field of agriculture.

In school, lots of light, space, greenery, every detail is thought out, because here worked best

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