Launched the first phase of the plant in virgin groats (Rostov region)

Grinding plant agro "Virgin Lands" for up to two production lines and equipped with modern German equipment brand «SCHULE», was erected during the year. Power Complex — 22,000 tons per year. The technology used allows to obtain a high yield of high-quality finished products and reduce costs.

Currently only launched the first production line capable of processing up to 75 tons per day, and two packaging lines.

Complex agricultural company has built its own funds by implementing an investment project worth 140 million rubles. This was made possible thanks to a strong economy farms.

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Technics Service success story.

"Technics Service", specializing in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment.

The company established in 1992 by four entrepreneurs classic "Ford" scheme — without the initial capital and any support. The first workers were members themselves, who gathered in makeshift conditions of agricultural equipment. The resulting income spent on business development.

  — We started to do things with their own hands. When twenty years ago, I lost my job at the military-industrial enterprise, we are a small team of travel by collective farms, which performed various jobs: cleaning out the garbage, doing welding and

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In Kandalaksha invented an economical reactor biofuel

In Kandalaksha (Murmansk region) invented an economical reactor biofuel is extracted from plants. As reported by the energy efficiency of the Murmansk region, the author — a businessman Sergei Kolovanov, on a camp where there were constant power outages. In order to overcome the difficulties, Sergei first coined the installation, which runs on manure, and now modernized it.

At home the reactor at the initial stage the manure, which produces methane-bacteria. They produce a combustible gas in the fermentation process, but they will need additional ingredients. Sergei Kolovanov an idea that it is better suited tropical plants. For example, the

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Two other livestock complex opened in Saratov region

Since 2008, within the framework of the state program of agricultural development reproducers agricultural company "Volga" investment projects for the reconstruction of pig houses.

Since 2009, the economy started to build a dairy complex for 800 head of cattle. The introduction of a complex economy will increase milk production to 7 million tonnes per year.

On pedigree farm "Labor" put into operation next, third place livestock complex.

Plemzavod one of the first in the region began to build breeding complex with the introduction of modern technologies of European animal welfare. In 2008, commissioned the first phase

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In Thailand, floods have killed 300 people

In Thailand, the number of people killed by heavy floods in a century has exceeded 280. Of the disaster from the end of July, the country suffered about 3 million people, according to ITAR-TASS.

Currently, more than two-thirds of the country flooded. Were under water, agricultural land, rice fields. Because of the disaster closed hundreds of factories, and many roads in the kingdom turned into rivers. On the eve of the production cycles for its branches in Thailand suspended the Japanese car company "Toyota" and the American computer company "Uestern Digital."

To date, under the water are

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Additional state support of agriculture in 2013 in the amount of 42 billion rubles


In connection with the adoption of the Federal Law of 07.06.2013 № 133-FZ "On Amending the Federal Law" On the Federal Budget for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015, "Russian Agriculture Ministry provided additional budgetary allocations for the state support of agriculture in total42 billion rubles, including:

1. Subsidies for 1 liter of milk sold merchandise— 3.2 billion rubles.

2. Subsidies navozmeschenie the interest rate on short-term loans (loans) for the development of crop production, processing and marketing of crop production —12 billion rubles.

3. Subsidies for

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Don ekopshenitsy for ekozemledeliya

Scientists and breeders of the RAAS, a new variety of winter wheat for environmentally friendly farming. The new line of eco-types other than plain wheat highest innate resistance to diseases and pests, which are characteristic of ordinary cereals. These properties allow you to give up many chemical treatments, keeping it environmentally clean grain and improvingfertility of the land.


DonEko (R) — is a semi-intensive, middle, umerennorosly grade (culm length varies predelah70-120 cm). High resistance to lodging.

The potential productivity of varieties — 9.8 t / ha.

Designed for medium

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Don farmers have purchased 355 units of equipment


Since June 2010, the program aimed at the technical modernization of the village, Don farmers have purchased 355 units of agricultural machinery produced in the Rostov area — 214 combine harvesters and tractors made of 11 "Rostselmash" as well as more than 130 units of other regional agricultural production. From the regional budget for its implementation has been allocated 300 million rubles for the refund 20% of the cost of purchased agricultural machinery. Today the villagers have received grants in the amount of 144.3 million rubles. The other day in order to support peasant farmers Vasily Golubev has

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Don farmers bought 370 pieces of equipment at a discount

More than 370 units of agricultural machinery produced in Rostov Don purchased by farmers tehmodernizatsii governor's program. According to her farmers can buy appliances with a 20% discount.

"In September, at 40 million rubles has been increased funding for the payment of subsidies to farmers who buy the Don machinery, — said the expert, an expert on information policy APK Rostov region Mariam Ananyan. — Today, as part of the governor's program villagers bought 167 combine harvesters, 13 tractors and other agricultural equipment 191 unit production of the Don. "

In total for the duration of the program farmers

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Group agribusinesses Doronichi

Group agribusinesses "Doronichi" — the largest complex of the Kirov region. Holding includes meat and agricultural firm "Doronichi", "Kirov meat" agrocomplex Plemzavod "Krasnogorsk", "Kirov dairy company," agricultural enterprise in Nemskoye and Nolinskoye districts.

Nearly built and started working feed mill in Swifts. Nearing the commissioning of the new pig breeding, construction of which was completed near the village of Kirov-Perches Chepetskiy district.

The plans of agricultural holdings — the construction of the plant in the village of Swifts federal format for the production of hard cheeses. Agroholding confidently holds a leading position in the Volga Federal District.


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