Wine became the agricultural product

The Russian government has supported the initiative of the Kuban to include wine in the list of agricultural products. This bill promoted the Krasnodar region for many years.

"Recognition of wines agricultural product, no doubt, a historic step. Step, which Kuban struggled for many years ", — said Alexander Tkachev, focusing on the fact that this bill has promoted the region for many years, and now growers can count on the edge of preferences for agricultural producers.

This is a very important decision in the first place for the Krasnodar Territory, as a recognized wine

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6,500 hectares of abandoned agricultural land put into operation

In the course of the program involvement of unused agricultural land is 6,500 acres of suburban areas have been put into operation this year. , Told reporters Tuesday the deputy chairman of the Moscow region, Vladimir Barsukov, "Interfax".

"Experts know that on the field, which is not to plow ten years, it is necessary to spend a lot of operations to prepare the ground for sowing. However, this year has 6,500 hectares of fallow farmland put into circulation ", — said the Badgers after the cabinet meeting in the region.

It is also particularly

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Wheat yields Astarte at 64 kg / ha

Structural units ASTARTA "Astarte-Kiev" harvested winter wheat area of about 7 hectares, accounting for about 25% of the total area, the press service of the company.


The average yield is 50 t / ha, which is significantly more than last year in the region.

In the best agricultural firms yield higher than 64 kg / ha, which is a result of the effective application of advanced agricultural technologies, optimal use of technology and the professionalism of the staff.

"Just to harvest scheduled for about 60 thousand hectares of early grain. A

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In the Smolensk region launched the first modular dairy plant

Modular dairy factory, assembled in just two months, was put into operation in the village of Koschino Smolensk Smolensk region.

The new modular dairy plant is capable of automated processing of up to four million liters of raw milk per day. Serving the technology cycle of just three people per shift. In order to provide the plant with raw materials the company has a dairy herd numbering 249 goals. During the year it is planned to increase the number of 700 cows.

Almost a year ago, an agreement was signed on cooperation between "Agrarian Smolensk company" and

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Agromashholding utilizes harvesters

Ltd. "Agromashholding" implements for farmers program to update the fleet of harvesters (recycling). Under the program of agricultural producers for each recycled harvester receives a certificate which entitles you to discounts when purchasing the combine, produced by JSC "Production Association" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant "in the amount of 200 000 and 350 000. The program is a measure of non-state support and technical and technological modernization of agricultural organizations.

Don ekopshenitsy for ekozemledeliya

Scientists and breeders of the RAAS, a new variety of winter wheat for environmentally friendly farming. The new line of eco-types other than plain wheat highest innate resistance to diseases and pests, which are characteristic of ordinary cereals. These properties allow you to give up many chemical treatments, keeping it environmentally clean grain and improvingfertility of the land.


DonEko (R) — is a semi-intensive, middle, umerennorosly grade (culm length varies predelah70-120 cm). High resistance to lodging.

The potential productivity of varieties — 9.8 t / ha.

Designed for medium

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In the capital of Khakassia in Siberia, the biggest construction market agricultural

The head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin held a visiting staff meeting on the construction of the national agricultural market.

The total cost of 115 million rubles. The building will house more than a hundred retail spaces intended for agricultural producers and processors.


The first agricultural market will be located near the center of Abakan. The area of shopping center — Bole 3.5 thousand square meters. The market will take two levels plus a basement, which will house a vegetable store, a veterinary point, refrigerated warehouses. Around the market in due course there will be

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In the Kaluga region opened Europe’s biggest service center for agricultural machinery

4th of July in the village of Detchino Maloyaroslavetsky district opened agrotechnopark group of companies "EkoNiva-Tech." This — the largest enterprise in Europe, a territory of 4.2 hectares. It is the head office of the group of companies "EkoNiva-Tech" with a huge showroom, warehouse and service area, as well as a demonstration platform.

The Centre will provide a full range of maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment. The total investment in its construction amounted to 450 million rubles. Created 160 jobs. 

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In southern Ukraine, will expand the area of irrigated land

Mykola Azarov at a meeting Kambina urged the Ministry of Finance and agricultural policy with the preparation of a plan to expand the area for more efficient use of irrigated lands in the south of Ukraine for the period from 2013 to 2017, according to "AGRICULTURE".

To make effective use of irrigated land the government wants to master two billion hryvnia, the resumption of irrigated agriculture to increase agricultural production in Kherson, Mykolaiv oblasts and Crimea almost 27 billion USD.

"I demand from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Ministry of Finance to

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Buryatia: good agricultural growth

Investment in fixed capital in agriculture in 2012 amounted to 1.2 billion rubles and exceeded the target by 3 times. The funds were allocated for the implementation of the seven national targeted programs. 

So, to improve the efficiency of agricultural production agricultural producers put on lease agreements and one-off transactions equipment worth more than 300 million rubles, including power tractor, combine seed for silage, forage harvesters. More than 35% of the total area sown to grain and forage crops are processed by intensive resource-saving technology.

In addition, commissioned on 20 feedlots

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