Not far from Moscow

Recently in the press there are articles in which the authors argue that growing cities are a major cause of impoverishment ohotfauny. Is it so?

Last year, this writer had a chance to meet one of the hunting dawns three weeks after the opening of the summer-autumn hunting. It was a cool September morning, and in the autumn a long roll off the meadow fluffy carpet of fog. Somehow I do not believe that in this period, when the flight of northern ducks has not started yet, partly local shoot, and the rest is kept strong places and rarely

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In the Kuban

Gardening in the Kuban region — an important sector of agriculture. In the collective and state farms of the Krasnodar regional administration of production and procurement of agricultural products in the last five years, planted about 40 hectares of gardens. In the Krasnodar Territory organized 31 specialized farms with a total area of ​​orchards and berry 21,500 hectares (18% of the area occupied by the fruit and berry crops in the province), vineyard acres 3437. All these facilities are subject to the trust horticulture, fruit and plodopitomnicheskih farms.

By the end of the seven-year period for each farm will

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Department of Fuel and Energy Sector

Moscow has been developed and submitted to the

«The concept of the city target program to improve reliability of power supply of municipal facilities in Moscow in 2010-2012.»

The document was developed with the involvement of employees

RTN and operators based on a thorough analysis of the existing power supply systems and a detailed technical survey of the equipment.

The Concept provides update obsolete and often worn out of power, the introduction of automation and a unified system of dispatching management of municipal facilities that will enhance elektrobezopas of equipment, reduce the cost of operational services, and reduce the

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The battery farming of the 12th signaling and communication Voroshilov road is in bad condition. Leaders distance totally engaged in this economy.

The battery is not charge-discharge shield. Everything is done here in the temporary shelters. Batteries are transported from place to place. The premises of the storage and cross are not repaired. In the windows, and there are cracks in the floor. Devices and batteries because of this all the time gathering dust. When cleaning them every time it is necessary to disturb the wire, which may lead to breakage.

The battery is not a fan. The air


Shugurovschina on Pugachev

In early April the TV news already showed hordes of tractors with plows. Graduate medical school and by coincidence Russian presidential adviser on agriculture, a former minister Skrinnik report: "This year, to such a number have already planted spring crops on a certain number of hectares more than in the past." And now again talking about the drought in the south, heard cries that the plans for crops under threat.

It seems that all agrochinovnikov, managers, directors, and farmers need to send a force to study and practice in the Penza region, in a wonderful farm "Pugachev". Maybe it will

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Belarus lost arable land

According to the municipal inventory of earth, Belarus 5 million 568 thousand hectares of arable land (26.8%). But every year the area of their decline, and not only because of the natural degradation — water and wind erosion, and because of human intervention — chemical and radiation pollution, buildings, fires. A part of the land just overgrown bushes, grass. On the days of Radio Liberty called listener who shared his impressions: "On the way to the hospital, and the newcomer to the" Slavic market " Lukashenko saw that the terrain Minsk and Vitebsk regions many desolate land. And where have

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What people want to stay in the village as a slave?

As such intention respective international law and the Belarusian legislation? Why do people like before running out of the village? Can administrative ways to save agriculture? These questions are answered and Isshiah chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, past Vice Chairman Minoblispolkoma agriculture Alexander Yarashuk and economist Leonid Zlotnikov.Tsigankov"Alexander Lukashenko said on July 25 that the government should take additional measures to secure the frame in the countryside. "You have a university — knew where he was going. And just to work and go somewhere will not be allowed. We legislate it," — said the Belarusian head of

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Shop for the production of sandwich panels has opened in the village Belorechenskoye Irkutsk region.

Not on the profile, but necessary. Today in the town Belorechenskoye earned a new shop. This is the first production, which opened in Usolsk area over the past few years.

The room is small, but the benefit is huge.

— Did frames barns, and now began to make the panel. This allows us to build at least three to four years in the barn. A thousand cows, — says CEO of CX "Belorechenskoye" Gabriel Frantenko. The first panel is sent to build a farm in Bielsko. There are orders from other areas. Attends the opening

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Will there be any configuration of land policy?

April 22 on a trip to Grodno Alexander Lukashenko announced certain adjustments to the development of agriculture. Why did the authorities so far have not reduced the program from the construction of agro-towns? Or new steps will bear fruit head of state in agriculture? How to evaluate the municipal land policy in connection with the global food crisis?Why did the authorities so stubbornly defended support agriculture?Valery Karbalevich"After the announcement of Russian transition to market relations with Belarus, the increase in energy prices the last year the Belarusian authorities have made some configuration in economic policy. Thrifty to save money, embarked

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Unique school opened in Tambov region

On the 140 th year of existence Tatanovskaya School Tambov region refreshed externally and internally, becoming a regional resource center for agribusiness education "School of Agribusiness, Tambov."


The new school will be taught skills in agriculture and agribusiness, from primary school. At the request of students can master such demand occupations as "Plodoovoschevod", "Tractor driver of agricultural production", "Agriculture", "Mechanization of agriculture."

And for adults, this school will become a professional internship platform in the field of agriculture.

In school, lots of light, space, greenery, every detail is thought out, because here worked best

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