To not carry air

There are awkward loads such as long-length tube. For them, the way to container transportation unprofitable. Return lengthy containers usually do not add up, making capacity of the train is used by only 8-11%.

Folding lengthy containers generally not commercially available. They are complex, and in the manufacture and exploitation, for in them the hinges, locks and other extra parts and assemblies.

Knowing this, we are at in VNIEKI of packaging designed for the transport of non-ferrous metal pipe non-folding-metal container — a long rectangular box with sides in a grid.

«Are you, too, enrolled in the sellers of air?»

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You just a shock, the rest will be SHOVEL

NEW TOOL earthmoving — Pneumatic SHOVEL SAMA destroyed and discarded PRIMER

According to historical precedence with a shovel can argue, perhaps, only a knife and ax. Nevertheless, the process of improvement * (and simultaneous complication) shovel is far from complete (IR, 5, 75, «dig so dig» and 5, 77 «Spades»), inventive thinking is mainly aimed at the specialization of spades with regard to a particular type of work — digging pits, loosening the soil, and so on. n. and rarely affects the process of digging in its original, traditional form. Here can help the new materials. For example, Teflon, which

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Freely floating in the air

The project to build a new entrance pavilion of the Federal Court for International Trade at the courthouse James L. Watson in New York, provided the level difference at the entrance to the building is about 6 feet 6 inches. It is necessary to establish a vertical lift for wheelchairs Mobility Elevator Company & Lift Co. Thus, we were satisfied the requirements for access to the building.

According to the original concept and design requirements to a wheelchair lift, needed a clear glass enclosure with minimal, if possible, the size of the frames, trim other visible components made of stainless

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Himself winemaker

And today, in our age of vain, making homemade wine can bring a lot of joyful creativity minutes. Apart from the usual apple, rowan, currant wine connoisseurs of this case offer craftsmen try to make blends of different fruits and berries.

Know what you want

It should be remembered that each juice should be diluted with water and sugar separately, is in strict accordance with its needs, and then pour everything in common fermentation. How much sugar and water added — depends on how much acid in which juice and natural sugars. And, of course, need to know what kind

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Association in 1925 and ODVF Dobrohima changed the status of a holiday — in 1925 and 1926. He became known as the Day of Soviet aviation and chemistry (Aviakhim). The list of celebrations at the Central Airport name Trotsky (Khodynka), in addition to traditional flight entered and «pollinate» viewers from the air, land and «fights» in gas masks.

In 1927 there was another escalation, and Aviakhim merged Society of assistance to defense (CCA). Giant Osoaviakhim and demanded a grand celebration and in July instead of one public holiday, a whole week — Week of Defense. Unfortunately, in this week’s

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Making the water in the air

One stroke put an end to the drought in one place and dampness -In FRIEND. Thirty years ago, scientists in the USSR and other departments are considering the seeming fantastic offer author of this article, and found it deserves attention and further development. BECAUSE THEN CASE stalled, WANT AGAIN bring it to the attention of readers.

Sorry to start with elementary truths: the lack of water in the Central Asian republics greatly limits the further development of agricultural production where large areas of fertile land; decline in the Caspian Sea, because of the use of the Volga runoff

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The aircraft, which flaps its wings, invented by Leonardo da Vinci, And 525 years later, it rose into the air, Canadian students.

The name stuck together from the Greek word «bird» and «wing» because the ornithopter flying like a bird rather than an airplane: Stay in the air due to strokes rather than rotating turbine or jet exhaust. The idea is credited with Leonardo da Vinci, whose outline drawing is dated 1485 year.

A model called «Snowbird» («snow bird») also does not pollute the atmosphere, unlike airplanes or helicopters because it is driven by the muscles of the pilot.

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Cubic meters HOLDS TON

In the pneumatic reloaders install the original aerator. And the performance of the machine increase tenfold.

What a nasty this burden — the powder! Hundreds of millions of tons of crushed ore, coal dust, sand, cement, fertilizer, animal feed, chemical raw materials account for more than once to transfer back and forth, before they turn into finished products. And at each loading and unloading of shops, warehouses and railway stations thick dust clouds — could not breathe. Annually loses millions of tons of various powders.

Whether business pneumatic. Tubes and pipes, easy to lay on whatever track. They do

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In 1903, engineer aviator Samuel Cody designed a kite that can levitate humans. Attach it to a small boat, the inventor successfully crossed the English Channel.

The modern wing of the two-arch «father»: the French brothers Bruno and Dominique LEGANYU (BRUNO ET DOMINIQUE).

Noteworthy is the fact that the analog in nature ‘curved wing with inflatable structure «- this kite has been named in a patent application — does not matter.

The brothers have come up with an interesting design Leganyu themselves, which, however, is not surprising, as the inhabitants of Brittany, the boys from childhood knew how to

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Airbase WEST «Khotilovo» on combat duty pair of upgraded MiG-31BM

TSAMTO November 7. Western military airbase neighborhood «Khotilovo» (Tver region.) On alert air defense intercede couple modernized interceptor MiG-31BM, AviaPort.Ru reports quoting the press release WEST. Interceptors will be involved in the planned flight aviation group «Khotilovo» and combat duty air defense air borders of Russian Federation. Until the end of this year at the air base also will be a modern training facility UGC-31BM created for training of young pilots on this type of aircraft. The simulator simulates a hundred percent and cabin management system modernized fighter, and allows pilots to work on the ground takeoff, landing, maneuvering in

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