Eastern Smile

Eurofighter Typhoons Head East

SINGAPORE’S MINISTRY of Defence (MinDef) has imposed strict reporting guidelines on the three companies bidding for its Next Fighter Replacement Programme (NFRP, also known as the Next Generation Fighter programme), insisting that they reveal nothing about their submissions or about the evaluation process. They seem to have obeyed this order to the letter, though Internet bulletin boards have included comments by MinDef and RSAF sources, and even by people claiming to be members of the evaluation team.


Normally helpful press and PR staff at BAE Systems and Eurofighter GmbH were tight-lipped when asked about the

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Dutch Confirm P-3 Sale to Germany

THE DUTCH Ministry of Defence announced on July 20 that agreement has been reached on the sale of eight P-3C Orions to the German Navy to replace the ageing Br. 1150 Atlantics of MFG.3 at Nordholz. On April 28, the Dutch Parliament gave approval for disbandment of the Groep Maritietiie patrouille-vliegtuigen (MARPAT -maritime patrol aircraft group), closure of naval air station Valkenburg and sale of all 13 Dutch P-3Cs.

Germany will reportedly pay 295 million Euros for the aircraft, spare parts, flight simulator and additional support equipment. All eight will have gone through the Capabilities Upkeep Programme (CUP) by the

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Dominican Defenders

Dick Lohuis looks at the current situation of the Dominican Republic Armed Forces as they undergo modernization.

BASE AEREA San Isidro, some 15 miles (25km) east of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, has been the home of the Fuerza Aerea Dominicana (Dominican Air Force, FAD) since it was opened on March 23, 1953 (today there are also two reserve bases, Santiago-Cibao and Puerto Plata).

In the 1950s, the FAD was the largest air force in the Caribbean, though over the intervening years, its operability has slowly decreased. In the 1970s, it was supported by the US Military Assistance

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DIY Reupholstering

A new interior might be cheaper than you think

WE ALL WANT OUR airplanes to fly faster, go farther, and, for some of us, navigate safely through more challenging weather conditions.

But we also like the innards to look sharp. After all, it’s the part of the airplane that we spend the most time looking at. And we surely want the seat of our pants to be comfortable along the way. Still, I admit, in the overall mental checklist of priorities, redoing the interior of my vintage Bonanza has lingered pretty low on the list.

But a shoddy interior is

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Denying Flight

Lon O Nordeen and C Scott Barnes look at the build-up to the United Nations’ Operation Deny Flight, and the problems of enforcing it for the NATO combat aircraft involved.

THE UNITED NATIONS, the European Community, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and individually sponsored initiatives by the United States, France, Italy, Greece, Iran and others have united in on effort to end the war in the former Yugoslavia, with particular emphasis on Bosnia-Herzegovina between the Bosnian Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims.

Many diplomats have tried their hands at resolving the conflict, the roots of which go back a thousand

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Defenders of the Mountain Fronts.

One of the most prominent units of the Italian Regio Esercito that fought in the First World War was 71 Squadriglia Caccia, which was assigned to uninterrupted frontline service from the moment of its constitution in 1916 until the termination of hostilities. In the first of two parts LUIGINO CALIARO tells its story.

Among the units of the Regio Esercito that fought in the First World War, one of the most prominent was without doubt the 71 Squadriglia Caccia, a unit which was assigned to uninterrupted frontline service from the moment of its constitution in 1916, operating almost exclusively on

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Dambuster Commemorations

A black granite memorial honouring fallen members of 617 Squadron ‘The Dambusters’ was unveiled at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, on May 18. The 3m-tall (9ft 10in) memorial bears the names of some 35 personnel who died on duty with 617 Sqn, or in service after their time on the squadron, since World War Two. The V-shaped sculpture represents the shapes of two 617 Squadron aircraft – the Avro Vulcan and Panavia Tornado. Wreaths were laid during the unveiling ceremony and the Royal Air Force Memorial Flight Lancaster flew overhead, followed by the two 617 Sqn Tornados specially painted to mark the

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Czech MiG-21s Fly Into Retirement

AFTER PROTECTING Czech airspace for over four decades, the last five Czech Republic Air Force MiG-2ls that still remained operational (comprising four MiG-21MFNs and a single MiG-21 UM) made a final, symbolic flight over the country on July 12. The last MiG-21 unit was 211. Takticka Lekta (Tactical Squadron) of 21.Zakladna Taktickeho Letectva (Tactical Wing) at Caslav. The unit has now re-equipped with the Gripen, which formally took over defence of the country’s air space on July 1, now that the type is fully operational.

The aircraft’s farewell flight from Caslav took in a number of air bases, including Namest

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Congress, Chinooks, Crashes and Uncertainty

A new budget is supposed to be in place October 1. Only Congress can make that happen.

It won’t.

Forced to keep government running under a temporary measure called a ‘continuing resolution’ and with sequestration increasing total defence cuts to $10 trillion over the next ten years, Hagel doesn’t possess the means to decide anything and the air staff doesn’t have any way to plan anything. Air Force chief of staff General Mark Welsh wants a new bomber — the US has just 162 today — but there’s no money even to study the prospect.

It gets worse. The same

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Su-27 fighters.

Plant selection for serial production

Selecting a plant for mass production of an aircraft has always been the prerogative of the ministry, and the possibility of influence on the adoption of the EDB solutions were fairly limited. MAP management solutions is determined by many factors, and not always of a technical nature. Since «free» plants was not available, and no one from the General was not going to «give» Sukhoi «his possessions», choices about the Su-27 from the very beginning was limited to only two serial enterprises — the Novosibirsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Minister of Aircraft Industry PV Dementiev was

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