25 years of RAF Nimrods

ON OCTOBER 2, 1969, HS Nimrod MR.1 XV230 was delivered to trie Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF St Mawgan to become the first Nimrod to enter operational service with the RAF. The Nimrod grew from Air Staff Target (AST) 357 issued in July 1963 which defined the RAF’s requirements for a maritime reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Shackleton by the year 1972. This date was later brought forward to 1968.

Hawker Siddeley submitted the HS800, based on the Trident airliner, in April 1964, but the AST was again revised calling for an interim aircraft to enter service in 1966!

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Fairford RIAT 96 — July 20/21

ENTHUSIASTS MUTTER the same question every year about the IAT — “how can they beat this? » But somehow, despite the large drawdown of air forces since the end of the Cold War, the organisers always manage to succeed.

Two principal themes dominated proceedings at this year’s show — now the Royal International Air Tattoo — Sea Search and the 30th anniversary of the Harrier. Sea Search certainly attracted some very intriguing aircraft, though the two Russian participants, the Beriev A-40 Albatross and the 11-38 May easily stole the limelight. Also rarely seen out of its natural habitat was the

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2 Glasairs weeks to taxi

The best vacation a pilot can imagine

AT FIRST GLANCE ARLINGTON, Washington, might not seem like a place where people get on a waiting list to visit. But it is. Arlington is the home of Glasair Aviation, a hot spot for pilots who are looking for a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience—a place where even a novice can buck his first rivet, then taxi his newly constructed high-performance aircraft out of the hangar in two weeks or less. And there’s a waiting list for the opportunity.

“For years people have been telling us that the act of physically building their own airplane

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Scorpion light attack aircraft made its first flight

Hopefully Scorpion light attack December 12, 2013 completed the first flight, said the South American consortium Textron AirLand. The plane took off from the airfield U.S. Air Force base, «McConnell» in Wichita Kansas. In total, the first flying gunship, a recognized best, lasted 1.4 hours, reports Lenta.ru.   Aircraft operated test pilot Dan Hinson, who said that, the flight was absolutely in accordance with the plan. The main purpose of the first flight was to test the Scorpion maneuvering characteristics and maneuverability at low speeds, especially when landing.   Other details not specified tests gunship. In the next test will

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F-35 hit another their development milestones

June 5 fighter F-35A with the ordinary takeoff and landing (for the Air Force version) for the first time launched SD AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» over the sea polygon Mugu, reports ASDNews June 7.   The test was conducted as part of the testing unit software Block 2B. Aircraft F-35A reached the significant progress, including their start pilot training based Eglin (FL), delivery of the first test of combat aircraft to bases Edwards and Nellis (Nevada), the first in-flight refueling and flights at huge angles of attack.   «These facts testify to the success of the entire military industry. Thousands

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MIG 1.44 continues to be on «top-secret military base» — SATELLITE PHOTO

Big Maps company continues «to open a top-secret military information» gizmodo.com reported June 27.   Big Maps photographed Russian stealth MiG 1.44, which was «shrouded in mystery» to «top-secret military base» (Russian media reported that the only flying prototype aircraft is on the ground Flight Test Institute (LII) them. Gromov in Zhukovsky — approx . «VP»). This aircraft was the first attempt of Russia to make a «stealth fighter» and had to be the answer to the South American F-22 Raptor.   Website says that the MiG 1.44, may have been used to «launch Chinese stealth programs.» Plane developed using

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In a press release, «Lockheed Martin» on July 25 reported that the plant in Fort Worth (Texas) started the final assembly of the 100th and the first F-35 aircraft that was created for the air base in the town Grendeyl flap, pcs . Arizona.   Ordinary plane takeoff and landing (CTOL), recognized as the AF-41, scheduled to arrive at an air base in the coming year. During the final assembly will be completed aircraft design, equipped with electronic and hydraulic systems. In addition, these systems will be tested in the process of testing the fuel system and the engine is

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Academician of Engineering Academy of China Wang Xiaomei said in an interview, «People’s Daily» that the subsequent generation of Chinese aircraft distant radar detection could eclipse all of its own foreign competitors, including American. What are the prospects of Chinese development in this area? Certainly, China reached the great success in developing their own aircraft distant radar detection. First attempt to make a similar aircraft based on outdated Russian bombers Tu-4 was undertaken in the late 1960s, but was unsuccessful. But in the 2000s, China has been able to make just three types of serial AWACS — KJ-200, KJ-2000 and

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«We — the only country after the United States, which is developing the fifth generation in aviation»

In the near term, the world is less than 2-majestic aviation powers On days of Zhukovsky ended International Airshow «MAKS-2013». This is one of the most recognizable in the world of air shows. One indication of the highest status of «Max» is that he is under the patronage of the President of our country. Recognizable Russian journalist Mikhail Leontiev was guest of this prestigious Aviation Forum, designed to show the merits of Russian industry in the field of aviation and of cosmic technologies, and we approached him to share his views about the event ended. On the «max» is not

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Adoption of the T-50 into service again postponed for a year

The program flight tests promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) T-50 moves completely successful, but our plane before adopting more far. With all of this final technical kind of fighter to be formed in a couple of years after entry into service. The reason for this can be partly considered destructive 90s, garbage DIC 10 matches years ago, the lack of reliable production facilities. But all difficulties can be overcome. Now in the program of flight tests of T-50 flight uchavstvujut four layout, and before the end of 2013 it should join the next plane. All tests are conducted

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