Newest fighter PAK FA flew all Russia

  Fighter fifth-generation T-50 made its own first long flight from Komsomolsk to Zhukovsky Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) T-50 performed its own first solo flight. As he said in his own microblog Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, multirole fighter fifth generation took off from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and landed in Zhukovsky near Moscow. «The airplane is equipped with virtually full complement of avionics and surveillance and attack systems. This severe breakthrough! Machine overcame 7 thousand km, making the road to the capital two landing — Abakan and Chelyabinsk, «- said a senior bureaucrat. First three experienced fighter fifth generation

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GROUP combat aircraft F-22 «Raptor» transferred to the U.S. Air Force base on the Japanese island OKINAWA

  First 9 combat stealth aircraft F-22 «Raptor» Profit Now Kadena U.S. Air Force base on the southern Japanese peninsula of Okinawa, which plays the role of the head of the South American base in East Asia. Total there will be airlifted 12 of these machines. They are made by «stealth» technology, unobtrusive radar and because of their own privacy are not sold even allies, ITAR-TASS reported.   Since 2007, the Pentagon often for several months a F-22 on Okinawa. Segodnyaschy transfer, which is made with the base in the South American state of Virginia, is the seventh. These aircraft

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Who rules the sea, rules the land and

Need to return the Russian naval power in the Far East Major role in the development of the Russian Far East region play maritime communications, which are practically the only way to bring it to the economic unity. Accordingly exceptional importance for the security of the Russian Federation from the eastern strategic direction has its Pacific Fleet. The main task of the Pacific Fleet (PF) is a reflection of anger potential enemy with the seas and oceans. Besides the Pacific Fleet — the only means of ensuring the integrity of the entire grouping of the Armed Forces in the Far

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In Russia there will be a hard act for defense reconnaissance plane

In Russia begins to develop a new reconnaissance aircraft capable of conducting its activities in the stratosphere due to what he would inaccessible to enemy air defense systems. In addition, within the next 2 years 40% of the country’s combat aircraft will consist of unmanned aerial vehicles. On the development of new aircraft journalists said the Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin. According to him, in the interests of the military department of the Russian Federation in the coming years will be created a number of reconnaissance aircraft, including a fundamentally new stratospheric apparatus which is beyond

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Who will make the first hypersonic engine

Development of hypersonic ramjet jet engine will be followed by a step on the way of the world population to move to a completely different level of speed. The matter immediately engaged in parallel in several countries. In Russia, the company «Tactical Missiles» in August last year has officially announced that the start of a project to create a motor that can go at a speed 12 times greater than the speed of sound. But this is only a draft, and of speed 12M still very prohibitive. Where seem more real development of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors

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Yak-130 was the best trainer aircraft at Le Bourget

At the International Air Show "Le Bourget 2013" Yak-130 was recognized by international experts, the best example of training and combat techniques. The newest fully integrated digital avionics complex (OEE), developed and manufactured by enterprises of Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) SC Rostekhnadzor, the Yak-130 allows you to mimic the information-control field cabins, basic flight characteristics and combat systems use the latest fighter planes of the fourth and fifth generations. 

Double jet training a new generation of combat aircraft Yak-130 is designed for teaching, training and maintenance of flying skills of pilots for the fighters

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Yak-130 as the best

This aircraft is recognized as the best example of international experts, training and military equipment

Yak-130 Russian Air Force

As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebskoe Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. The first edition, prepared by fusion of these took place in the current year.

(Lots of text about the Yak-130 under the cut)


Students confirmed that the machine is easy to operate and maintain and is easy to master. "Experts have tried and made the plane" study desk "- until the

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Yak-130 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant

This gallery from Irkutsk Aviation Plant on the Yak-130, made by the photographer and blogger Marina Lystsevoy.

1. In October 2012, JSC "Corporation" Irkut "started supplying the Russian Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130. Transfer of Yak-130 Russian Air Force continued until December 19. On that day, Air Force pilots surpassed the" extreme "(according to the plans in 2012), the party Yak-130 from Irkutsk to Boris Gleb, where these machines are prepared for training cadets. As part of the state defense order in 2012 IAP released and handed over fifteen Russian Air Force Yak-130.


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Yak-130 at Farnborough: participation in the flight program

New Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 for the first time to take part in the flying program of the International Air Show in Farnborough, which will be held in the summer of 2012 in the UK, said Vice President of Marketing and External Relations NPK "Irkut" Vladimir Sautov.

"Guidance" Irkut "corporation decided that the Yak-130 will be further developed under the flight demonstrators. Starting with the world's largest air show "Farnborough-2012" for our potential customers will be performed demonstration flights. This summer, one aircraft will not just stand on the static, and will take part in the flying program,

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Yak-130 does not need armor

A test pilot on the eve of the MAKS-2013 told about why the Yak-130 does not need armor and can be smarter airplane pilot.

Yak-130 does not need armor

MAKS air show, which opened today in Zhukovsky near Moscow, is not only a place to display the newest aircraft, but also the meeting place of the most famous pilots from around the world. Russian aces are recognized masters of aerobatics, they have something to show the public and to share with the young, novice "flyers".

On the eve of the group's flagship air show test

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