Corkscrew will be defeated. The unique development of Russian engineers

Ultra-light aircraft (WSL) multi-choice for its intended purpose. They can be used in agriculture and forestry, for photo video in topographical order. They are taken in service with many well-known special forces. ALS is used in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to fight drug traffickers and the army to adjust the fire, conducting reconnaissance in daylight and at night, as well as to conduct sabotage. All these are good aircraft, but they have one very dangerous flaw — a stall in shtopor.Gruppa Russian engineers managed to avoid this terrible danger and has developed an optimal aerodynamic design for ALS, which virtually

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Chinese aircraft carrier is expanding its capabilities

First Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» graduated from a three-week access to the sea, during which it was achieved several critical milestones in the trials of the ship, now reports The ship returned to port Nov. 11. One of them is the launch fighter J-15 with all 3 takeoff position on the deck of an aircraft carrier (two in front of superstructure and one corner). So Makar, the ship showed the ability to run three fighters immediately. Another important step was the assembly and disassembly of jet engines J-15 during the voyage. Service engines is an important element in maintaining

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Shoigu ordered the return of military aircraft Soviet symbols

Main Command of the Air Force agreed with Sergei Shoigu to replace the board signs gosprinadlezhnosti aircraft with three-color (white, blue, red) stars in the red, as in Soviet times.

"The decision was made on a routine basis on presentation of the main command, without special meetings. The Minister agreed with our main argument — bright tricolor star strongly unmask planes and helicopters, "- said a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense.

"Bright tricolor stars who appeared at Serdyukov strongly unmask planes and helicopters"

The domestic aviation from its

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Another squadron of Su-34 will go into the armed forces

By the end of 2012 in order Voronezh base (Western Military District) goes even one squadron of the latest Russian Sukhoi Su-34, which will change uniformly planes Su, but more of early versions — the Su-24. According to the State programmke arms for the Air Force Russian Federation will be bought in the general difficulty about 140 bombers Su-34 In the first step of procurement will be purchased 92 modern machines, then grouping will be increased to 124 aircraft, and in the long term the full amount of bombers Su-34 reaches in the Army Air Forces 140 units. Complete

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Six Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aeroflot was put into operation

March 6, 2012, Moscow — OJSC "Aeroflot — Russian Airlines" has commissioned a sixth plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100). The first commercial flight airliner, painted in the colors of the international airline alliance SkyTeam and received a registration number RA-89005, will be held in the near future.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (serial number 95013) was transferred to Aeroflot under contract with the company "VEB-Leasing" on financial lease (leasing). The delivered aircraft is designed to carry 87 passengers in a comfortable two-class configuration (12 seats in business class and 75 — in economy class).

Aeroflot ordered 30 aircraft SSJ100.


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Swiss plane Intracom GM-17 Viper

Development of the company "Technoavia" led by Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff Manufacturing — Smolensk Aircraft Plant

According to the company's employees for directional stability, manageability and gliding qualities of the competitors at the aircraft GM-17, no. The payload, which is more than 1,000 kg, two times higher than the nearest competitor aircraft — TVM «Socata», M-101 "Gzhel" and the American aircraft DXL. Of course, half the cost of transporting 1 kg of cargo for 1 km. For the same same amount of goods loaded on board our aircrafts, gliders quality is much better, making it more secure in

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What is SibNIA? (PHOTOS)

Lifetime tests of Sukhoi Su-34.View of the left engine compartment, performed with the use of high-strength and heat-resistant titanium. Wire strands are hundreds of strain gauges intended for voltage control in an aircraft structure, the system registration database.

SibNIA — the largest research center of aviation science in the East, Russia.Specialists of the Institute are engaged in fundamental and applied research, testing of aviation and space technology, have a variety of scientific and technical services. In SibNIA also develop, modernize and repair light aircraft. Carry

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What will the Su-35 after upgrade

Russian Air Force until 2015, should take forty eight Su-35s 4 + + generation. Perhaps only be purchased up to two hundred aircraft of this type.

Combat vehicles of this generation — samples of deep modernization of the famous Su-27, which, along with the MiG-31 and MiG-29 are now the basis of Russian fighter aircraft.

Su-35s, like outside on its "big brother" is different from his latest engines AL-41F1S. Another difference — a modern radar "Irbis" with a passive phased array antenna, "glass cockpit", opto-electronic and other Omnidirection innovations.

However, to accommodate the rapid development of the global

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Net income increased OAK 12 times

Net income of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for the I half-year 2013 under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) has exceeded 502,900,000 rubles. These data are presented in the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements posted on the official website of the KLA. Last year during the same period, the figure was 40,274,000 rubles. Thus, net sales increased by 12 times. According to the UAC, it is possible to achieve a net profit margin of more than 18% and reduce the unallocated loss by 23% — to 1.7 billion rubles. 

Sales Corporation for the six months was 2.72

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Net profit of Antonov in 2011 increased by 57.4%

Net profit of "Antonov" in 2011 increased to 192 million 969 thousand UAH, compared with a profit of 82 million 178 thousand UAH, obtained in 2010 reported a government department "Infrastructure Development Agency of the stock market of Ukraine" at the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market Commission (NKTSBFR), RBC-Ukraine.

Thus, the net profit in 2011 rose by 57.4%.

Income (proceeds) from sale of goods (works, services) in 2011 increased by 28% — up to 3 billion 173 million 26 thousand UAH 2 billion against 282 million 267 thousand UAH in 2010 gross revenue in 2011 . increased

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