Carriers can not do without

Now Russian Navy needed the latest least four modern ships with this air group Konstantin Sivkov The debate about whether to build a Russian aircraft carrier, does not stop during the whole period of existence of this class of ships. Objective analysis indicates: Navy perspective fails to perfectly solve assigned to it by the principal tasks in the distant sea and ocean areas, if the composition of his faction will not even 1st aircraft carrier, perhaps with a nuclear power plant, with 70-90 aircraft devices on board. Average number — more than 2-to any of the oceanic fleets. In virtually

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The fourth sample fighter T-50 ready for testing

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans in 2012 to connect to the fourth flight test fifth-generation fighter T-50

This was announced by President Mikhail Pogosyan KLA. "There are three test aircraft. This year will be the fourth plane is connected to the flight test ", — he said.

OAK president pointed out that the tests are fifth-generation fighter "in accordance with the plans that have been agreed with the Ministry of Defence."

The first flight of the fifth generation fighter — a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft took place on January 29, 2010. The global aviation community aircraft was first seen

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PAK DA — to be!

  First information about promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) appeared in 2009. Then it was announced early preparatory work on the topic. Contract for R & D project PAK DA was awarded to «Tupolev». Then distant aircraft commander General A. Zhiharev caveat that his agency wants to get at upgrading of existing Tu-160, even very deep, but the latest car completely. First Command desire distant aviation suggest new sighting and navigation system, new avionics and aircraft fully compatible with all existing and promising types of weapons. After that memorable interview disk imaging during PAK DA almost was not.

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The Director-General of Aviation "Iran AIRTOUR" Sirus Bacher in an interview with ISNA reported that Iran first aircraft will arrive "An 158" and two months later the country's fleet of 40 passenger aircraft will replenish "AN 158" and "Iran 140".


As noted by Cyrus Bacher, planes "An 158" must be received in September.

Said 40 aircraft include 20 aircraft, "Iran 140" and 20 "AN 158". The latest model of "An 158" are designed for 99 seats and "Iran 140"? with 50 seats.

Sirus Bacher said that passenger planes "An 158" produced


Medvedev confirmed the development of fifth-generation bomber

Our motherland wants to create a promising new strategic bomber, said on Saturday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on the development of strategic aviation. Medvedev on Saturday visited the Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA) Gorbunov, where he got acquainted with his work, with little talked with employees and vyznat about the developments of the aviation industry in Tatarstan. His visit to the company Medvedev began with a tour of aircraft, which is in the CAPO on repairing and upgrading, an explanation of the prime minister gave the head of the United Aircraft Company Misha Poghosyan and plant

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CSTS Dynamics has completed work on an engineering simulator aircraft MS-21

Specialists Center for Scientific and Technical Services (CSTS) "Dynamics" developed by order of FSUE TsAGI. Zhukovsky engineering simulator to support the research and design work on the program to create a new family of short-medium range aircraft MS-21.

MS-21 simulator is designed to solve problems associated with the assessment of flight characteristics of the aircraft, including: — the algorithms the primary and secondary circuits of the remote control (CDS) — adjust the structure and parameters of the CDS — mining techniques in basic piloting phases of staff the flight (taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise flight, descent, approach, landing,

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New airborne radar to replace the «bugs»

During the last few decades the issue of avionics (OEE) has become one of the main qualities of aviation. Moreover, since the third generation, all combat prospects fighters increasingly associated specifically with the avionics and electronics ammunition. • A promising direction in the field of on-board electronics are currently being airborne radar station (radar) phased array (PAR). Widely known Russian radar phased array family «Beetle». With all this, despite all the potential of this line, its creator — the company «Fazotron-NIIP» — along with the Science Centre special electronic systems MAI already begun development of modern radar for the

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Center display aircraft named after I. Kozheduba 75 years old

March 22, Center display aircraft located in Kubinka, 75 years old. The Center includes the famous aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the Su-27 and the "Swifts" — the MiG-29.  In the second half of April 2013, the Centre planned for the commemoration of the anniversary.

History of the Centre started in 1938, when at the airport Gorelovo (Leningrad region). Based on the 70 th and 58 th Fighter and 33th separate reconnaissance squadron was formed 19th Fighter Aviation Regiment. In 1939, the pilots of the regiment began to military trials-16 fighters with M-63

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Chinese aircraft carrier is expanding its capabilities

First Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» graduated from a three-week access to the sea, during which it was achieved several critical milestones in the trials of the ship, now reports The ship returned to port Nov. 11. One of them is the launch fighter J-15 with all 3 takeoff position on the deck of an aircraft carrier (two in front of superstructure and one corner). So Makar, the ship showed the ability to run three fighters immediately. Another important step was the assembly and disassembly of jet engines J-15 during the voyage. Service engines is an important element in maintaining

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CVO Russia: the Air Force began a joint exercise and air defense

Press and Information Office of Defense of the Russian Federation.


In the Central Military District (CVO) January 30, 2013 began a joint exercise of the Army Air Force (IAF) iprotivovozdushnoy air defense (AD).

Radio division of troops (PTB) have started working out tasks of monitoring traffic situation, support the goals and target designation anti-aircraft missile units and fighter aircraft.

The pilots and gunners in a complex interference environment will hit the high-altitude, low-altitude and ballistic targets in a wide range of altitudes and speeds.

This was reportedPress ServiceCentral Military District.

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