Kharkov chemists have restored a rare machine in the factory engines in Perm

For almost eight decades of work in Perm Engine Company — the country's leading serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, which today are equipped with all the modern Russian aircraft. But the trouble happened at the factory. Haywire made to order very rare (only a few pieces in the former Soviet Union) special high-precision CNC lathe for machining of aircraft engine diaphragm. It was produced in Germany and is set at the factory in the early 90's and worked properly. But last fall, experts have found unacceptable gap in the bearing spindle. In addition, there were strangers knocking. Replace an

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Kharkov students received new aircraft

Kharkov flight cadets of Kharkov University of the Air Force named Kozhedub got a new plane

Do students took a comprehensive exam on knowledge of the tactical and technical characteristics of light aircraft HAZ-30. For the "kozhedubovtsev" is a new aircraft, which they have already begun to develop.


An event on the basis of the Kharkov aircraft factory, where it was designed and built this type of aircraft. Also, the factory manufactured aircraft simulator HAZ-30, will provide high-quality training of cadets on the ground with to perform further operations in the sky.

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Khabarovsk company will release in 2011, six Su-35 fighters

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Gagarin (KnAAPO) in 2011 to complete production batch of six Su-35 fighters for flight and state joint tests, reported on Monday a source in the military-industrial complex.

"It was previously made two Su-35, in May of this year, flew a third plane. Three more aircraft KnAAPO manufacture in the second half of the year "- said the source of the" Interfax ". He recalled that in 2009 was awarded a government contract to supply up to 2015, 48 Su-35s for the Russian Air Force. "Of this number four aircraft manufactured this

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Russia formed the shape of a new bomber

Promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) will be created in time; his view has already been formed. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, the Russian Air Force commander said Maj. Gen. Viktor Bondarev. According to him, the current revision is underway «tactical and technical task.» Details about the type of aircraft Bondarev not disclose. «I think we all have the strength and the means to create this plane in time, perform all the tasks that we enjoin him, so he just stood up in order to replace or complement our strategic bomber Tu-95 and Tu -160 «,

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Fundamental off

Fundamental off (or a little bit about the architecture of IMA)


In the past few years, Russia has begun to create not only new aircraft, but also technology. And some of the developments will be introduced for the first time on domestic airliners in the world.

Five Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences are working with aircraft manufacturers in more than twenty different directions. Development of domestic and foreign scholars are used both at the stage of theoretical and experimental, and some of them have already implemented or being implemented to create new

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FSB has announced a tender for the purchase of the An-148

FSB announced tenders for the acquisition of the An-148, to which the agency is ready to spend 1.43 billion rubles.

In Russia, the assembly of the aircraft is engaged in Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO). VACO potential competitor in the auction may be the Kiev factory "AVIANT" at facilities that also begin production of this type of aircraft.

As follows from the requirements specification, the aircraft must be designed to fly at any time of day and year, and adverse weather conditions. Also, the liner must be made in VIP-version and have three salons

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The front-back

Sukhoi Su-34 was developed in the second half of the 1980s, in the early 1990s already on the pre-production phase plane went revision. The first flight of production aircraft took place in 1994. Deliveries of the Su-34 to the troops began in 2006, but the formal acceptance into service took place only in 2011. Despite the fact that the Su-34 has not yet been adopted for the Russian Air Force, the aircraft took part in war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

The crew of the Su-34 includes two people. The bomber is capable of speeds up

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Hopefully the 5th generation fighter to substantiate its ability to act as an effective element of the missile defense system.   Distributed system of infrared sensors and radar DAS fighter F-35 have shown the ability to detect and track down a gun-launched ballistic missiles.   AN/AAQ-37 DAS — it optoelectronic system with a distributed aperture (6 IR / TV cameras on the surface plane). It provides passive detection in all directions. With this system the F-35 already showed ballistic missile launches from a record distance v1200 km. In nedavneshnem test AN/AAQ-37 DAS worked with AN/APG-81 radar of the F-35.


Frigate Ekodzhet ready for production

Financial and industrial group (FIG) "Rosaviaconsortium" presented the master plan final assembly line developed by its prospective ближнесреднемагистрального widebody aircraft, "Frigate Ekodzhet." The plan was developed by the company ThyssenKrupp System Engineering and includes a comprehensive description of all processes the final assembly of the different configurations of the aircraft assembly cycles, the rate of production capacity and specification of the materials used.

 According to the plan, the company will be made SKD parts of the aircraft from components supplied program partners "Frigate Ekodzhet." As the head of projects in the aerospace sector company ThyssenKrupp System Engineering

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In pictures: heavy cargo aircraft IL-96-400T in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport

Heavy cargo aircraft IL-96-400T, owned airline "flight", arrived at the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The aircraft was heading from Houston — Anchorage — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. In the regional center of the IL-96-400T brought 41 tons of cargo — oil and gas equipment for Sakhalin offshore projects. After unloading the ship went to Krasnoyarsk.

Il-96-400T is built on the Voronezh aircraft factory, it acquired Voronezh Airlines "Flight", the world's only operating this type of aircraft.

The specifics of the company — oversize multi-ton shipments worldwide. The airline has three sides of the aircraft, "Vyacheslav Salikov", "Valery Menitsky" and "Stanislav

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