Started teaching Ladoga-2012

Military pilots of the Western Military Region for the MiG-29 SMT and MiG-31, as well as various versions of the Su-27 will conduct live firing at targets simulating the enemy's, will fulfill the elements of air combat, commit launches missiles at different targets.

More than 100 fighter pilots will perform air combat elements, including the detection of the enemy, target acquisition and conventional defeat, commit launches missiles at air targets, as well as the interaction will work in the dark.

This is the most difficult exercise in which the leading aircraft manufactures light aircraft bomb,

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Started the competition and technical creativity DYNAMIC GENERATION

Company CSTS "Dynamics" for the first time organizing a competition of technical creativity "DYNAMIC GENERATION", which aims — to find and support talented people in the technical fields related to aviation, the increasing interest of children and young people to aviation and aircraft construction, the disclosure of their creative potential, as well as community support people interested or professionally involved in the subject of creating unmanned aerial vehicles.

The main prize — 100,000 rubles!

The competition is held with the participation of the Administration of Zhukovsky, JSC "Air Show" TSESAT "TsAGI", JSC "Institute of Telecommunications,"

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Became known details of the first combat use of the Su-34

The new front-line bomber Su-34 was used in combat and showed "good results", according to «Air International».

Sukhoi Su-34 was first used in combat, when last year made several sorties against alleged concentrations of militants in Dagestan and Ingushetia, according to the Blog BMPDwith reference to the March issue of the journal «Air International».

Details of the operations and the type of high-precision weapons still remain unknown. However, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense described the results of the application of new aircraft as "generally good", stressing that in the context of forest

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News of advanced aircraft: Boeing 787 Dreamliner takes place, F-35 is shelled

Fuel leak was detected in Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Narita International Airport near Tokyo. This is not the first incident with the "Dreamliner" in recent times.

For example, Monday, January 7, at the airport after landing in Boston after the passengers left the plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner of Japan Airlines on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished, no casualties.

The next day at the same airport, the pilots of another "Dreamliner" the same airline had to go back to the terminal from the runway due to the fact that for a few minutes before take-off was accidentally

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From here: 27. Sraptor. "It's time to dispel the myth of Western technological superiority.

In fact, anyone who has ever looked inside your own computer, is well aware that the whole "Western" electronics — are China and Korea. A brands in English — it's for recognition from the audience, as in the West — the most wealthy (not because they earn them, but because they have to print them), and hence the wider market. Well, for the same reason I am doing my project playing primarily in English. Does this mean that this Western project? All of these

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Battleship against the carrier. Chronicles of the sea battle

Suggest the attention of all military history buffs another detective series «Battleship: Aviation against battleships.» Preceding the story of the death of the battleship «Yamato» has caused a huge amount of critical comments: readers have questioned the possibility of destruction of so large and well-protected ship limited by carrier-based aircraft. Certainly, it is worth recalling the main points of dispute: The largest warship in history — the battleship fleet Pravitelskogo «Yamato» died in a fight with carrier-based aircraft of the 58th Operations Links U.S. Navy. In general, there is no hesitation and issues final suicide operation Ten-Go was a

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Switzerland will reduce its pilots aces

In order to save the Swiss Air Force in 2016 decided to abolish its aerobatic team "Patrouille Suisse". The public is dissatisfied with the Alpine republic and believes that this will cause irreparable damage to the image of the country

Swiss President Uli Maerer, who is also head of the Ministry of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports of Switzerland, at a meeting of the parliamentary committee February 12, 2013, which discussed the issue of procurement of new combat aircraft from the Swedish Saab JAS 39 "Gripen", announced that the country will cut pilots aces of the aerobatic team "Patrouille

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The special squad Russia ordered two An-148

Special flying squad "Russia", which caters to senior officials, issued an order for two short-range turbojet aircraft An-148 wrote on Friday, Russian media quoted a source in the aviation industry.

The contract for the supply of two An-148 was signed by the Office of Presidential Affairs of Russia (UDP) in December, a source told "Izvestia".

A spokesman Victor UDP Hrekov confirmed the publication of the contract signing, refusing further elaboration: he referred to the appointment of aircraft and the associated level of secrecy. In "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC) declined to comment on the details of the transaction with the UDP

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Special forces, not knowing wins: American Delta Force

No error in the title of the article is not. The most expensive, the most pretentious detachment of troops of special purpose in the world — the American "Delta Force" — "Delta Force" — is also the most unsuccessful and inglorious.

Everything went to hell — cursed U.S. President Jimmy Carter and hung up. It can be understood: he had just received a report that sanctioned them special forces operation in the territory of the sovereign foreign country ended in failure. And now he himself threatened to fail in the next presidential election.


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TsAGI specialists upgraded aerobatic Stand MS-21

The experts of the dynamics and control systems aircraft TSAGI completed the modernization of engineering piloting the stand of the main plane (SSMS).

As a result of work performed on the stand were installed prototypes of staff of the controls, which were then connected to its computer system.

These prototypes are designed for ergonomic layout and testing of control algorithms. They include engine control levers, flaps, spoilers, trim panel, as well as the active side knobs and pedals for two pilots. Handles and pedals are equipped with an adjustable electro-mechanical system boot.

Installed on the prototype will be further refined

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