Airplane Rysachok passes certification tests


In Samara began certification testing light multipurpose aircraft, "Rysachok", created in the Samara Space Center rocket "Progress Samara Space Center."

Certification tests include various tests of the airplane, its components, systems and components and will last about one and a half years. Getting the aircraft type certification and production certification simultaneously give the opportunity to start in Samara series production aircraft.

The tests will be used by all five copies made in the "Progress Samara Space Center" test batch of aircraft "Rysachok." Number of certification work will be conducted in the Flight Research Institute

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Airplane Murena lift into the air in 2012


Aircraft project "Murena"

Moscow. December 19. Airports — "Firm" MVEN "plans in 2012 to lift into the air the new development — light multi-purpose twin-engine four-seater plane, having the working designation" Murena ", said" AviaPort "Deputy CEO Michael Nevel.

According to him, now is the technical design of the aircraft, "Moray". The plans for the coming years — the development and deployment of serial production "Moray" in Kazakhstan aviasborochnom plant, which will start its operations in 2012, the development of agricultural production aircraft, "Farmer-2" and "Farmer-500." "Today, there is a fundamental desire of the Kazakh

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The most massive in many years occurred in fleet renewal TSB

MOSCOW, November 1 — RIA Novosti. More than 100 pieces of aircraft was received by the units and the Eastern Military District since the beginning of the year, said on Tuesday the spokesman for the district commander Lieutenant Colonel Igor Mugina.

"This is a major upgrade of the aircraft fleet in the east of Russia was the first time in many years," — he said.

In particular, at the disposal of the air base in the village of Chernigovka (Primorsky Krai) received 12 attack helicopters Ka-52, now perepodgotavlivayut crews on these machines. "In the autumn of the Army

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Samara aircraft manufacturers received a major order

The plant "Aviacor" has a real chance of revival. Samara aircraft builders managed to get a large order for the production of regional jet An-140. Moreover, the first cars to be delivered to the Ministry of Defence has already this year.

This contract at the Samara aviation plant waited almost two years. The Ministry of Defence has long stated its plans to acquire aircraft that have come to replace outdated An-24. But what choice will be made in favor of Samara AN-140, was not obvious.

After lengthy negotiations between the military and the Samara plant the

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C-400 had shot an excellent

MOSCOW, December 13. (ARMS-TASS). Calculations of anti-aircraft missile regiment of S-400 during the shooting at a military Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region destroyed all the simulated enemy targets, including ballistic. This was reported by Itar-Tass news service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

"In the field firing participated Regiment, rearmed to a new air defense missile system (SAM), S-400" Triumph "- he said, adding that" the calculations showed high accuracy and reliability of the new weapons in repelling a simulated enemy missile attack. "


"As part of the exercise simulated a

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From today (04.06.2013) AN-148 flies Irkutsk-Magadan-Irkutsk

The aircraft specially modified to operate in a fairly difficult climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far East

Photos from the official website of A / K "Angara"


Magadan, June 4, North ET. In Magadan arrived AN-148. This is one of the latest developments of post-Soviet aircraft designers. By equipping short-haul aircraft in 2012 compared aviators issue with Boeing. It operates regular flights to Irkutsk-Magadan-Irkutsk — GTRK "Magadan".

These 30 tons and can make landing on unprepared, snowy and unpaved airfields. AN-148th designed to Russian conditions, so no problems with acceptance. Short-haul

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Drooping wings Tupolev

Famous Russian Aircraft offices go into the past.Far-submarine bomber Tu-22M3 must undergo another upgrade. But whether there was potential for this machine for developers?The last air show in August was very significant in relation to the currently prevailing in the aviation industry trends.

BALANCE SHEET TRENDSOn the one hand, there is the ongoing development of military aviation. In this area in the past two years, will take stern was in progress as part of the development of new machines (first, of course, the T-50 and Su-35s) and a series of purchases. Recall that in December 2008 the Russian Air

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With a small aircraft distant cities Komi healed a new life

In the Republic of Komi revive small aircraft. The schedule reappeared flight "Syktyvkar — Vuktyl." Last time on this route passenger planes flew 20 years ago. Tickets sold out instantly. On the bus to Vuktyl — almost a day, and on the plane — an hour.


At the airport flight information Syktyvkar besides the usual flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa there was one — two times a week, the aircraft will fly in Vuktyl. From Syktyvkar to Vuktyl — 500 kilometers. This distance is 18-seater aircraft travels in an

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History of the «Spiral»

Starting 60s. Cool war in full swing. In the U.S., there are works on programmke Dyna Soar — hypersonic orbital rocket plane X20. As a response to this program from, work on developing their own rocket planes are held in our country, many institutes and design bureaus, as commissioned by the government in the form of R & D, and in an active manner. But the development of aerospace systems «Spiral» was the first large-scale official theme, supported by control of the country after a series of events leading up to the prehistory of the project. In accordance with

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Happy Air Force! 100 years of Russian aviation

The history of aviation in Russia — it is a continuous feat, it continued for a hundred years, the heroic work of designers, engineers, and technicians. This summer work hard everyday drivers — both military and civilian, millions of passengers and millions of tons of cargo delivered around the world, is the protection and safety of our skies, our pride and endless respect for those who prepare and lifts into the sky hundreds of different types of aircraft ranging from single-engine the training and ending with the powerful wide-bodied airliners

It all began with a trip to the

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