The flight, which lasted for half a century



The flight, which lasted for half a century 18.11.03, the


In late 1996, many magazines, specializing in coverage of the incredible events that bypassed sensational material, which first appeared in the weekly newspaper "The Independent Worthing ': UK defense spotted an object approaching from the Pas-de-Calais to the English coast at low altitude. At the request of the pilot did not respond. Then the radar of his "lost."

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As the U.S. and its allies are stuck with the worst in the world a new combat aircraft

A single strike fighter was intended to improve the combat capability of the U.S. Army, but instead loosened.

"The program appears to have stabilized," said Michael Sullivan, the Congress of the United States Court of Accounts. "I am encouraged by what he saw," echoed Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, director of the program by the government. The representative of Lockheed Laura Siebert says he expects a "more positive" articles than usual, in the light, as she put it, "substantial progress" program.

But the chorus hvalebschikov wrong. Unified Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35, Lockheed

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Flight with many unknown

In the U.S., carefully conceal information about the purpose of the South American space plane

By creating a powerful fleet of drones, the Pentagon began to step newcomer remotely controlled penetration into the near-Earth space. April 22 launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force complied launch rocket with an unmanned Atlas V gallakticheskim plane X-37B. Start and orbiting were successful. But on when this apparatus return to earth, the representatives of the U.S. Air Force concealed.

In general it should be noted that the experimental launch of a new auto-return spacecraft is surrounded by dense zaavesyu secrecy. The details of

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Flight of the second T-50 was a success

This Thursday at the site in Komsomolsk — on — Amur hosted the first flight of the second prototype aircraft complex 5th generation. In the world he is better known as the plane T-50. Development T-50 the company does "dry." The development of a promising machine that will be unmanned and completely invisible, providing significant money, work has been going on for years, but before production begins it will take at least ten years, built plane will be no earlier than 2025.

Flight of the second T-50 is successful, all assigned tasks have been fulfilled. Plane under the control

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Russian weapons as a symbol of faith

Very interesting interview Director of the Novosibirsk aircraft plant them. Chkalov Andrew Kalinowski

Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonskiy and CEO of "NAPO Chkalov" Andrew Kalinowski.

Prokhanov. First of all, I want to thank you, Andrei, for showing me your gorgeous plant. According to defense firms ride a lot, but I confess such a beautiful plant is not met. I would say this — Factory masterpiece.

Andrew Kalinowski. Masterpiece — it too loudly, Alexander Andreyevich.

AP? Maybe, like factories and corporations exist somewhere in the "Boeing" and "Airbus", but we

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DO IN AMERICA 02.12.03, the


For a long time many people have reported a black device treugFlax forms that periodically appear in the night sky. Some believe that these mechanisms are proof that the earth is a place of pilgrimage for the aliens. But it is possible that this phenomenon is quite another, unexpected explanation.

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American taxpayers money was enough for 16 seconds of flight the next vundervafli Pentagon

Another failure (the third) ran tests hypersonic unmanned aircraft, the U.S. Air Force X-51A WaveRider, which were carried out over the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

After resetting the device with the B-52 bomber he was having technical problems "with the tail before running the main engine."

The Pentagon has confirmed that conducted the test on Tuesday unmanned hypersonic aircraft has been unsuccessful.

According to the U.S. Air Force hypersonic aircraft X-51A WaveRider, capable of a speed of more than 6 thousand kilometers per hour, as planned, on Tuesday was dropped from the strategic bomber B-52, after which he

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Russian whirlwind. A. Prohanov

Irkutsk Aviation Plant — the brainchild of Stalin's Five Year Plans. It seems that here, on the banks of the Angara River, among the ancient streets and ancient bell towers, spins a dazzling luminous vortex. The refraction of rays of light crystals, precious glass enclosures … disappear in front of dilapidated sooty walls fall down exhausted, worn-out shell, a new body plant — power, beauty and energy. These changes are referred to as instantaneous transformation. So rapidly through the gloomy clouds of winter breaks into spring world. Because of the carotid born delightful butterfly pupae. Plant a veteran of

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Russian planes have tested the strength of the Swedish defense

As reported by Swedish media, on March 29 of this year, Russian aircraft in the face of two Tu-22M3 bombers and four Su-27 flew 30 km from the Swedish territorial waters, while conducted mock attacks on targets in Sweden. Standby unit of Swedish Air Force fighter planes did not have time to take off. However, later took off to intercept the two Danish F-16 fighter airbase Siauliali in Lithuania, but to catch up with our aircraft could not. Swedish command inaction justifies the fact that Easter was in Sweden, as well as the reduction of combat-ready squadrons from 20

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Russian Knights — circus or military officers?

This material is taken from the journal of Sergei share. The main purpose of publishing: So get rid of all the stupid habit hait Russian. That's really who-whom, and Russian Knights aerobatic team just to be proud without reservation …

And now about the "Swifts" and "Russian Knights"

In the comments to the last post about the Russian Knights constantly raised two topics:

1. Yes Russian Knights simple circus. In this battle, they will not even know what to do!

2. So that our legacy aircraft can against the U.S. with their modern avionics and AIM-120? Now

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