Plaque An-148 aircraft in the airline Russia has exceeded 20,000 hours


In mid-October, the total flight time of aircraft grade AN-148 assembly Voronezh Aircraft Company ("VASO") in the airline "Russia" has exceeded 20,000 hours, the press service of the VACO.

This kind of figure is a milestone for the aircraft class and regional approaches to better performance, including, for machines and the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, noted at VACO.

Operation 148-100V AC "Russia" began in December 2009. Currently, the airline’s fleet has six aircraft. Flights on these boards Voronezh assembly performed in more than 20 destinations, including 18 cities in Russia, 2 — in the CIS

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Beriev handed Emergency new seaplane Be-200ES

Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia signed the instrument of transfer seaplane Be-200ES "Peter Strelets," reports the airport. Photo

The transfer took place at the Emergencies Ministry aircraft airfield Beriev Taganrog, and after the actual delivery of the Be-200ES it will be based in Krasnoyarsk. The aircraft will become part of the Siberian Regional Emergency Center.


Beriev Beriev name and FEMA signed pre-contract agreement for the supply of seaplanes in September 2010. Later, the parties reached an agreement on the transfer of MES in 2011 of two

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Modern Russian amphibious aircraft Be-200ES has successfully tested in the Azov and Black Seas


7 and October 9, 2011 new amphibious aircraft Be-200ES successfully completed takeoff, landing and water filling tests in the Azov and Black Seas. Summary, from 4 to October 9, 2011 it was made 6 flights with a more than 20 flying hours, including takeoffs from water. Also it was fill and discharge water tank for more than 20 times.

Under the command of experienced test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Robert Tatevosovich Yesayan, test flights passed successfully.

So as testing program for amphibious aircraft completed, new one is ready for use. After mid-October 2011

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JSC Aircraft Engine provides a unified PS-90A3u


Moscow. October 20. Airports — JSC "Aircraft Engine" is developing a new PS-90A3u (y — unified), reported on October 19, held the conference "Actual problems of operation and maintenance of engines PS-90A" Managing Director — General Designer of the "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Inozemtsev.

He noted that the decision to create a new modification in the family PS-90A engines driven by the need to offer existing and future customers, the operator drives created on the basis of modern design solutions and concepts, and the possible implementation of stated improvements and the construction of a new engine, and

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Chairs lifesaving

Opening Air Show in Le Bourget. 1999. Russian pilots demonstrate super-maneuverable aircraft with thrust vectoring Su-30MK. Late withdrawal of a dive, fighter tail touches the ground. At extremely low height of a burning fighter catapulted the two pilots.

"The energetic spurt from that — the beyond — the world into the current good, joyful world" — so commends the catapult at the time director of programs for aircraft rescue NPP "Star" Vladimir Rafeenko.

Ejection seats and saved the lives of pilots in May last year. At the training Yak-130 at Lipetsk pilots lost control. "Refused plane, pilots

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Su-25 upgrade


About 200 Su-25, consisting of the Air Forces of Russia, will equip a new sighting and navigation system. It will allow aircraft to "work" at any time of day beyond enemy air defenses and use precision-guided weapons. Now Stroevo Su-25, to hit the target, we have too much for her to approach. The enemy has time to find the plane and open fire with anti-aircraft guns. So were lost three aircraft in Georgia.

— Guided weapons to extend the distance to the target, attack aircraft is now optional to enter the zone of the MHA (small-caliber

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JSC Tupolev: frequency tests completed Tu-204SM

According to the press-service of JSC "Tupolev" in Zhukovsky flight test and lapping base (ZhLIiDB) frequency tests completed airframe, landing gear and control system of the Tu-204SM.


The tests were carried out by specialists of the Central Aerodynamic Institute (TsAGI), with the participation ZhLIiDB and JSC "Tupolev". The resulting research data are the basis for the developed evidence of the safety documentation from flutter, shimmy and vibration "elastic plane — an automatic control system." The frequency characteristics serve as the basis for the analysis of possible deviations from the norms of operation for the life of the

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Begin testing the IL-476


In Zhukovsky begin fatigue tests awaited Il-476 — deeply modernized version of a military transport aircraft Il-76. In the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) in Zhukovsky from Ulyanovsk taken center section (middle part of the fuselage) and the wing of a prototype of the new aircraft.

In the country’s biggest aviation aircraft Institute will collect and test the strength, setting the limit operating conditions and terms of use of the machine.

Lifetime tests of the new transporter, the production of which is set at the factory "Aviastar" must end in the spring of 2012, after which

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Completed additional certification tests Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft at high altitude


October 12, 2011, Moscow — Successfully completed additional certification tests of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) to enhance the conditions of operation of the aircraft of this type in the highland airports. Trials which has been involved experimental aircraft SSJ100 (serial number 95004) was held from 14 to 30 September at the airport in the Mexican city of Toluca-based geo-high 2,580 yards. October 10 aircraft returned to Zhukovsky. In the course of ground and flight tests confirmed operability of systems, on-board equipment, sustainer and auxiliary power units and aircraft confirmed the declared take-off and landing of the airplane.

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Novosibirsk plant dry and the NSTU began joint training

graduations in NSTU (2011) Photo

Students Department of airplane and helicopter, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) began the school year on a new educational program developed jointly faculty Faculty of aircraft (LAF) and the leadership of part of the holding "Dry" Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. VPChkalov (NAPO). Now the department will prepare qualified specialists, adapted to the requirements of modern aircraft production.

According to the company "Sukhoi", a new program introduced discipline required for successful operation of future graduates in aircraft manufacturing association — "Modern methods of doing business", "Best Practices in Manufacturing Enterprise", "Fundamentals of ERP-systems", etc.

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