Superjet International Company completed the first training pilots Aeroflot

SuperJet International (SJI) — a joint venture between Alenia Aeronautica, a member of the concern Finmeccanica, and JSC "Sukhoi Company" — Completed the first training flight crews of "Aeroflot" on the basis of branch training center in Moscow.

The training program for pilots of "Aeroflot" of 24 days of training conducted by instructors of SJI. The first training course completed three flight crews (6 pilots). The program included theoretical training on the computer simulator (CBT) and procedural simulator (FPTD), as well as a flight simulator FTD LV Training Center in Zhukovsky. The course was completed flight training

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The company Sukhoi beginning of the next batch plant tests Sukhoi Su-34

Moscow, April 5. On the flight test station of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. VP Chkalov (NAPO) factory test series began Sukhoi Su-34. They are held as part of the company "Sukhoi" defense contracts in 2011 At the end of the test program the aircraft will be transferred to the Russian Air Force.

Su-34 are already in service with the Russian army. The state contract for their supply was signed in 2008 between the Ministry of the Russian Federation Harrow and the company "Sukhoi". Another batch of military vehicles arrive in the Russian Air Force this year. In

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Saras aircraft upgrade the Russian experts

JSC "Experimental Machine Building Plant named after V. Myasishcheva "(EMRs them. Myasishcheva) modernizes aircraft Saras. Plane created by Indian designers project-based M-102 ("Duet"). The program of scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and India has been included work on the final design of aircraft Saras. Under this program, the company "Rosoboronexport" and NAL (Bangalore) signed a contract to participate EMZ them. Myashishev flight test and certification of the aircraft.

Also signed a contract in which they EMRs. Myasishcheva, TsAGI and LII. Gromov will participate in the development of key areas of aircraft modification Saras. The contract for

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System Rescue light aircraft

The company MVEN "- the first and only one in Russia and the CIS producer of high-speed parachute rescue systems (BSS) designed to save light aircraft with crew and passengers. The firm A more developed ten types of recovery systems for

Rescue systems are designed for vehicles weighing up to 500 kg

Composition BPS In a typical set of BPS includes the following main components:

-parachute system designed for safe descent and landing, the crew with the aircraft; -container designed to contain a parachute system; -fairing for fastening the

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Aircraft pilot batch of Tu-204SM got APU TA18-200M

"Scientific-Production Enterprise Aerosila" began shipping APU for aircraft Tu-204SM.

SPE "Aerosil" has already begun to supply the APU TA18-200M aircraft for pilot run, and planned to supply this type of APU in 2011 and the first production aircraft. At present NPP "Aerosil" for Tu-204SM already put on two APU Contract with "Aviastar-SP", on which are built Tu-204SM. APU third entity will deliver in May and June of this year. In the same year, SPE "Aerosil" should put the three APU TA18-200M — another APU third prototype Tu-204SM and two APU already as serial products for aircraft production

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Opened the aviation school of Aeroflot

The office complex JSC "Aeroflot" Melkisarovo in the opening Aeroflot Aviation School. This is — one of the key projects that the largest Russian airline deals recently. Aeroflot Aviation School is a private educational institution created for the benefit of both the JSC "Aeroflot" and Russian civil aviation as a whole. The basic principle of the project — an effective partnership between business and government in the task of national importance. The new institution will provide training for 120 aviation specialties. Flight school is primarily intended to make up for the shortage of flight training, which is experiencing

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Russian whirlwind. A. Prohanov

Irkutsk Aviation Plant — the brainchild of Stalin’s Five Year Plans. It seems that here, on the banks of the Angara River, among the ancient streets and ancient bell towers, spins a dazzling luminous vortex. The refraction of rays of light crystals, precious glass enclosures … disappear in front of dilapidated sooty walls fall down exhausted, worn-out shell, a new body plant — power, beauty and energy. These changes are referred to as instantaneous transformation. So rapidly through the gloomy clouds of winter breaks into spring world. Because of the carotid born delightful butterfly pupae. Plant a veteran of

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Production of IL-76 and IL-78 transferred from Tashkent to Russia

Manufacture of transport aircraft Il-76 aerial tankers and Il-78 will be transferred from Tashkent to Russia, where it will set up the appropriate manufacturing center. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the Director of the Department of the military-industrial complex of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Igor caravan. According to him, the aircraft issued by the Russian company will, in particular, delivered to China under a contract from 2005.

Significant delays in the supply of IL-76 and IL-78 are connected to China, according to Karavayeva, so that the base of the

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A sky India 50

Completed delivery to India three aircraft airborne patrol, detection and guidance of A-50EI (similar to the U.S. AWACS). Indian partners are very pleased with the plane, and FSUE "Rosoboronexport" expects new orders from Delhi to these machines.

"The third plane A-50EI raised in India and now runs the final stage of acceptance. Indian side expressed interest in such aircraft, and we expect additional applications for them ", — quotes the director general of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaikina Interfax-AVN.

According to experts, the Russian A-50E in terms of allocation purposes against the earth’s surface, as well as

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Od combining civil and military aircraft occur only positive effects

One of the last interviews Mikhail Petrovich Simonov, chief designer of OKB Sukhoi, one of the main founders of the Su-27. Simonov died March 4, 2011. Fond memory.

In the interview revealed a variety of topics including the prospect of aircraft in Russia

Mikhail Petrovich kindly gave me this interview before the show in a distant Asian country. The show opened the next day: working actively erected and made out stands, and the managers and specialists of the participating firms followed the accuracy and speed of their actions, have placed the exhibits and put up posters. In

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