The aircraft carrier Vikramaditya finished complex tests

The aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" Indian Navy (former "Admiral Gorshkov") completed comprehensive testing in the White and Barents seas, and on Friday, is expected to be back in Severodvinsk, on the "Sevmash", told RIA Novosti source in the enterprise.

"Tests completed aircraft carrier, now waiting for his return to the" Sevmash ", so far it is hampered by the weather. Aircraft carrier awaits further preparation for the transfer to the Indian side," — said the source.

"Vikramaditya" was published in the sea trials on July 3. They are scheduled to be completed on September 30, and

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Results firing in Avacha Gulf

Target (decommissioned ship) was struck by the joint impact of RCC coastal complexes Redoubt, destroyer "Fast" and the atomic submarine "Tver". The results recorded from the board of IL-38.

This past weekend in the Avacha Bay off the south-east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula ships and submarines of the Pacific Fleet practiced rocket and reflect massive air attack, according to news agency "Kam24. "

The exercises, in addition to the destroyer "Quick" and coastal systems "Redoubt" from the Primorye and Kamchatka, was involved nuclear submarine "Tver". As the head of information security press service

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Armour — a way to success

The latest anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes securely closed down by cruise missiles and enemy aircraft.

Created of "Instrument Design Bureau" (CPP), part of the holding of "NGO" High-complexes ", a unique anti-aircraft missile and gun system" Armour "has occupied an important place in the system of aerospace defense weapons teams. Will it protect and combined arms team. In addition, the possibility of placing ZRPK on Navy ships. The success of the "shell" that comes not only in the Russian Armed Forces, but also in the army a number of countries in the world, driven by a

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Omsk drone set two records

Record set on a specially designed elektrolete PP-48, developed and manufactured in the Research Laboratory for small unmanned vehicles (NFI IBA) at the Omsk State Technical University.

Representative of the Russian Federation Air Sports September 12, 2013 recorded 2 records in the category of aircraft weighing up to 5 kg. First record for the duration of the flight was 5:00, 56 minutes and 28 seconds, the second — on the range on the closed route — 142 kilometers 400 meters. In addition, a record for the first time the unit has been applied electric propulsion

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Yak-130 as the best

This aircraft is recognized as the best example of international experts, training and military equipment

Yak-130 Russian Air Force

As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebskoe Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. The first edition, prepared by fusion of these took place in the current year.

(Lots of text about the Yak-130 under the cut)

Students confirmed that the machine is easy to operate and maintain and is easy to master. "Experts have tried and made the plane" study desk "- until the student does not

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In Penza completed renovation of the airport runway

Work on the reconstruction of the runway at the airport Penza completed. Currently, there is a check and adjustment of lighting equipment. For this to Penza arrived aboard a special "An-26".

reconstructed runway

"After the new equipment, we can take a lot more boards. Restrictions on the band we have not. The Commission Federal Air Transport Agency concluded that the airport can take, "Tu-214", "Tu-154", "AN-148", "A-319", — said the director of the Penza Airport Yuri Shards.

technical flight

  Such a busy work schedule will not affect the departure of

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The first An-148 for the Ministry of Defense of Russia

September 12, 2013 in Voronezh, the first flight of the head of the An-148-100, built by JSC "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company" (VASO, is a part of JSC "UAC") for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This aircraft (serial number 42-05, registration number 61718) was the first contract to supply 15 aircraft An-148-100.


The contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense to supply 15 aircraft An-148 for 2013-2017signedKLA in May 2013. The total contract amount — 18 billion rubles. Under the terms of the contract, in 2013, the War Department should get one plane, in 2014

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Engines Saturn provided departures fighter T-50

Managing Director of JSC "NPO" Saturn "- Deputy General Director of JSC" MC "UEC" Ilya Fedorov: "Departure of the second aircraft took place in the whole successfully, claims to the engine, to automation, was not. We have ensured the departure of the plane at the right time, as soon as he was ready to fly. Accordingly, the test pilot was extremely pleased. We wish this aircraft further successful testing and release of a series. " According to chief designer named SEC AM Cradles — director of "STC them. AM Swinging "(JSC" NPO "Saturn") Eugene Marchukova "engines that stand

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Scouts CVO fulfill application skills unmanned


Today, in the Altai region began special tactical exercises with military units and intelligence units Field Army Central Military District.

Scouts fulfill the application of modern electronic equipment, optical instruments, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles "Bird Eye" and "pear" in special trim.

Commanders ground teams prospecting and exploration will learn to use new technical intelligence. Also, the military will have a day and night to improve the coherence of the organization and conduct raids, ambushes device, equipment and disguise observation posts.

The exercise involved more than 1,000 scouts, involved

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Aircraft Engine (Perm) shipped another gas turbine

power plant "Ural-6000"

In September, for the needs of "Irkutsk Oil Company" is completed and shipped to another gas turbine power plant "Ural-6000" Development of "Aircraft Engine". This is the fourth power, delivered to the customer for 2012-2013.

Gas turbine power plant "Ural-6000" on Yarakta NGKM

Thus, the "Aircraft Engine" has fulfilled his obligations under the contract with "INC" in full and on time. The new "Ural-6000" will allow power companies to increase the installed power generating capacity of the existing power center for another 6 MW. After its introduction into service of the Permian total power

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