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Irkut Corporation BBC Three Russian Yak-130

Corporation "Irkut" on Friday handed over two multipurpose Russian Air Force Su-30cm and three combat trainer Yak-130 under the previously signed a state contract, told the Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondar.

 "Two Su-30cm on Saturday, weather permitting, will be in Lipetsk. Yak-130 overtake in Boris Gleb," — said Cooper.

Now "Irkut" fulfilling a contract for the supply of 55 military trainer aircraft Yak-130. Term of contract — by the end of 2015.

According to Bondarev, in the future the Ministry of Defence intends to buy more and more Yak-130. "The

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The crews of the Russian Air Force long-range aircraft successfully completed the tasks as planned air patrol

Two strategic bomber Tu-95MS long-range aircraft of the Air Force (IAF) Russia has successfully completed the tasks as planned air patrol.

The route of flight passed over neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea. The crews of Tu-95MS worked bezorientirnoy skills of flying over the terrain, and also performed aerial refueling tankers from the aircraft IL-78. The flight duration was about 18 hours.

On the route of flight range aircraft were accompanied by a pair of MiG-31 Russian Air Force, and at certain stages of the route — Air Force planes UK and Norway.  

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FED will take part in the production of a new Russian transport plane

SOE "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant" FED "will take part in the modernization of the Russian heavy transport aircraft," Il-76MD-90A. "This was announced. For the motor, which is installed on the" IL-76 ", the plant will supply the drive-generator", SE -26 "." Il-76MD-90A "was shown at" MAKS-2013 "in Moscow.

 According to the "FED", the Russian Defense Ministry previously ordered 39 aircraft, and the exhibition military announced plans to purchase another 40 aircraft as a tanker. All in all the markets of different countries will supply about 200 military and civilian versions "Il-76MD-90A."

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Cuba modernizes fleet of Antonov An-2

September 3rd president of Cuban Aviation CA Ramon Martinez Echevarría (Ramon Martinez Echevarria), President, General Designer of "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva and president of "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev signed an agreement to modernize Cuban An-2 aircraft, according to defense-aerospace. com on September 4.

Under the contract, the Cuban corporation creates a production base for the modernization of aircraft (Cuba imet fleet of 140 aircraft of this type) version of the An-2-100, equipped with a new engine MC-14 the development of "Motor Sich". Company "Antonov" will deliver the necessary assemblies and components on the basis of agreements with Cuban

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Defense test start Rysachka

In the State Flight Test Center Ahtubinska in the Astrakhan region begin testing a new light twin-engine aircraft, "Rysachok." Russian Defense Ministry plans to use it to patrol and reconnaissance, search and rescue and in the training areas.

"Rysachok" was originally painted in the colors of the Russian tricolor, but to take part in the MAKS-2013 it specifically "dressed" in camouflage, where he was standing in a number of other aircraft already in the service of the Russian Air Force. However, in order to be "enrolled" in the military, this boy is not

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The company AEROPRAKT

AEROPRAKT company founded in 1991.

The main activity — the development and mass production of ultra-light aircraft of various modifications. The company produces a standard light aircraft A-22, A-24, A-36, as well as provides services to individual.

Conducted advanced research and development of special modifications of the basic models: tested and "went into a series of" aircraft for aerial photography, agricultural airplanes, amphibious aircraft, four aircraft.


State enterprises is 50 employees, highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the famous Ukrainian enterprises such as Antonov.

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The final batch of Su-30MK2 delivered to


The final game of the two Russian multi-purpose fighter Su-30MK2 delivered on Wednesday of the Russian air base in the Indonesian Air Force, "Sultan Hasanuddin" on the island of Sulawesi. It is reported by the Indonesian newspaper "Jakarta Post" referring to the statement by the representative of major air base Mulyadi.

According to the publication, the fighters delivered unassembled transport aircraft An-124-100 "Ruslan", accompanied by 13 technicians who will make their assembly.

After the assembly will be flight tested the Su-30MK2 before sending the Indonesian Air Force.

Typically, assembly and testing of aircraft

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Antonov will modernize Cuban An-2 aircraft

The State Enterprise "Antonov" (GP, Kiev) and the largest CIS producer of aircraft engine company "Motor Sich" (Zaporozhye) agreed with the Cuban Aviation Corporation (Cuba) on the modernization of the existing fleet in Cuba multipurpose aircraft An-2 (140 units) in the modification of en-2-100, the report said "Antonov".

Under the agreement, the Corporation will create a Cuban aircraft manufacturing base for the conversion of the existing fleet in Cuba, An-2, and the "Antonov" will take place not only modified, but also supply the necessary assemblies and components.

Engines and components are manufactured by "Motor

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MAX: the hand of the state of the market better hands.

"Productivity in Russia is among the lowest in the world. On the example of the same sad Superjet, who for seven years already collected 32 pieces, and the price of the entire project has caught up with the American program of sending manned stations on the moon, where they will live and work astronauts. "

These kind words addressed to me dislike the Superjet oppozitsoner post it to the community, "It is time to bring down" less than a week ago:

And yesterday — surprise — at MAKS sold 77 regional

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In Voronezh Air Force Academy began to train specialists in

unmanned aircraft

At the Air Force Academy first started training in unmanned aircraft. The chief of the press service of the Western Military District, ColonelOleg Kochetkov

Aileron-3SV Russian drone UAV Aileron 3SV


"In the teaching and research center Air Force" Air Force Academy "first produced a set of specialist unmanned aircraft, — he said. — At the end of this year, the first examples of unmanned aerial vehicles to go to college for the practical training of students. More than 60 people will receive a five-year course in four disciplines of management and maintenance of

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