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Another Su-30cm

The web-site is published made August 21, 2013 at the airport of "Flight Research Institute named after Gromov" in Zhukovsky picture of another new two-seat multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm — aircraft with tail number "56 Black" . 

This is the fifth known machine of this type was built and the third new in 2013 — in November 2012, the Irkutsk aviation plant (which is part of JSC "Corporation" Irkut ") were commissioned aircraft with a black tail number" 01 "and" 02 "and the 2013 is already "lit up" the

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Fundamental off

Fundamental off (or a little bit about the architecture of IMA)


In the past few years, Russia has begun to create not only new aircraft, but also technology. And some of the developments will be introduced for the first time on domestic airliners in the world.

Five Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences are working with aircraft manufacturers in more than twenty different directions. Development of domestic and foreign scholars are used both at the stage of theoretical and experimental, and some of them have already implemented or being implemented to create new

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The second sample is the 5th generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA) performed its maiden flight

Photos of the first flight of the second prototype

Second prototype fifth-generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft), produced at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Gagarin (KnAAPO part of the holding "Dry"), on Thursday successfully completed the first flight, told RIA Novosti source, who was involved in the tests. "The plane took off from the airfield KnAAPO flight lasted about an hour. Aircraft piloted honored test pilot Sergei Bogdan. Flight was successful," — said the source.

Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft being developed in the 1990’s. This fifth-generation fighter heavy class with a takeoff

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JSC NPO Saturn — the first participant of the exhibition Innovation Day Defense Ministry

August 20, 2013 in the "Innovation Day", which was held in Moscow at the complex CSKA Moscow, attended by more than 250 leading Russian and foreign companies, associations and companies in the field of innovation and advanced technologies used in the defense and security interests of the state.



Deputy Managing Director of the program of military gas turbine engines and special equipment, Ivan Markov, stressing the importance of the participation of NPO "Saturn" in the Day of Innovation, said: "We are presenting the exhibition of scientific and production association, it is scientific, as in

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Long Range, or Pareto’s law in the aircraft

Long Range, or Pareto’s law in the aircraft

SSJ 100LR Certification

20% effort for 80% of the results, is the law of Pareto. This rule of thumb often used in economics and management, but its specific application acts in civil aircraft. On ships, capable of 70% to meet the needs of the market on the flying range, only 30% of sales. For the opportunity to reach a further 30% of routes 70% of carriers are willing to pay a premium of a few hundred thousand to a million dollars. Will it work rule in the

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The order book UAC — more than 580 units of aircraft

The order book of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is more than 580 units of aircraft. It was reported today correspondent. ITAR-TASS news agency in the Department of Corporate Communications KLA. 

"There is a high dynamics of growth of the corporation: Today KLA portfolio of more than 580 units of aircraft worth over a trillion rubles. This is higher than the current consolidated revenues UAC is about 6 times and is a good platform to achieve its strategic goals. At Air Show (MAKS-2013) We will demonstrate excellent military equipment, which already fills Park Russian Air Force

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They went out of the dive

Invite readers SUN its review of the situation with the supply of the latest and upgraded tactical aircraft in the Russian Air Force. A number of digits on the site has already been recognized, but in the material there is something new. This article — my debut in newspaper media. Because much of shoals do not abuse — the material was written in the mode of brainstorming for a few days and nights. Special thanks to our forum usersmisha12andRussia_Touristofor the timely and very valuable help in his writing, and for the advice. Without them, this material would never be

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Another An-140 made its first flight

August 19 in Samara, made its first flight next plane An-140-100 having a serial number 13A004 — eighth serial production aircraft Samara aviation plant "Aviacor" and the fifth under contract with the Ministry of Defence.

After a series of flight tests of the aircraft will be transferred to the Russian Air Force.

The date of the first flight for 2012 and 2013:

1. 12A015 17.05.12 _ 1. 13A007 02/19/13

2. 12A008 08.11.12 _ 2. 13A004 19/08/13

In the photo from the site Vivan755russianplanes.netprevious aircraft RA-41259

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Parktronic helicopter

The new avionics KRET in terms of functionality ahead of the competition

No modern aircraft can not be imagined without the complex avionics, which includes communications, navigation, flight control and meteorology. The new system allows not only to simplify the control of the aircraft, but also, for example, to warn the pilot of a possible collision.  

In the short term, such a system will allow the pilot to see targets in all weather conditions, day or night, and put the helicopter in the mist, seeing a clear image on the screen surface with a

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At Hase into production of 10 aircraft HAZ-30

Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) won the tender of Kharkov University of the Air Force on behalf of I.N.Kozheduba supply of light-twin aircraft for the training of cadets.

This is the general director Anatoly KSAMC Myalitsa, "Novosti Kharkov."

A.Myalitsa noted that the tender is also involved with their planes two firms — a German and an Austrian, but the choice was made in favor of the plane HAZ-30, developed by the design office KSAMC.

According A.Myalitsa, the company manufactured and launched the 10 aircraft HAZ-30. Depending on the demand for aircraft will

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