Raptor under threat.

In what could become one of the most infamous decisions concerning a major procurement programme in recent years, the House Appropriations Committee’s defence panel subcommittee has endorsed a proposal to remove the six F-22A Raptor next-generation fighters from the FY2000 Defense Budget. This would save $1.8 billion which it feels would be better spent on pilot retention, readiness shortfalls and ordering additional fighters of existing types — however, $1.2 billion would be included for F-22 research and development (R&D).

The committee also approved an overall defence spending bill of $266.1 billion, this is $15.5 billion more than in FY99 and

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RAF Waddington

Alan Warnes reports from the annual airshow at RAF Waddington, Lincs.

THE INTERNATIONAL Airshow at RAF Waddington on June 26 and 27 celebrated a record attendance on the Sunday… but there was a catch. Most of the event’s estimated 125.000 total turnout was down to some judicious planning on behalf of the general public — they’d heard the weekend weather forecast and scheduled their visit for what promised to be the less wet day.

Based Units

As you would expect for the RAF’s main recce and warfare base, Waddington plays host to a number of interesting units. The higher profile

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RAF Tornado

An add-on for Flight Simulator 2002/2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 3. By Derek Davis

The Panavia Tornado is one of the most exciting military aircraft flying today and the release of Just Flight’s add-on, RAF Tornado, will help to satisfy the thirst of many Tornado aficionados.

RAF Tornado production values are high throughout and this reviewer was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of detail and the innovative features. The external modeling of the Tornado is stunning, with the aircraft exhibiting a photo-realistic finish. RAF Tornado also provides a multitude of camouflage and markings representing various nationalities and theatres of operation

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Pushing Boundaries

MIT sets out to prove its unconventional airliner delivers the benefits promised

Aircraft all look the same these days because the traditional tube-and-wing shape works well, both technically and operationally. To convince manufacturers to change direction would take a compelling demonstration of the benefits of a different approach.

A team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a stir in 2010 when it unveiled an unconventional «double-bubble» airliner concept, claiming it could reduce fuel burn by 49% relative to today’s Boeing 737-800 without resorting to any advanced technology, and by a whopping 70% if it incorporated all the exotic

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Prowling Over Scotland

HMS Illustrious handed back to RN

AS THE aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) enters the final stage of its £120 million, two-year refit, the ship was officially handed back to the Royal Navy (RN) on July 27 at Babcock Engineering Services’ Rosyth Dockyard. Some 550 new RN crew members will now assist in completion of the refit at Rosyth which will lead to an intensive period of sea training after she returns to the fleet in February 2005 before officially becoming the Fleet Flagship in June 2005.

Once the refit is completed, officially scheduled for November 6, ‘Lusty’ will look

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Preserving future

Observers feared the worst, but the details outlined by Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on August 2 in the Project de Loi de Programmation Militaire (Military Planning Act) for 2014-2019 is not as severe as first anticipated. In real terms spending will fall by 7.2% and although the number of aircraft to be purchased or kept in the inventory will inevitably decrease, money will be spent to ensure that development and production capabilities are maintained for the foreseeable future. Investments will be kept at current levels during the 2014-2016 period, and progressively increased from 2017 onwards. The number of personnel

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Powerful Packaging

Propulsion-airframe integration offers untapped promise to improve aircraft efficiency and performance

With billions being spent in pursuit of fuel savings, closer integration of engines and aircraft may hold the greatest untapped potential for improvement. But extracting synergies from the intermingling of propulsion and airframe design is demanding changes in the way the stove-piped aerospace industry operates.

The search for efficiency is taking the industry into virgin territory. As this special focus on propulsion-air-frame integration reveals, the mixing is already beginning and will only accelerate, bringing aircraft and engine manufacturers and system suppliers together in ways that have yet to be

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Polish Air Force a new dawn.

ON MARCH 12, Poland, together with the Czech Republic and Hungary, finally joined NATO’s ranks. This ended a long journey for Poland which had begun on September 1, 1939, with the Nazi invasion. Fifty-five years after D-Day and the creation of the 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force, Polish Air Force squadrons are returning to a structure which owes its origins to the famous 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force (ATAF). Although the 2nd ATAF no longer exists, its command structure — with the Interim Combined Air Operations Centre 2 at Kalkar in western Germany — will become the Command Post for

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Phantom Phinale

— The Video

(Bad) Manners Production, c/o Flight Simulator, RAF Coningsby, Lines, LN445Y.

Music by Queen.

Running time approximately 35 minutes, £15.00 + £1.50 p & p.

THIS PRODUCTION HAS been made by serving RAF aircrew and the proceeds are for charity. It is a tribute to the long-serving and apparently much-loved F-4 Phantom — designed in the 1950s and still a very powerful weapon. It takes us on tour with active squadrons in the Falklands and Cyprus, and on some of the displays performed last summer to mark the end of an era within the RAF. Throughout the video

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Will there be enough runway to depart? To land?

PERFORMANCE PLANNING is ail important part of any preflight routine. Private pilots must understand how the aircraft will perform at different airports, elevations, temperatures, and pressures.

Takeoff and landing distances, single-engine service ceilings, and accelerate-stop distances are all important performance calculations that must be completed to ensure the aircraft can safely complete the flight.

These calculations are still performed for the airliners on which millions of people fly yearly. Albeit slightly more modified and automated, performance calculations are completed for every flight.

Rather than calculate takeoff distances in terms of amount


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