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T-50 fighter freed from oxygen starvation

The latest fifth generation aircraft is equipped with a unique system of breathing Pilot


Russian fifth-generation fighter "Sukhoi T-50" system equipped with unlimited supply of oxygen to the mask pilot. He needed to fly at an altitude of 4 km — without oxygen pilot begins to "fall asleep" and passes out. In all existing drill Russian aircraft oxygen is supplied from cylinders, which sooner or later come to an end. In the T-50, it works out of thin air a special system developed by scientific and production enterprise "Star".

— Oxygen is

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Gidromash brought from Le Bourget contract for 700 million rubles

Nizhny Novgorod, July 16, RIA "FederalPress." Nizhny Novgorod chassis manufacturer for civil and military aircraft NOAO "Gidromash" after showing their products at the Le Bourget Air Show (Le Bourget) signed a major contract with Antonov to supply landing gear for aircraft An-158. Told "FederalPress.Privolzhe" said company president Vladimir Lousianin.

According to him, the contract amount up to 700 million rubles. "This contract is not a one-year", — said Lousianin. Plant to cope with the required volume of the order, but it needed to expand production, he said. "We have bought new equipment by 2.5 billion rubles," —

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In the Voronezh region opened IV Industrial Forum

IV Voronezh Industrial Forum opened on February 16, the forum was attended by more than 130 companies and organizations, among them the largest enterprises in the region: "VASO" (Voronezh aircraft factory), JSC "Concern" Constellation ", JSC" KBKhA "(" Chemical Automatics Design Bureau "), Technopark" MITEM "plant" Electrosignal ". These businesses are now known not only in the region but in the country and are leaders in their industry. In particular, AN-148 production VACO — This is the first in the country for 15 years, a new regional jet. Future plans for the company — to go to the

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Press conference of Saturn

JSC "MC" United Engine Corporation "and JSC" Scientific and Production Association "Saturn" ("Saturn") on July 8 this year, held a press conference on the engines for UAVs, the PAK-FA, cruise missiles, SSJ-100, AL-55I for the Indian Air Force, Marine Engines, MS-21.

Earlier, in 2011, signed a similar contract with IBC "Rainbow" for the period 2011-2012. The press conference was attended by the Deputy Director General of the Criminal Code of ODC, the managing director of NPO "Saturn" Ilya Fyodorov, deputy managing director for programs of military gas turbine engines and special equipment NPO "Saturn" Ivan

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The Director-General of Aviation "Iran AIRTOUR" Sirus Bacher in an interview with ISNA reported that Iran first aircraft will arrive "An 158" and two months later the country’s fleet of 40 passenger aircraft will replenish "AN 158" and "Iran 140".


As noted by Cyrus Bacher, planes "An 158" must be received in September.

Said 40 aircraft include 20 aircraft, "Iran 140" and 20 "AN 158". The latest model of "An 158" are designed for 99 seats and "Iran 140"? with 50 seats.

Sirus Bacher said that passenger planes "An 158" produced


Granite — 30 years

The Russian anti-ship missile system "Granite" Source: 

July 19 — 30 years from the date of adopting the anti-ship missile complex "Granite" development of "MIC" NPO engineering. "  

An unbeatable weapon

In a post-war confrontation began the main threat to this country came from the ocean. And if by land, our country militarily did not concede the U.S., its allies in NATO and other military blocs, the sea of their superiority was absolute. So, in 1968, was founded the first American nuclear strike aircraft carrier CVN 68 new generation "Nimitz" —

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Il-76MD-90A launched the first stage of state joint tests

July 12, modernized Russian military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A made a third trip on the program state joint tests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The first flight took place on July 10 at the airfield LII. Gromov (Zhukovsky).

After completion of the first phase of the ICG, in November of this year the Ministry of Defence of Russia must be approved by an act of pre-trial detention with the release of the initial batch, which gives the right to carry out serial production of aircraft of this modification. The program is the first phase

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Sukhoi Superjet 100 eyes of an American

Report on the Superjet from the author’s popular aviation publications from New York.

Author Jason Rabinowitz, @ AirlineFlyer (New York)

Between producers of regional aircraft is a hot battle, as some major airlines are preparing to upgrade aircraft of smaller dimension, while others are willing to buy a brand new fleet of aircraft. Bombardier is prepared in the near future to raise new planes in the air Ce-series, Mitsubishi completes assembly of its first regional aircraft and Embraer announced the creation of a new generation of its E-Jets.


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The emphasis on the SSJ100 and MC-21

In civil aviation emphasis should be placed on the SSJ100 and MC-21

11 Jul 2013, 22:01

The future of the Russian aviation industry in the segment of commercial (civilian) aviation is primarily associated with the prospects of the projectSukhoi Superjet 100andMS-21, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, July 11, deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Konstantin Makienko.

"The future of the Russian commercial aviation industry due to the implementation of projects Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MS-21. This is probably the most competitive Russian civilian aircraft. If these two

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In Belgorod reconstructed an international airport

In the process of work has been done to upgrade all the major components of the airport: airfield and air terminal complexes, objects of traffic control, radio navigation and landing, utilities and other facilities necessary for the normal functioning of all services and systems of the airport.

Photo: white. py

The project cost of the reconstruction of the airport complex was more than 5 billion rubles. 

After the reconstruction of the terminal throughput increased by 4.5 times (from 100 people per hour up to 450 people).


After the reconstruction, the airfield is

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