State flight testing begins with Mi-24VM.

MIL’S PROTOTYPE upgraded Mi-24VM completed a satisfactory 20-minute test flight at its Panki facility near Moscow on March 4. The Mi-24VM is an intermediate variant, to be produced in parallel with the Mi-28 Havoc and shares the latter’s main and tail rotor assemblies. At the beginning of 1999 approximately 1,000 Mi-24s remained in service with the Russian Army. Upgrading 30-35% of them will allow the Army to retire the rest of the fleet as airframe life expires, without negative effect on the overall combat capability of the force. Mil Deputy General Designer, Vladimir Stekolnikov, believes that the upgrade will prolong

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Sea Harrier – The Next Generation

A photo-report on the Sea Harrier F/A.2 by Neil Mercer.

ANOTHER CHAPTER of aviation history closed at the end of February, when 800 Naval Air Sauadron (NAS) returned with HMS Invincible, after six months in the Adriatic. During its time there it had been carrying out reconnaissance and Combat Air Patrol (CAP) missions in support of the United Nations Operation Deny Flight. Its return marked the last operational deployment of the Falklands War victor, the Sea Harrier FRS.l. However, at the same time, a new and infinitely more capable type is about to replace it on the front line.


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Powerful Packaging

Propulsion-airframe integration offers untapped promise to improve aircraft efficiency and performance

With billions being spent in pursuit of fuel savings, closer integration of engines and aircraft may hold the greatest untapped potential for improvement. But extracting synergies from the intermingling of propulsion and airframe design is demanding changes in the way the stove-piped aerospace industry operates.

The search for efficiency is taking the industry into virgin territory. As this special focus on propulsion-air-frame integration reveals, the mixing is already beginning and will only accelerate, bringing aircraft and engine manufacturers and system suppliers together in ways that have yet to be

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Flying tanks

In fact, immediately after the occurrence on the battlefield of a new kind of weapon — tanks — was a question of increasing their "operational mobility." At first he tried to solve by means of motor vehicles — special trailers and bodies. Later combat vehicles are equipped with an additional driver of car types — so there were wheel-tracked tanks. But for all that was needed road. But if there are no roads, and the enemy is very necessary to get it? Military different states back in 1930 directed his own view on aviation. And tanks … flew.


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