SCLC-2 (MP-2)

August 6, 1925 at the Leningrad airplane factory GAZ №3 under the leadership of one of the directors of the Board Aviatresta IK Hamburg meeting was held on the activities of the design bureau Grigorovich and implement a three-year plan for the construction of prototype. We considered the following types of aircraft:

1. I-7 (I-2) — 1 series.

2. MRL-1 — 1 series.

3. Aircraft Ukrvozduhput (SUVP).

4. I-7 (I-2) — 2nd series, 10 copies.

5. Marine fighter base with motor «Napier» (min-1).

6. Naval destroyer (MM).

7. Scout seas (POM).

8. Deck (ship) fighter (PI-1).

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A Dutch airman remembered in a small New South Wales town

Visitors to the small New South Wales South Coast town Moruya (population about 4000) can be somewhat bemused when they see a lifelike statue of an airman standing guard outside a hotel at the southern end of the main street.

The painted wooden statue is a result of Moruya Rotary Club’s decision to sponsor a statue to memorialise the airmen who served on Moruya Aerodrome during World War II. It was decided it should be generic; the figure would not be identifiable as any of the nationalities that flew from the base … no insignia, no name, no rank and

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The road to heaven

In the old days, many good boys, and of girls who want to become pilots. This constellation of attitude and the creator of this article. But in the long-thirties and forties, when the IX Congress of the Young Communist League has appointed the motto of "Komsomolets on the plane!" Beheld the young guys in the profession of pilot only charming romance, with what is not comparable to the prestige of the human palate. On the other side of this very complicated, with high-risk professions somehow was not accepted read.

At the current time, many young people also want to become

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