Aircraft mechtolet or What makes the Boeing in Russia

Behind the glass windows drizzles a little rain, the plane was taxiing to the runway lights lit and is preparing to make a quick run. The engines started singing whistling roar of takeoff, the plane rapidly gaining speed. Brushes windshield glazing frantically hammer, wiping rain drops, coalescing into trickles. Pass the termination of the take-off speed limit, and "Boeing", under the applause of the crowd, breaks away from the concrete, sparingly typing the first meters of altitude …

Since December 15, 2009 at Paine Field airport (Wash.) made its own first test flight of Boeing-787 Dreamliner — the world's

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Aircraft giant K-7

By the early 30's aviation design bureau headed by KA Kalinin, was a fully formed team capable of solving completely new, even unexpected tasks in aircraft. So, in terms of the CB on the years 1929-1930 was listed task to build a three-engine passenger aircraft K-7 (also referred to as "K-heavy") under the German engines BMW "Hornet" in 500 l. s. He foresaw transport 22 passengers with luggage. The model of this machine is studied in the wind tunnel of TsAGI in September 1928, and in March the following project was approved in the scientific and technical committee of the

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Aircraft engine with atomic

Let's start with the fact that in the 1950s. in the Soviet Union, unlike the United States, the creation of the atomic bomber was seen not just as a preferred, even if it really, but as actual desired Problem. This ratio is formed in the middle of the higher management of the army and the military-industrial complex as a result of understanding the 2-events. In 1-x, the tremendous, overwhelming U.S. advantages from the standpoint of the very ability of atomic bombing of areas of potential opponents. Acting with a 10-s air bases in Europe, the Middle and Far East,

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Romania crosses on the F-16 fighters from the old Russian MiG-21

Romania's Supreme Defence Council approved a plan for the acquisition of new multi-purpose aircraft for the Royal Air Force (IAF) of the country. This decision was taken after the report, which presented by Minister of National Defence Corneliu Dobritsa.

Board members, among which the president, members of the government and security chiefs have approved the concept of a gradual increase in air defense, providing for the purchase of new multi-purpose aircraft, including the responsibilities of NATO, ITAR-TASS reported.

Last week, Dobrica told reporters that Romania will buy second-hand multi-purpose aircraft F-16, write-off of the armed forces of the Netherlands

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Our homeland exports seaplanes Be-200ES to France

According to, France became interested in Russian seaplanes Be-200ES. At the request of the Director General of the Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev (JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev) The first party can make two to four cars. In the case of successful cooperation can count on the supply of 12-15 aircraft.

France became interested in the possibility of buying the Be-200ES after end of the air show in Le Bourget, held 20-26 June 2011. Immediately after starring in the Russian air show plane flew to the base of the Department of civilian aviation in France, where his trial

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Our homeland has formed a new type of bomber

Promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) will be created in time, and his views are formed. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said Air Force Commander RF Major General Victor Bondarev. According to him, the current revision is underway "technical-tactical tasks." Details of the type of aircraft Bondarev not disclose.

"I think that we all have the strength and the means to create the plane on time, perform all the tasks that we prescribe to him, so he just got up in order to replace or complement our strategic bomber Tu-95 and Tu- 160 "- told Bondarev,

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Our home without air and space defense

Aerospace Defense (ASD) of the Russian Federation will be created on the basis of gallakticheskih troops (HF). It was clear from the speeches nedavneshnego commander Lt. Gen. HF Oleg Ostapenko. According to him, "the concept of the formation of air and space defense approved, and the work in this direction, we have already started … Puzzles Minister of Defense identified the formation of ASD is based Gallakticheskih troops."

Commander HF stressed that the creation of the first programm gallakticheskogo tier system of missile warning is produced.

Recall that the decision to develop ASD was made by President of the

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Russian Air Force Museum will be restored

Central Museum Army Air Forces, located in the suburban Monin, was created at the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin 28 November 1958 on the basis of repair of aircraft workshops. Then there was the tremendous work done by searching majestically Russian aircraft period. Exposure Air Force Museum is presented in two hangars and 6 halls. It should be noted that all major aviaderzhavy consider this museum one of the great aviation museums in the world. Russian Aircraft Collection called "fantastic." It allows you to trace the development of aviation from the first aircraft to the newest ships.

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Russian Air Force received the new dry

Russian Air Force received new aircraft. This frontline bombers Su-34 in the amount of 4 cars. These prototype aircraft are effective as of days and NIGHT MODE. Aircrafts for all that can destroy land and sea targets of the enemy.

Recruits airbase "Baltimore" in Voronezh in the sky met the Su-24 — Russian Air Force veterans. This air is very symbolic baton. In the coming time Cy-34 — the latest generation of front-line bombers — have to change an old park. Manage the data entrusted aircraft pilots who have had special training. Bombers from Novosibirsk, where they are collected,

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Missile named Bezbokova

Now local airfield snow-white (Irkutsk region, Usolskiy district, pos. Steppenwolf) will be a festive naming Hero of the Russian Union Vladimir Bezbokova supersonic missile carrier far-bomber with variable geometry wing Tu-22M3.

The festive event are participating air base commander Col. Roman distant aviation Oparin, veterans of the 30th Air Army of the Supreme Command of the Head, administration of the Irkutsk region, Irkutsk Mayor Viktor Kondrashov, family members Hero of the Russian Union Colonel General Vladimir Bezbokova. At the ceremony also came nominal Tu-95MS "Irkutsk", whose name was given exactly 12 years ago. Over the airport in honor of

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