China has learned to extend the life of the AL-31F engine

Stated about mastering technology overhaul to the extension of the resource up to 1500 hours

In late August, a number of Chinese media said that the repair plant PLA Air Force 5719 N mastered the development of aircraft engine overhaul "third generation" with an increase in their share from 900 to 1500 hours. Under the third-generation combat aircraft in Chinese terminology refers fighters fourth-generation global ordering, such as the Su-27, J-11, J-10. From the context of that question on the progress in the development of engines AL-31F/FN renovation. A.2 gives an abridged translation of the text of the agency "Zhongguo

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Kamikaze. Divine Wind

The true kamikaze were not terrorists. Japanese pilots since the second world willingly gave their lives for their country.

October 19, 1944. Peninsula of Luzon, the main base of Japanese aircraft in the Philippines. Meeting commanders fighter units conducting Vice-Admiral Onishi …

2-day stay in the newest post of vice-admiral was enough to wake up — he and his subordinate people will not be able to perform those functions which are assigned to them. That is something Onishi took command of the most gorgeously was called the first air fleet — but in fact constituted only three 10-ka tattered

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What is the future stormtroopers?

Over the 100 years that aircraft conducted over the battlefield, she did not once change. Revised implementation methods, develop new concepts, introduce new weapons. In the end, the speed of combat aircraft has grown 10-ki times, and today is the easiest fighter bombers harder "Ilya Muromets", which was considered at the time a very large and extremely heavy machine. Technical innovation, improving the properties of aircraft, often allowed and even sought to change the concept and principles of their implementation. So, for now, military analysts around the world are working on features of the war, in which will participate fighters

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How was the U-2

Everyone understands that the aircraft Polikarpov U-2 played a huge role in the history of Russian, yes, perhaps, and the world of aviation. On this machine, trained 10 flight training of thousands of pilots. In the production of a cheap and undemanding to use the U-2 long years were mass manufactured.

In one of the flight school instructor explained to the cadets as the main design features of the machine:

"The plane U-2 is composed of rods and holes. Sticks to gain holes — to facilitate. "

For all the anecdotal explanation is contained a grain of truth.

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As the Americans bombed the Primorye

October 8th, 1950 at 16.17 local time, two U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft Lockheed F-80C «Shooting Star" ("Meteor") violated the municipal borders of the USSR and, absorbed almost 100 km, stormed Russian military airstrip Dry River, 165 kilometers from Vladivostok, in the Khasan district. As a result, the U.S. Air Force aircraft fire in the parking lot were damaged by seven Russian aircraft squadrons, one burned down completely.

South American witnesses recall

Not so long ago, one of the owners of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in Washington to question Russian journalist: "What do you know about the incident, which occurred

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Iturupsky incident in 1968

As you know, in Cool throughout the war, the U.S. and its allies against the Soviet Union led a wide-ranging intelligence activities in violation of the sea, air and land borders. In particular, the Americans felt themselves freely in the air, making a shallow breaks boundaries at low altitude (tactical intelligence) or at high altitude and at a tremendous distance (strategic intelligence), flying over the ships, military bases, towns and villages of Russian Union. Park reconnaissance aircraft in the United States and other NATO was wide. The CIA and the Pentagon had their own aviapodrazdeleniya to perform various tasks. Business

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Fighters on weight in gold

Difficulties in implementing the programs from the creation of the American aviation 5th generation

"Should have the advantage of a storm danger of losing this advantage." An old rule of chess prompted the U.S. military to the development and production of weapons at once on 2-aircraft systems, the upcoming whose fate is now in question because of their immense price.

Air Combat fifth generation — the most prestigious theme of the last decade. The public is full of delights: a country that will put into operation the first such machines will get an advantage in the decisive air. It

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The history of Russian aviation. Polikarpov R-1 — the first Russian aircraft serial

The history of Russian aviation. Triplane AA Bezobrazoff

Capital Governor-General Ants October 7, 1914 the Russian Army Aviation Command telegraphed:"Today in Moscow held the first test of the new trimonoplana Ensign AA Bezobrazoff point in a successful flight with preparatory tests immediately after the end of construction."After that, the Governor-General argued that the warrant officer BEZOBRAZOV "can in the shortest line to arrange a huge workshop not only for their own type, and for at least some other system."

AA BEZOBRAZOV began working in 1913, when the young enthusiast decided to make the airplane own design, which should be stable in the air, but for all that have

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Marks the 30th anniversary of the first flight of the day or serial Su-27 fighter

June 2 will celebrate 30 years since the first day or the flight of the first production of the Su-27. On this day in 1982 from the airfield of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. Yuri Gagarin (KnAAPO now comes in holding "Dry"), factory test pilot Gennady Matveenko for the first time raised to the sky first serial functional fighter Sou-27. He became a symbol of the end of the fighter aircraft of the XX century and gave rise to a whole family of planes: Sou-27SM, Su-27SK and Su-27SKM, Su-30MK, Su-30MK2, Su-35. Su-27 began to come into service in 1985. Made

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